Castles & Crusades Codex Sinarum



From a history of that ancient land of verdant forests and beautiful mountains, to the mythologies surrounding its creation and the gods who carved it from the ether, the realms they ruled and the monsters they commanded. This is the Codex Sinarum.

It begins in the Age of Ancestors and mythic history of the Jade Emperor to the founding of multiple dynasties. From the dynasts to the lands both real and magical, divine and celestial to lands of legend and lore. All this leads into the plethora of magical beasts that stalk the wilds, that hound humans and all their progeny. And beyond all that lie the gods, from the furthest antiquity to the Yuan Dynasty. With them are the wizards and wise hermits and an ancient, very complex system of spellcraft. The Codex Sinarum ends on a warrior’s note, creating a core martial system for Castles & Crusades.

Join us in exploring the wild and wonderful Chinese mythologies, all tailored for your table top experience.

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Product History

In September of 2022 Brian Young’s Codex Sinarum launched on Kickstarter. Troll Lord Games had been sitting on the manuscript for over a year as they waited for time to put it in the schedule. When it launched it opened to an enthusiastic campaign. Sinarum proved a departure from European mythologies for both Brian and the Mythos Series line already published by Troll Lord Games. The book labored under many delays in its product, driven by too many art demands on Peter Bradley who wanted to pen the art for this book himself, which meant meeting Stephen Chenault’s request that all the monsters have pictures for them; as well as a host of other issues related to interruptions caused by the OGL and other line issues.  Once Peter had cleared his desk of other projects, he began producing an astounding outlay of art, reflected throughout all the pages of the Codex Sinarum. The book finally began shipping to Kickstarter backers in January of 2024. Codex Sinarum is the 7th book in the Mythos Series.


Authors: Brian Young

Cover Art:  Peter Bradley

Editors: Finley J. E. Clayton,

Interior Art: Peter Bradley