Welcome to the Troll Lord Games Brick & Mortar Retailer Outreach page.

TLG wants to help you by bringing more customers to your store, both to play games and pick up the latest Castles & Crusades, After Winter Dark, Amazing Adventures, and other fine product we make here. We have several exciting programs to help you!

Below you will find a retailer locator. Check and make sure YOUR store is there. It not, please contact us at and we will add it.

Direct to Retail

You can purchase any TLG products direct from Troll Lord Games. We offer a flat 50% discount to all retailers and FREE shipping for any order over $600 in the United States. Please contact us at for more information! Most orders ship within 24 hours!

Apply for a retailer account by clicking on 'Retailer Application' below:

If you are a retailer, you can view the wholesale items by clicking below:

Point of Purchase Display

Coming soon!

Retailer Locator