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What our customers have to say...

Paul F
Paul FCodex of Aihrde
Aside from the beautiful writing and the wealth of useful information contained in it, the Codex of Aihrde does one other thing extremely well, and that is 'encourage heroes to rise.'
Joseph H
Joseph HMonsters & Treasure
A great collection of creatures malevolent and benign, fabulous treasure will entice your players to face greater dangers and heroic deaths!
Craig S
Craig SPlayers Handbook
All color with beautiful art work. This become my favorite hard fantasy game the more I get to play
Jeffery C
Jeffery CStoryteller's Thesaurus
Awesome company. Great people who know what we geeks love and strive hard to produce quality products. I bought the Storyteller's Thesaurus and will use it as an invaluable gaming aid. Other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn't theirs.
J Hall
J HallBlack Box Collectors Edition
The packaging is nicely done... The pamphlet type books reminds me of some of the earliest D&D adventures...
DanCastle Keepers Guide
I received my CK Guide just a few days ago and it is beautiful! I am still reading it over, but I really like this version. Keep up the good work, Troll Lords!
Brian B
Brian BCastle Keeper Screens
Love the screens! I have to say their the best quality screens that I've used. My only issue is that I wish there were more of them. I run using a big table with many things to keep hidden. But all in all I think these are perfect. I may order another set!
Cdey186C&C Classic Boxed Set
The product is an excellent game, in the classic style.
Bart B
Bart BC&C Character Classes
As is SOP for TLG CandC products, the cover art is beautiful and crisp...
Jesse G
Jesse GC&C Monsters & Treasure
Buying from Troll Lords -- Simple easy, the book looks great, and got it quickly!


Troll Lord Games has been publishing Role Playing Games, Games, and Fiction since 1999.

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What We Do

Troll Lords Games, a subsidiary of Chenault & Gray Publishing, LLC, has been publishing Role Playing Games since 1999. They began publishing their own system, quickly converted to Dungeons & Dragons d20 system and became the primary publisher for Gary Gygax from 2001 until his passing in 2008. They are best known for their long-standing Castles & Crusades RPG which launched in 2004, continues to enjoy a wide following, and is presently on its 7th printing.

TLG publishes a small host of other RPGs, including Amazing Adventures, Victorious and Harvesters. Their long-standing world setting The World of Aihrde is supported by both RPG books and its own line of fantasy fiction.

Stephen Chenault is both a primary author and CEO of Troll Lord Games and works with others: Davis Chenault, Jason Vey, James M. Ward and Brian Young. Troll Lord Games hired Mark Sandy to run the print shop, a position he holds to this day. Tim Burns was brought on as Communications Director in 2013. Peter Bradley serves as the company Art Director.

Made in USA

Troll Lords Games, located in Little Rock Arkansas, believes strongly in supporting local economies and supporting manufacturing in the United States. We have our own print facility in Little Rock where we print most of our softbound books. We work with local suppliers to ensure that our paper, board, and cover stock are sourced in the United States.

Occasionally we work with printers in Dearborn Michigan for softcover books. Our hardcover books are manufactured in Marceline, Missouri. Keeping our production in the United States not only helps with employment in the USA, but it also reduces our environmental footprint by cutting down on shipping, trans-oceanic fuel expenditures, warehousing, and dealing with entities that may or may not adhere to fair standards of employee compensation or environmental concerns we value.

Aside from the obvious benefit of supporting jobs in the U.S., and the reduced environmental impact, keeping production in the USA and near home helps us exercise a greater quality control on our books.

Military Discount

Veterans: Everyone here at Troll Lord Games is aware of the sacrifices the men and women of the Armed Forces and their families make in order to safeguard and preserve the Freedoms guaranteed to all U. S. citizens by the Constitution of the United States. Because of this, and our own close ties to veterans (our CEO Stephen Chenault is a veteran as is his brother Davis Chenault) we have had a long-standing policy, offering deep discounts to veterans and their families for any TLG product as well as support for soldiers in theatres of operation.

First, allow us to offer all veterans a heartfelt Thank You for the sacrifice and toil. And furthermore, a Kindly Thank You to your families for enduring your absence.

If you are serving, or you have served, in any of the 5 branches of the U.S. Military, or Reserve or National Guard Components, you receive a flat 50% discount for any purchase you make on the website. Contact us at orders@trolllord.com for more information.

ACTIVE THEATRE: If you or someone you know is presently deployed in a Theatre of Operations we will ship them anything you would like from the TLG store (with only a few special orders items excluded). TLG will cover all shipping costs. Contact us at orders@trolllord.com.

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