We are beyond pleased and honored to announce that the powers that be have released multiple works of the late Gary Gygax to Troll Lord Games for mass-market publication. These include the complete Gygaxian Fantasy World series, Castle Zagyg: Yggsburg, Castle Zagyg: East Mark, Castle Zagyg: The Manse, Castle Zagyg: Mouths of Madness, Castle Zagyg: The Dungeons (including all 17 handcrafted levels and any sublevels), and all related Castle Zagyg adventures such as the Teeth of Barkash Nour, The Halls of Many Panes, The Hermit, and the Kings of England Kings of France boardgame. See below for details.

The Father of a Hobby & Industry

Though Gary Gygax was not alone in creating role playing games, others like Dave Arneson certainly played a part, it is to Gary’s drive, creativity, expertise, and sheer love of gaming that launched it from a basement hobby for a passionate few, into an industry that spans multiple media platforms.

What You Need to Know Right Now

Our last Kickstarter, Gary Gygax's World Builders Archive is now complete. Thank you all for a wonderful Kickstarter campaign! This finished with the release of the amazing Castle Zagyg Preludes, an introduction to what is coming in the future and all 10 volumes in the series! Thank you all! Our work begins now....

The Kickstarter campaign for Gary Gygax’s The Hermit ended in December of 2023, support for which broke six digits! Fear not if you missed the Kickstarter, for you can pre-order The Hermit on our website and receive yours when it becomes available this spring.

Furthermore, we still have copies of the classic printing of Gary Gygax’s Castle Zagyg: Yggsburgh. This classic reprint relaunched the Gygax Estates properties, and a host of folks came out to order it, support TLG and the Estate, and help launch this whole endeavor. A hearty thanks to all those people, but if you missed it, you can buy yours now on our store. It ships immediately!


Troll Lord Games served as Gary’s primary publisher from 2000-2008. After he crossed over much of Gary’s material vanished from the gaming table. Now we hope to launch a new era of publishing, bringing back the many rich worlds of Gary Gygax.

Gygaxian Fantasy Worlds Series

The Gygaxian Fantasy Worlds, renamed the World Builders Archive (Check it out here), this collection is an Encyclopedic series envisioned by the co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons, Gary Gygax. He conceived the series as an open-ended collection of role-playing gaming aids for the Game Master and the Player, the specific focus of which was World Building. Written, co-written, or edited by Gygax himself, its intent was to cover all the bases of our gaming world.

The first of these books, The Canting Crew, was published in 2001. Six more volumes followed, and more were planned prior to his passing in 2008.

Now, for the first time since they were pulled from the market in 2008, this collection of Gygaxian knowledge returns to the gaming world. Through this Kickstarter we hope to bring back all seven volumes and possibly more. Join us in recreating part of our gaming heritage and flood your own table with mountains of gaming content.

For a complete list of the Castle Zagyg material see below.


In 2003 Gary opened a discussion with Steve Chenault about Castle Zagyg. He did not want it to appear under the Dungeons & Dragons name or game system. When the Troll Lords proposed that we make Castles & Crusades compatible with his vision for a game for Castle Zagyg he heartly agreed. Both he and Steve wanted C&C to be near to AD&D, so it worked well. Gary was given the right of approval of the rules, and did so with few corrections, so that when Castle Zagyg: Yggsburgh and Upper were finally published, they launched with the Castles & Crusades SIEGE Engine system. We will pick up with his wishes where we left off in 2008.

Castle Zagyg

We are going to revisit Gary Gygax’s Castle Zagyg like never before, but much like we intended in years past. This project is massive!

Mike Stewart, known for his Victorious RPG and many adventures like Shadows of the Halfling Hall, has come on board as the head writer. But he won’t be alone, Luke Gygax joins him as does James M. Ward, Jason Vey, Jeremy Farkas and Davis Chenault. Peter Bradley and Bill Edmunds on cartography.

This project will include several major areas:
Castle Zagyg The City of Yggsburg
Castle Zagyg Yggsburg Environs
(24 neighborhoods of the city)
The East Mark Setting
Castle Zagyg: The Manse & Mouths of Madness
Castle Zagyg: The Dungeons, 17 levels

We’ve not yet settled on an organizational format but have settled on hardcover books with pockets in the back to hold the many maps that will come with this set.


We are going to try to stay as true to Gary Gygax’s vision of his work as we possibly can. Steve and Davis Chenault and Peter Bradley all worked closely with Gary for almost 8 years and have a pretty good handle on what he wanted. On top of this, we will be consulting with family members such as Ernie and Luke Gygax, and long time friends like James M. Ward and Jeffrery Talanian to make these works as close to Gary’s vision as we can. New art! New maps! Layout and all, but Gary through and through.

Hall of Many Panes and Other Games

There is so much more to work on. Gary’s creative output was unmatched and even in the wanning years it continued to grow.

Now that the extremely successful Kickstarter for The Hermit has moved to preorders (preorder here), we move toward bringing that fabled adventure to your table.

But there is more. The Hall of Many Panes is on the deck. This massive planar adventure, written by Gary and originally published in 2005, is a monument to the bizarre and genius that was Gary’s gift to us all. We’ll bring this on up to date and republish in full color!

One of the projects near and dear to his heart was the Kings of England, Kings of France board game. We are going to dust off the old maps and playing pieces and bring this one back to the fold.

Gygaxian Fantasy Worlds

The Canting Crew by Gary Gygax
World Builder By Gary Gygax and Dan Cross
Living Fantasy by Gary Gygax
Extraordinary Book of Names by Michael Bowers
Insidiae by Dan Cross
Nation Builder by Michael O. Varhola
Cosmos Builder by Richard T. Balsley
Pantheons by Gary Gygax
Weyland Smith by Gary Gygax
Essential Places by Zane McCarthy

Castle Zagyg

CZ Vol. 1 Yggsburg & the East Mark
Town and Area
CZ Vol. II Castle Ruins
The Manse, Mouth of Madness, Level 1
CZ Vol. III Beneath the Ruins
Levels 2-5
CZ Vol. IV The Deeps
Levels 6-9
CZ Vol. V Chambers of Stone
Levels 10-13
CZ Vol. VI Zagyg’s Way
Levels 14-17

Castle Zagyg Environs

The City Neighborhoods 19 Areas:
Citadel End, Grand Temple & College District, Bhurghers’ Quarter, Gray Friars, Bridgegate Markets, High Gardens, Jewel District, Rivergate Quarter, East Corner, The Dargs, Storehouse District, Moatgate District, Town Halls District, West Market Sector, The Rakes, The Manors, Gaming District, Mixed Company District

The Outs 5 Areas: 20 Riverman’s Town, East Road & the Insiders, The Mills and Scalesbank, Hookton, The Five Farms, & Y’s Cemetary, Watergate Bridge & Newtown
Teeth of Braknous Nour

Other Material

Hall of Many Panes
The Hermit
Kings of England Kings of France


The Father of Modern Role Playing

In the 1960s, Gygax created an organization of wargaming clubs and founded the Gen Con gaming convention. In 1971, he helped develop Chainmail, a miniatures wargame based on medieval warfare. He co-founded the company Tactical Studies Rules (TSR, Inc.) with childhood friend Don Kaye in 1973. The next year, he and Arneson created D&D, which expanded on Gygax's Chainmail and included elements of the fantasy stories he loved as a child. The same year, he founded The Dragon, a magazine based around the new game. In 1977, Gygax began work on a more comprehensive version of the game, called Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. He designed numerous manuals for the game system, as well as several pre-packaged adventures called "modules" that gave a person running a D&D game (the "Dungeon Master") a rough script and ideas for how to run a game scenario. In 1983, he worked to license the D&D product line into the successful D&D cartoon series.

After leaving TSR in 1986 over conflicts with its new majority owner, Gygax continued to create role-playing game titles independently, beginning with the multi-genre Dangerous Journeys in 1992. He designed another gaming system, Lejendary Adventure, released in 1999. In 2005, Gygax was involved in the Castles & Crusades role-playing game, which was conceived as a hybrid between the third edition of D&D and the original version of the game conceived by Gygax.


Everyone here at Troll Lord Games would like to extend a Kindly Thank you to The Estate of E. Gary Gygax, Gary Children and family, Ernie Elise, Heidi, Cindy, Luke, and Alex who have entrusted us with Gary’s good works. We take the trust seriously and intend in the coming months to bring the worlds of Gary Gygax to gamers of all walks of life.

We would also like to thank the community at large. Everyone who stepped up and backed the reprint of Yggsburgh and The Hermit Kickstarter were instrumental in helping this come about. So to you, everyone at your table, and everyone who voiced support and hope for this event to come to pass, a very Kindly Thank You!!