Plunge into worlds of fantastic adventure where dragons lie and the undead stalk the shades of your mind's imagination, where creatures of legend plunder wealth through the horror of their passage. Monsters grim and foul hold the ecstasy of gold and the renown of glory.

A Rosetta Stone for all RPGs.

Easy to learn attribute check system. Fast character creation.
Simple combat rules make for fast game play. Malleable rule-set to play your imagination.

Castles & Crusades Players Handbook

The Castles & Crusades Players Handbook is all you need to get started in the hard hitting, fast paced world of table top role playing.

Our Siege Engine, the attribute check system, is simple. You and your friends can learn it in 15 minutes. You can make characters in 15 minutes. And then the game begins! Its fast and furious play, limited only by your imagination.

Our system is extremely simple and elegant. It works flawlessly for easy play, but also allows for customization, though none is needed, allowing you to make the game your own.

Castles & Crusades: 12 years in continuous publication. No new editions. It's the last game you'll need! Purchase the Castles & Crusades Players Handbook Today.


A rules light adaptable game that has stood the test of time! 12 years in constant publication, with no new editions,
Castles & Crusades is the original easy to play attribute-check system.
Join us and unleash your imagination! Join the Fray!

Castles & Crusades Monsters & Treasure

With weapons of steel, stout shields and sorcery, they gird themselves. To war and renown they plunder life's adventure, wresting life and wealth from beasts of legend.

Over 200 monsters for your C&C game. From dragons to wil-o-wisps. From giants to skeletons

With each monsters comes the plunder of their wealth. Hundreds of items, magical and mundane, litter this tome, all awaiting the stalwart adventurer.

A key prop in your C&C world, designed for quick use and easy access each monster is complete with a picture and all the stats needed to play.

It's an invaluable tool for any game master, be they a veteran of many years, or a novice, fresh to the table. Purchase the C&C Monsters & Treasure Today.


The Castle Keepers Guide is a tool box with almost limitless optional rules, ideas, concepts and theories.
A tool box you will want at your table, no matter what game you play.

Castles & Crusades Castle Keeper's Guide

The Castle Keeper, the one who runs the game. Theirs is the eye that the maelstrom of creation, the game of heroic chance plays out.

As with any table top RPG, C&C needs a game master, the Castle Keeper. They design and run the adventures through which the player characters must plunder their way to glory or death.

The Castle Keepers Guide provides the CK and Player with a host of new tools for their gaming table. These tools are specifically designed to enhance play, not hinder it, and designed to be malleable from table to table.

This book includes world and city creation, dungeon designs, managing non-player characters, spell use and equipment, epic level play, wastage, movement, weather, mass combat, treasure, character death and more!


What our customers have to say...

Paul F
Aside from the beautiful writing and the wealth of useful information contained in it, the Codex of Aihrde does one other thing extremely well, and that is 'encourage heroes to rise.'
Joseph H
A great collection of creatures malevolent and benign, fabulous treasure will entice your players to face greater dangers and heroic deaths!
Craig S
All color with beautiful art work. This become my favorite hard fantasy game the more I get to play
Jeffery C
Awesome company. Great people who know what we geeks love and strive hard to produce quality products. I bought the Storyteller's Thesaurus and will use it as an invaluable gaming aid. Other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn't theirs.
J Hall
The packaging is nicely done... The pamphlet type books reminds me of some of the earliest D&D adventures...
I received my CK Guide just a few days ago and it is beautiful! I am still reading it over, but I really like this version. Keep up the good work, Troll Lords!
Brian B
Love the screens! I have to say their the best quality screens that I've used. My only issue is that I wish there were more of them. I run using a big table with many things to keep hidden. But all in all I think these are perfect. I may order another set!
The product is an excellent game, in the classic style.
Bart B
As is SOP for TLG CandC products, the cover art is beautiful and crisp...
Jesse G
Buying from Troll Lords -- Simple easy, the book looks great, and got it quickly!


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