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The world of Aihrde spins upon an earth-like axis of ancient civilizations where good and evil have struggled for countless years. It is a world that bears the markings of its past; where ancient evils slumber, stained with the power of eldritch wizardry; where gods dwell in bejeweled halls of wonderment, worshiped by men and women of all creeds; where dragons live in great dens of heaped treasure; where the new stands upon the ruins of the old in beds of ancient glory.

Welcome to the After Winter Dark Campaign Setting!

This bundle includes all the core material you need to get started playing in the After Winter Dark setting! The Codex of Ahirde provides all the information you will need to immerse yourself and your players in this amazing setting including, 12,000+ years of history, 40+ nations, timelines, weather charts, maps, terrain, personages of notes, gods, the cosmos and so very much more. To help round out the experience, two very handy supplements are included to bring even more detail to the world. All of this is topped off with the world of Aihrde map for you to display in your gaming space.

This bundle of savings includes:

    • After Winter Dark: The Codex of Aihrde – The World of Aihrde is your storyboard. Its vibrant mythology, and unfolding history, make the World of Aihrde an unparalleled fantasy setting. With a wealth of playable material, Aihrde is like a tapestry unfolding, one that you can make your own! The Codex of Aihrde includes everything you need to get started adventuring in one of the most expansive game campaign settings you’ll ever enjoy.
    • After Winter Dark: The Trail Guide to Aihrde – The Trail Guide to Aihrde is a first-hand account of a journey through Aihrde. It contains the trail journals of Maximilian Vincent of Crestview, scholar, monk, mercenary and adventurer surfaced in a book stall in the small town of Niemanford, in the kingdom of Kayomar. They comprise the notes compiled by Lord Vincent on his journeys through the Lands of Ursal in the world of Aihrde. They recount his many adventures, persons he met along the way and the many realms and peoples he encountered. These are his notes. A perfect companion piece to the Codex of Aihrde and introduction to the world at large.
    • After Winter Dark: The Dictionary of Aihrde – This dictionary provides quickly accessible entries for the important places, mythological concepts, deities, planes, flora, and other essential details from the world of Aihrde. The dictionary contains nearly 700 entries with full but digestible definitions and a pronunciation guide for those toughest of words.
    • (AWD) The World of Aihrde – World Map – The world of Aihrde is a mass realm of multiple continents, vast oceans, seas, and islands. Though the Lands of Ursal, as captured in the Codex of Aihrde, are known to the chronicles, there are regions both wild and wonderful, ripe for exploration and plunder. Explore the world in its entirety with the official world map of Aihrde. This beautiful 22×48 inch full color map comes on heavy stock paper, folded for ease of shipment!
    • (AWD) Lands of Ursal “Cradle of The World” Map – Explore the World of Aihrde even deeper within the Lands of Ursal, as presented in the Codex of Aihrde, with this incredibly detailed, 36 x 24 full color map. it comes on heavy stock paper and included inside the Codex of Aihrde print copy and as a PDF with PDF purchases.

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    • (AWD) Castles & Crusades A0-A12 The Undying War – Embark on an epic journey filled with danger and intrigue! The Undying War combines the previously published adventure modules A0-A12. The epic adventure takes your party from 1st to 13th level, immersing you in the never-ending machinations of High Lord Coburg the Undying, that all lead to the very doors of hell itself.
    • After Winter Dark: Monsters & Treasures of Aihrde – Within Monsters & Treasure of Aihrde lies a veritable host of legendary monsters from the small fey such as the Bogtilt to the greater dragons, the Blackcoat, Talonedwing and more. Each entry comes fully detailed with descriptions, habits, climate, biome, sanity, treasure, combat, special abilities, details on the culture where needed, as well as a special section on each monster’s place in Aihrde.

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