ATTENTION! Our old store has been discontinued!

Please join us over at Troll Lord Games New Online Store HERE. To access your old store account please read below. We have moved the Troll Lord Games Store to our website.

New Account Setup:

With your FIRST purchase on the new store you will create a new account. We chose to not have a regular account creation page since the old store was filled with thousands of spam accounts causing growing problems over the years. This method will keep that to a minimum and allow the new store to function better. Once you have an account setup you can find it here: My Account

Old Account Access:

You can access your older TLG Account info by logging in here.


Several folks have purchased items on the old store front, creating a new account and thinking it was on the new store. Please look carefully and if in doubt, check here to verify you have an account on the new store. My Account. Please email us if you need any help with this situation.

We will continue to work for a better solution, but regardless, we are committed to keeping your access to your old store account available, we have no plans to take down the accounts on the old store, nor do we wish for anyone to lose access to any of their pdf downloads.

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