Storyteller’s Thesaurus



Writers, game designers, teachers, and students ~this is the book you’ve been waiting for! Written by storytellers for storytellers, this volume offers an entirely new approach to word finding. Browse the pages within to see what makes this book different:

~ Entries arranged in chapters by topic. Find everything you need to design a character,
scene, or setting all in one place — no need to hunt through pages of alphabetical listings!

~ Words that are crucial in fantasy, history, and horror. No other thesaurus names weapons,
armor, magical items, mystical creatures, symbols, treasures, and descriptive terms essential for
any genre.

~ Usage notes and writing tips to clarify and expand. The authors draw from decades of work
to target areas of concern for beginning writers as well as experienced authors.
Let this book inspire new characters and develop original settings and locales. You’ll be amazed at how quickly new ideas form as you browse. The Storyteller’s Thesaurus just might be the cure for writer’s block, dull prose, and stale ideas ~ pick up this book and let your world expand!

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Authors: James M. Ward, Anne K. Brown

Cover Artist: Peter Bradley

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Editors: Tim Burns