Codex of Aihrde Expansion Valleys of Kayomar



Kayomar is synonymous with knightly virtues and the rule of law and order. Many castles, large and small, overlook the countryside where small villages abound. The land is rich in soil and produces crops of wheat and barley. The people lead a simple, prosperous life, content in the protection their lords offer them. But the valleys lay in what was once the heart of the Ethvold, an ancient forest where the fey made their home and they have not forgotten the forest and the plows that lay waste to her. They haunt the Valleys, coming from the Shelves of the Mist, the Darkenfold, the Ruthen Mountains and other lands besides.

The Valleys of Kayomar comprise realms of comforts and magic, of safety, and dangers of wild abandon.

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Product History

Back in Troll Lord Games’ early days, there was a proposed line of books, the Companion Books, designed to expound upon one subject or the other. The first of these was Winter Runes (2001) by Stephen Chenault, and it explored the Gottland region in the Lands of Ursal in the world of Aihrde, included adventure material, some plane travel, equipment, and other odds and ends. The Gottland region terrain and towns was singled out and described, more history and local fauna and flora explored. Though the Companion Books fell by the wayside (there were only 2), the idea of exploring Aihrde in more detail was not. In 2015, the 1st printing of the Codex of Aihrde took place (previously the Codex of Erde) and with it the idea of an Expansion to the Codex of Aihrde. A series launched in 2015 with the Codex of Aihrde Expansion Darkenfold. After that the series took a back burner to multiple other projects but was resurrected in 2019 with the release of the Environs of Aufstrag. The third book, The Valleys of Kayomar was attached to the Codex Eygptium Kickstarter and when that project funded writing the book was set in motion. This seemed a natural next step to the Darkenfold expansion as the two regions sat right next to each other on the Aihrde map and the area takes such a prevalent role in the history of Aihrde. Stephen Chenault began work on the book in early 2019 and The Codex of Aihrde Expansion Valleys of Kayomar 1st printing released in 2019. A second printed emerged with the overhaul of the line in 2023 and sported the new cover design and titling.


Authors: Stephen Chenault Cover Artist: Jason Walton & Peter Bradley Interior Artists: Peter Bradley, Zoe DeVos Editors: Tim Burns, Wayne Tripp, Peter Endean, Samual Dillon