Codex of Aihrde Expansion The Environs of Aufstrag



The Environs of Aufstrag is designed as an expansion to the world of Aihrde as found in the Codex of Aihrde. It is system neutral, usable with any game system. It includes terrain descriptions, history and adventure hooks.

These are the lands that surround the dread tower of Aufsrag. Once a verdant country ruled by the opulence of the Aenochians, they are now wild and overgrown, consumed by the swamps of the Grausumland, the dead plains of the Toten Fields and the Blighted Screed. They are the haunts of those shadows of Aufstrag who linger on in the world of Aihrde.

The Environs of Aufstrag explores all the lands around the tower of Aufstrag and as such covers material found in the A Series also known as The Undying War. It includes information on the few existing roads, the terrain, waterways, peoples and monsters. It includes most of the lands from the A series adventures modules.

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Product History

Back in Troll Lord Games’ early days, there was a proposed line of books, the Companion Books, designed to expound upon one subject or the other. The first of these was Winter Runes (2001) by Stephen Chenault, and it explored the Gottland region in the Lands of Ursal in the world of Aihrde, included adventure material, some plane travel, equipment, and other odds and ends. The Gottland region terrain and towns was singled out and described, more history and local fauna and flora explored. Though the Companion Books fell by the wayside (there were only 2) the idea of exploring Aihrde in more detail was not. In 2015 the 1st printing of the Codex of Aihrde took place (previously the Codex of Erde) and with it the idea of these books resurfaced. The concept was retitled to the Codex of Aihrde Expansion Books and the first one released was the Darkenfold, it was released in 2015. More followed. No real rhyme or reason followed the path or regional variances for the books. The Environs of Aufstrag promised to explore the region around that dread tower of the dark lord’s. Work began in 2019 and the Codex of Aihrde Expansion Environs of Aufstrag 1st printing released later that same year. A 2nd printing matching the new trade dress was released in 2023. The book itself covered all the areas around Aufstrag, including the Blighted Screed and northern Blacktooth Ridge, tying it to the A series of adventures that eventually became The Undying War.


Authors: Stephen Chenault Cover Artist: Jason Walton/Peter Bradley Interior Artists: Jason Walton, Peter Bradley Editors: Tim Burns