Codex of Aihrde Expansion Gottland-Ne



The Gottland-Ne is designed as an expansion to the world of Aihrde as found in the Codex of Aihrde. It is system neutral expansion of the Aihrde setting, usable with any game system. It includes terrain descriptions, history and adventure hooks.

It is often shortened in the vernacular to Gottland, but this is a misnomer, for its rightful name has an altogether different meaning. Named from the Dwarf, Gottland translates to “the Land of Gods” or “The Land Where Gods Rule/Reside”; Ne means “without” or “an absence of”. In the Vulgate or Common Tongues of men, Gottland-Ne translates into “The Land Without Gods” or “Where no God Dwells.”

The Gottland-Ne explores the north western lands of Ursal from the Inner Sea in the east to the Shadow Mountains in the west, from the Dunhollow Pools in the north to the Tar Kiln in the south. It is a wilderness where Trolls hunt the mighty mammoth, the stone giants seek vengeance and only the most hardy survive.

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Product History

Back in Troll Lord Games’ early days, there was a proposed line of books, the Companion Books, designed to expound upon one subject or the other. The first of these was Winter Runes (2001) by Stephen Chenault, and it explored the Gottland region in the Lands of Ursal in the world of Aihrde, included adventure material, some plane travel, equipment and other odds and ends. The Gottland region terrain and towns was singled out and described, more history and local fauna and flora explored. Though the Companion Books fell by the wayside (there were only 2), the idea of exploring Aihrde in more detail was not. In 2015, the 1st printing of the Codex of Aihrde took place (previously the Codex of Erde) and with it the idea of these books resurfaced Despite the fact that the Gottland region was already written and could presumably be rolled out immediately, the content was part of a larger book called Rune Lore. Rune Lore was an early attempt to replace the Companion Books and was designed to be the first of several that explored Aihrde through the Rune Magic that was later presented in the Adventurers Backpack and finally found a home in the Adventurers Spellbook. The rune book line never materialized, but because Rune Lore remained in print, and TLG did not want to just reprint it in another form, the first of the expansions was actually Codex of Aihrde Expansion The Darkenfold. Several years passed before any work was done on these books but the line was revived when in 2018 the Environs of Aufstrag became part of the 5th Edition Players Guide to Aihrde Kickstarter. The Aufstrag material seemed more relevant than the Gottland material so once again Gottland was shunted to the side, this despite Rune Lore being out of print and some of its content moved to the Adventurers Backpack. For the better part of a year the Gottland Ne material sat untouched, but in 2019 it was brought out, cleaned up and edited and at last released. It became the second official book in the line. The Codex of Aihrde Expansion Gottland Ne 1st printing released in 2019. Like the Darkenfold book before it and the others that came after it, the book sported the painting by Doug Kovacs that graced the Codex of Aihrde with a simple title change. In 2023 the book was given a new cover in line with the new After Winter Dark Line look established with the Codex of Aihrde 2nd printing. Codex of Aihrde Expansion Gottland Ne 2nd printing released in 2023.


Authors: Stephen Chenault Cover Artist: Jason Walton & Peter Bradley Interior Artists: Mark Allen Editors: Dan Cross