Carrying capacity of animals

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Carrying capacity of animals

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Anyone got any thoughts on what EV values to give to mules, horses, donkeys, warhorses etc. Three of my players have aquired horses and I need some guidelines about what they can carry

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I believe this was purposely left vague, because I wondered about this one myself. But, if all you need is numbers to give you a rough idea, then the numbers I calculated for my replacement encumbrance system should work fine.

Riding Horse: EV 45

Light Warhorse: EV 70

Heavy Warhorse: EV 90

Pony: EV 22.5 (I use decimals...use either 22 or 23)

War Pony: EV 30

The mule I don't have a figure for because mules aren't in Monsters & Treasure as far as I can recall. However, I would rate mules as being about war pony size, and thus have an EV of 30.
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