The Carbondale, IL Crusade

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The Carbondale, IL Crusade

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Well my party faced Dietbold von Hiemer, High Priest of Unklar for the first time. Heimer escaped as did his Eldritch Goblin wizard ally. However the party was able to slay the other 5 Eldritch goblins, 16 Ungern, 16 Goblins and 4 Acolytes of Unklar. The party had 2 members unconcious, 1 trapped by a hold person spell. The caster spent his magic. The only way they escaped was by the cunning of the party's assasin and a clever use of cover, poison and a Cloak of Elvenkind. They have now have been sent on a mission by Horatio Talbot, the half-orc wizrd who is a member of The Keepers - a secret society designed to make sure Unklar never returns. They must recover the powerful Dragon Orbs from around Ahirde before the agents of Unklar find them. Their mission has led them to the Isle of Dread (OD&D X1 module) where one of the orbs is located.
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