My unusual single dice roll random character generation technique

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My unusual single dice roll random character generation technique

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So this method is meant to create more powerful characters than rolling 3d6 down the line or 4d6 drop lowest, but also keep the characters random but balanced against each other. And for a CK that does not want to use this method with players, you may still find it useful for making random NPCs with a single dice roll rather than rolling six or more times.

So the CK should decide on how powerful they want characters to be. In essence, this is what should all the attribute bonuses add up to? An 18-19 counts as 3, 16-17 counts as 2, a 13-15 counts as 1, 9-12 is 0, etc. So a really high-powered campaign the CK might say 10 points (this is REALLY high, but doable). I typically would do 5-6 points for a heroic, but not superheroic feel. But lower-powered games might just go with 3 points.

Roll 1d6 per point. A 1 = Str, 2 = Dex, 3 = Con, 4= Int, 5 = Wis, 6 = Cha. Each result is a + for that attribute. To determine if +2 is a 16 or 17, or +1 is a 12-15, I use a Low-High system. So first one is the lower option, next one is the higher option, next is lower, next is higher, etc. You could also just roll a d6 for each one using a high result for the highest option and a low result for the lowest. If you get more than three of the same number, you can either A. Ignore it; that die is lost; B. Allow a reroll for it; C. let the player chose where it goes instead.

At your option, you can also allow people to roll for some below average stats (essentially doing the same thing, but with minuses). I usually allow one additional plus die for each minus die rolled. You can do this by having the minus dice be a different color. Any minus die cancels a plus die. OR you can roll your minus dice after the initial roll among the "zero" results. So if you have two zero results, you would roll 1d2 for each of them, and if you had three zero results you would roll 1d3 for each.

So let's say I am going for a flat 6 point character. I roll 6d6 and get: 4, 4, 4, 2, 2, 1. This character has 18 Int, 16 Dex, and 14 Str. The remaining stats have 0 bonuses, so I assign 9 to Wisdom, 12 to Con, and 10 to Cha.

If I want to get fancy, I might roll 6-points, but take 2 points in minuses to roll 8 plus dice. So I am rolling 10d6, but two of those are a different color. My 8d6 plus dice roll as 6, 6, 6, 5, 4, 2, 1, 1 and my 2d6 minus dice I get 6, 3. So one of the 6s from the plus dice is removed.

This leaves me with 16 STR, 13 DEX, 8 CON, 15 INT, 13 WIS, 17 CHA.

The lower powered option is especially useful for when a CK wants to roll up an NPC on the fly (or several at once using different colored dice). So I roll for a shopkeeper rolling 3d6 and get 5, 4, 2. The shopkeeper has 13 Dex, 15 Int, 14 Wis and a 10 for everything else.

Well anyway, I hope some of you may find this useful!
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