a water and dry land dungeon

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a water and dry land dungeon

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Here is the text for bit.

Different inhabitants used this level for different reasons.

Yes, these room walls are 2 feet thick. But if characters knock on them with a fist or metal item, they wont sound hollow. Several magic mouths, or ilusional sounds, which make sounds like a large bronze gong to cover the hollow sounds the walls make.

Note that the rock piles channel anyone walking into these caves. A Ranger or Dwarf might notice some piles look artificial in that they are carefully placed to look like debris tossed out of the way of any digging.

The rooms are basically regular dungeon rooms placed inside a large cave. Until the characters get out of these regular dungeon rooms, it will be difficult to notice they are in a gigantic cave.

The cave height varies from 30' to 80'.

1) Spiral stairs leads down from level 01. About 230' x 200' x 50' high. The stairs down to level 3 are behind a secret door and room, in room 43.

Two small ruined buildings.

South building; 5 small plants. Digging in the sand might result in a few copper and silver coins of unknown origin. Some have a silhouette of a man's head and face, some have a woman's.

Northeast building; 11 piles of green leaves. They don't match the living leaves from the 3 trees. A pile of small skulls.

Northwest corner; 3 skeletons behind 7 sack cloths. Sand in the sacks.

Large animal skeletons, one each, between the large trees. These trees sometimes make noises like the wind has moved them, but there is no wind.

A large gold colored bull blocks the exit. It doesn't appear to move. If a character watches closely, one ear will turn towards the group, then back forward. It could be an illusion, or a strong herd animal that attacks.

2) 200' x 100' regular doors. secret door to 28.

Two larch trees, a large tree, and several piles of leaves that didn't come from any of these trees.

One pile of leaves could be hiding a small treasure.

Between room 2 and 3 is a portcullis. No mechanism can be found to open it. Push on the right side and it will swing open.

3 ) 100' x 300' x 20'

Two larch trees. Small bird sounds can be heard coming from the branches. No birds to be seen. A carefully done search might find two or three small lizards... they are the ones making the bird sounds.

They wont attack, but will run if threatened.

A registration desk is next to a spike barricade. Behind that is a green arrow floating in the air. Three sarcophagi growing toadstools. The fourth one has a skeleton in it. Chains on the floor next to the skeleton sarcophagus.

On the table is a jewelry box. A few gems and a necklace are inside.

The passageway east of this room leads out into the main cave.

4 ) 100' diameter circle x 30' high. Evil idol down in the water. Seven pews across the south part of the room. Two open chests near the west wall.

A sacrifice slab on the north wall. Looks very clean, no dust.

Southwest area of this room, a wood door opens out to the main cave.

5) an irregular area of rocks. West side is room 20. To the right is room 7. Dusty.

6 ) 200' x 100' x 25' ( Northwest part of the map.)

Debris, a nice water well, 2 open pits. Secret door leads to room 4.

7) South side; irregular area of rock and silvery dust. No value. Scratches on some rocks.

8) top of map; a basically triangular room, marked off on one side by moss covered rocks.

9) a small room with rocks around it. ( right side of map.)

10) About 70' x about 40' x 50' Two large moss covered rocks. ( left side of map.)

11) West side of map; a skeleton and a few coins on the floor.

12 ) Bottom of map; A large area south of the polluted water. Empty of all but dust. A few coins of small worth might be found here.

13 ) North side of the map is about 50' x 30' area overlooking the cliffs above the polluted water. Footprints.

14 ) East of northern beach brown sand area; A rock walled area up from the beach. Sand and some dust.

15 ) About 750' x about 30' x 50' overlooks the Northeast cliffs. Large cracked area.

16) About 50' x about 30' x 50' Looks like it might have been a last stand area, but no skeletons, nor any debris is here. North side of map.

17 ) North of room 2; A small room with stone walls, and part of room 3 walls.

18 ) A small room with stone walls, and part of room 3 walls. Overlooks the western cliffs.

rooms 19 through 21 are at south side.

19) 80' x 30' x 20' rock and wood debris. Ruins of a small hut. Five piles of cloth debris. Some might have usable clothes in them. But not much more than town street clothes.

20 ) 10' x 20' x 20' skeleton scattered on the floor, small chest with a treasure.

20 A ) 200' x 50' x 20' wood barricades and skeletons, trying to defend from something in room 21 or something coming in from the cave. A campfire, two treasure chests. Large cracked area in the floor. Large leaf tree, no leaves on the floor.

20 B ) a rock void. The well contains good clean water. The coins visible deep down are an illusion.

21 ) 50' x 10' x 20' skeleton scattered on the floor, small chest with a treasure. Has a short sword with scabbard.

22 ) Odd-shaped area between rooms 1, 2, and 28. Clean, appears to be sand, but there is only sand looking floor.

23 ) An area east of the middle brown sand area, rows of rocks. Five empty barrels dot the area.

24 ) West side, towards the southwest corner; 60' x from 10' to 50' wide x 30' high area, sandy floor.

25 ) West of room 17; A small cave area, empty but for sand and dust.

26 ) at north end; a small area with rocks separating it from 13 and 16. Sandy floor.

27 ) A diagonal area of rocks, just east of the Sacred Grove. "You see a 'tunnel of water' about 3 feet off the ground. It is about 5 feet in diameter. You see small fish swimming in it, moving fast. A dark shape follows them."

28 ) North of room 1; about 110' x about 110' x 25' Treasure chest west side, wood debris, and piles of lumber. Two piles of skulls by the tree.

29 ) East of room 1; is an area that has cliffs overlooking the polluted water in area 30. A narrow path between rocks and room 1 that leads to area 12.

30 ) Large area center of the cave; A large polluted water area. It could have been forced into the hill by a deity, or it was dug out and the water became rancid which is why there is no one currently here.

Living anyway.

The cliffs are up to 20 feet high.

The Olde Temple: from the main cave floor there are a few wall parts still above water. They might be unstable.

The Stepping Stones can be used to go from the main cave floor across the water to the east side.

Some are covered with moss.

Or the characters could just walk around.

The Guard House is where the Temple Guards once lived.

Kelp Forest looks planned.

Sacred Grove was once a worship area. Beware !

There are three schools of fish. Two moves slowly around in the water. The other never seems to move, but a
careful watcher will notice one fish break free, swim a short distance away from the school, and then appears
to be dragged back.

31 ) Northwest corner; a treasure, out in the open.

32 ) Northeast of room 4; A treasure and an opened chest, behind some rocks. A skeleton and dried blood around the open chest.

33 ) in the Northwest corner: An odd shaped cave area. Very old dried blood on the sand.

34 ) East of room 15; about 80 ' x about 50' x 50' two skeletons on the sandy floor.

35 ) East side: A long narrow cave, north-south.

36 ) East side: A long narrow area, east-west.

37 ) Eastern side of the map; about 50' x about 60' x 55' with a rock on the sandy soil.

38 ) Next to room 37; A small area with rocks on 3 sides.

39 ) East side of map; A rocky room, southeast to northwest, sandy floor

40 ) about 150' x about 240' x 60' The shark in the blue water pit has learned how to travel down to the kelp area south end of this room. A tunnel of water forms in front of the shark. it can attack any being that encounters this moving tunnel of water. The water is about 3 feet off the floor. It varies from 10' to 30' in diameter.

The kelp covered rocks to the right of the number 27 are part of this room.

41 ) 90' x 25' x 80' dry, sandy. A possible refuge from the shark attacks in room 40.

42 ) about 180' x from 25' to 60' wide x 30' high. The location marked B is an easily moved secret door into this area.

43 ) about 100' x about 20' x 30' spiral stairs down to level 3. Two secret doors, in the smaller boulders, lead into this room.

43 B ) A chest that looks open, but that is an illusion.

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Re: a water and dry land dungeon

Post by Geroblue »

If you go to the search page: https://atlas.monsen.cc/Search

And put in the 'Text in Map' The Hidden, it will show you all of the maps in this set, for a total of 9 maps. Overland and dungeon. The above map is 'The Hidden level 02'.
My mind is backed up... somewhere. But probably not over the rainbow. More likely in another dimension.

If I post too much just let me know and I'll slow down.

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