Superhuman/ enhanced attributes

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Superhuman/ enhanced attributes

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Hola all,

I'm working through the AA "Gadgeteer" option for creating superheroes. One of the things they recommend is keeping a 30 max for ability scores, even with powers like Bull's Strength. According to the Core rules, lifting capacity is said to be 15 times one's Str score. For 30 Str, that's a max of 450 lb.. really weak sauce when it comes to supers. Capt. America is said to have a max lift of around 800 lb, and his isn't even considered "super" strength. Have I missed something in all this?

I know AA is likely not the game for playing "Super-super" heroes, but this just seems pretty low to me. I'm thinking of adapting a few D20-isms. The SRD has a Str chart that can be used to extrapolate super strength:
And Silver Age Sentinels has something similar.

In addition, the 3.5e Deities and Demigods volume has a chart for much-higher-level attributes.

Any impressions? Any input is appreciated.

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Re: Superhuman/ enhanced attributes

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450 # is very low for super strength. There are many normal humans, albeit power lifters, who can lift that weight overhead. The current record is just over 1000#. The SRD chart looks usable.

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