Starship Warden

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Starship Warden

Post by Nowhereman »

Hope this is the right place…

I am on the dense about picking up Starship Warden. I love Metamorphosis Alpha but I also love the Siege Engine.

I am not sure this is a stand alone game or if I need to pick anything else for it.

Can some one clear this up?


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Re: Starship Warden

Post by jeffb »

As I understand it, it includes a condensed/basic/lite set of Siege Engine rules.

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Re: Starship Warden

Post by maximus »

jeffb wrote:
Mon Sep 19, 2022 10:08 pm
As I understand it, it includes a condensed/basic/lite set of Siege Engine rules.
That's what I gathered from the description as well. I almost pulled the trigger on this one, but bowed out at the last minute. Not sure I would ever really run it.

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Re: Starship Warden

Post by Persimmon »

If you have the basic C&C rules, you can pretty much play Starship Warden. I don't own Metamorphosis Alpha, or Amazing Adventures or any other Siege Engine games besides C&C and I dropped it right into our C&C game. Using it as a location the PCs have to visit to retrieve an item. So more like an exploration one-shot like Expedition to the Barrier Peaks.

Frankly, the book is massive and there's a lot of cool material you could adapt for either a fantasy or Sci-Fi game so if it's on sale and within your budget, I say grab it! I got it for like 40% off last year and it was totally worth it.
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Re: Starship Warden

Post by serleran »

I use it with Gamma World 4th edition which is, admittedly, not totally dissimiliar to C&C.

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