Save For Half episode # 32: "En Garde by GDW"

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Save For Half episode # 32: "En Garde by GDW"

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Save For Half episode # 32: "En Garde by GDW"

It's time to get your rapier and swing from a chandelier, because the Halflings take a look this episode at the Game Designers' Workshop edition of En Garde by Darryl Haney and Frank Chadwick (1975). There are all sort of things for PCs to do in the game, be it carouse at pubs, visit mistresses, and...join the army? All this and more await you with a clash of steel and a floppy hat. Oh, and ruffs too. Lots of ruffs!

No Bucklers were Swashed in the making of this podcast, though they were nicked!

It's all here at:

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En Garde on Wikipedia!

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