Save For Half Sideshow # 29 1/2: "The Elusive Shift by Jon Peterson"

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Save For Half Sideshow # 29 1/2: "The Elusive Shift by Jon Peterson"

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Friend of the show (and author) Jon Peterson joins the Halflings in a wide-ranging discussion of fanzines, RPG theory, and...oh yeah, his new book from MIT Press called The Elusive Shift. When did Dungeons & Dragons stop being a fantasy wargame and become a roleplaying game? Who contributed to the shift? Did they know what they were doing? Was it a smooth transition, or fraught with controversy? Will we ever stop asking questions in this summary? Tune in and find out!

No fanzine authors were harmed in the making of this podcast, despite a flamewar.

It's all here at:

Links mentioned in this show:

Alarums & Excursions pdf source

Playing at the World Blog (Rule 0) ... 01c1bDwLGI

RPG Pop Club Podcast by Falconer

The Elusive Shift on Amazon ... 0262044641

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