Cross posting. Domesday X

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Cross posting. Domesday X

Post by cuchulainkevin »

So the mantle of Domesday editor has fallen on me for a few issues.

While issue IX will be out this summer it's not too early to start planning future issues.

I'm open to hearing ideas regarding content but in the meantime I'd like to propose issue X to tie into a Sword and Sorcery/Sandal/Planet theme.

Bonus if we could find material that could compliment the recent "Codex" books.

Some things I could be looking for are:

Classes- hoplite, legionaire, sorceror, tribal warrior, charioteer...

A S&S sandbox city- perhaps 100 or so locales similar to the old Judges Guild City-state

S&S quick encounters

Possibly a magic sub-system or paired down version of psionics like Rigon's adaptation of the 2e system that more closely aligns with the S&S genre (lower powered magic, blood magic, corruption rules)

Monsters (obviously)

A S&S pantheon (Cthulhic-type entities)

Rogues Gallery

An S&S equipment page

Upcomming issue ideas:
Issue XI- a Victorious/Supers tie in
Issue XII- an Amazing Adventures tie in
Issie XIII- a Star Siege tie in
Issue XIV- the Infernal/Celestial planes

Any other thoughts come to mind?



Btw, submissions should be (eventually) be sent to with a subject like that begins with "Domesday"

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