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Re: Dark Dungeons Deluxe

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Back in business! I spent the last year or so in a messy divorce from LibreOffice. After getting tired of crashes, long loading times, images bouncing around, tables cutting themselves in half, headers not staying with their paragraphs, and bringing my computer to a halt I gave her the boot and started learning LaTeX. I have to admit, that I did open her back up a few times when LaTeX was frustrating me. But now she's gone for good! We've been through many version numbers together, promising she changed, but it was good for a few second than back to the same ole Libreoffice :P

I updated the link on the first page with the current LaTeX version. It's still WIP, but it's getting closer to semi-finished. By that I mean close to no unfinished material in it. Theres still a ton of material I'd like to rewrite from BECMI.

Whats left:
Finish hyperlink references
Finish Lycanthrope classes
3x Elf Spells
36x Medicine Man Spells

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