NW Chicago suburb... Lake Zurich, IL

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NW Chicago suburb... Lake Zurich, IL

Post by Darthgall »

Hey all,
Interested in getting back into rpg and just backed the kickstarter, so rulebook is en route.
Experience with pathfinder and red box... prefer lighter faster rules. Could meet 2x a month.
Me: 40, 2 kids, army reservist, intro to fantasy was by savage sword of Conan, still a favorite.
Hit me up!

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Re: NW Chicago suburb... Lake Zurich, IL

Post by Buttmonkey »

Welcome to the forums!

I recommend you cross-post this to the General: The Rule, the Law, and the Chaos forum. This forum (Player's Haven) is for discussion of the Wilderlands of High Adventure setting. The TLG forums sadly lack a dedicated place to post advertisements for games. I think the general discussion forums is your best bet.
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Re: NW Chicago suburb... Lake Zurich, IL

Post by Tadhg »

BM, I think Castles & Crusades Society News is where people have posted "looking for players" threads.

So, Darthgall - you might wish to repost in that subforum.

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