Rappan Athuk

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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As it turns out, Mahrtiir was keeping record of the events in a diary of sorts. This diary would have been in his room at the Inn, and Odo would likely have found it cleaning his things out. The only thing that would not be current is his final foray, but would have had mentioned the unearthing of the teleporter disks, but nothing further. He was apparently very proud of himself and later of his entire group for their accomplishments. Unfortunately, while many of his notes refer to rooms by number, as if to a map, no map is found in his room, so must remain a mystery.

First off, Mahrtiir's exploits from the bio of Mahrtiir AKA Firestarter includes events that go up to Episode 12 in abbreviated form.

Mahrtiir, born April 20th, sometimes called Firestarter, is a Half Elven Ranger with a strong dose of high elvish blood. While brought into the world by a well off and loving family, he was orphaned as a preteen equivalent by a group of bandits that enslaved him from that point until he was a young man.

Not having anyone close to talk to, he became quiet and introverted, but used to taking risks. The Bandits would use him as bait in their traps for others, and also as a sort of walking minesweeper, being sent in front of the fighters to trip any traps. When the bandits weren't engaged in their highway robbery, he was forced to serve the bandits as they drank and gambled. He learned to loathe both. Luck and nimbleness kept him alive until the day the Bandits ran into more than they could handle. In the midst of battle with the troops that had been in disguise as merchants to trap highwaymen such as themselves, he managed to abscond into the woods where he spent more years learning the ways of the wild, until he met another half elf that took him under his wing, and taught him some of the more sophisticated wilderness skills. This Half elf unfortunately died near the beginning of his training.

Hearing of adventures, challenges and treasure to be had in Rappan Athuk, he travelled until he found Zelkor's Ferry, where he encountered the group he runs with to this day.

After setting the hut of an Ogress mage disguised as an 8 year old on fire, he started to garner a reputation for being a little less than nice. Yet when his group went on the adventure that garnered them the name of Red Bear Reavers, he was first to remind others that while the scourge of the Red Bear was gone, a good man died. In the groups first battle with Stirges, he chose to try to protect one of the hired men at arms over a member of the main group. Behind his stoicism, he also had a heart.

Later, after the Red Bear Reavers tracked down the lair of the stirges hidden beneath a hill, he was instrumental to the plan that led to the hillside of Stirges being blown to kingdom come, some began calling him FireStarter.

In their further adventure, the intrepid crew freed Castle Calaelen of it's haunts, The priestess of Orcus, and the demonic Raven, Mahrtiir began his efforts to rebuild the keep, by friending the goblin smith in a most unlikely manner. Gorbaz may indeed become the first of many to return the Castle to it's former glory. Mahrtiir has promised to keep him in supplies and rations, and Gorbaz has promised to clean the Castle and continue to make rough iron instruments. While first storming the castle, Mahrtiir was grievously wounded rushing in when caution would have served better, and spent some since bringing up the rear guard and watching closely how others behave.

In another endeavour, The Reavers have started taking on a new name. Extinction Unlimited. They travel into the Mouth of Doom. There he is assisted by a new member, Loric, and they cut down Tall Jack Ratt with arrows after he attempts to rob the group.

Meanwhile the rest of the group took out his crew and the undead his unsavory (and none too wise) followers had gathered to aid them. Returning to Zelkors ferry, they were rewarded for the head of Tall Jack, although Odo was saddened to hear the news.

Regaining some of his earlier boldness, he even took the first steps for the party in some of the rooms, splitting the duties with fearsome Zerg.

Extinction Unlimited has had some very close calls in The Mouth of Doom, including dealing with a madman spell caster. who carried a talisman of Orcus, which he immediately set ablaze. This seemed to draw the attention of the foul being upon himself, whom he promptly showed his middle finger in defiance. Afterwards, he set the entire room on fire.

The group then fended off a large attack of Stirges. Mahrtiir's first instinct in the attack of the Stirges was to get the party back to the relative safety afforded at the entrance to the mouth of doom, but he held position and helped defeat the flock of loathsome fliers.

The Half Elf has stayed behind on a couple of ventures and has spent that time reading some literature found in the castle, hoping to improve his knowledge of local lore, and hasn't been able to document thoroughly the heroic exploits of his companions during those times.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Rappan Athuk Episode 9

Entering the Labyrinth, Loric fails to detect a pit Trap at Door A Ocress door, but straddles the pit and flips back off, dodging damage. The party moves to Door B.

We come across a room full of dust and 8 skulls with a hole drilled into the top.

While investigating the room, Mahrtiir hears a scream of bandits. Running around the corner, one has already fallen and he misses a shot with his bow, as does Zerg. Urza is in trouble. But his Morning star kills that bandit as well. The bandits seem to be running from something.

Bandits taken care of, Loric barely dodges a pit trap again. Side skirting the trap we double back and find a large room. Room 17

There are 5 pools 5 feet in diameter. There is a murder hole broken open as well. The pools appear to contain water. Loric throws stones in the pools, they seem to be a foot deep. A he approaches pool A he begins to feel fear. He is overcome with terror. Then he flees.

As he flies out the door, we are attacked by a single Stirge from a murder hole. Missing with an arrow, Arobash murders it, and I toss oil into the hole and prepare to light it, while another Stirge emerges. Arobash kills it as well, the blood from his carcass spraying almost everywhere.

Lighting the fire, there is an explosion, and when the room is investigated, there were 13 more stirges. Even though there were grumbles to start, Mahrtiir silences his critics complaints about burnt treasure with the body count.

We start testing pools of water, one gives +2 save, the other is poison, shrinking you by an inch and save or die. Arobash misses his saving throw, and dies. E pool

Mahrtiir rushes in to neutralize the poison and rolls a natural 20, saving Arobash from certain death.

D pool gives +2 to saves

Urza keeps trying to approach pool A without feeling fear.

Pool B appears to be an illusion but we fear it is the well from the rumor and avoid it.

Searching more rooms. We find an empty room, then a room full of trash and rubbish, and coins, jewelry etc. Small holes and cracks in the walls and ground, between the door and the piles of stuff. Loric and Arobash enter the room and immediately are attacked by 9 rats. Arobash kills 1.

4 attack Arobash and 5 Loric, 2 hitting Loric, all missing Arobash. Loric takes 3 points. Loric successfully withdraws from the room fighting. As those of us in the hallway deal with a lone Zombie. Mahrtiir gets a headshot for the kill.

We find a dusty room with a chest. Chest is trapped when Arobash trips it, releasing a stone block from the ceiling. Another save or die. He handily jumps out of the way. Lots of loot.

Moving on to another room. We find a largish room with 11 alcoves, 10 have a statue. Northern Middle does not. Life sized human statues of various human attributes, warriors and other walks of life. All hold some type of gambling device.

The 11th alcove has an altar with a bowl shaped indent, like it is meant to accept something.

There is an indent of a hand on the back wall of the three northern alcoves

Koric deposits two shiny silvers we found, and puts his hand in the middle indent, Arobash and Zerg putting there hands in the others. Loric sees a skull, and removes his hand, puts it back and sees another skull. Arobash sticks his hand in and sees a demonic image. Zerg places a hand in hers and sees a circle image.

The two coins and the symbols disappear.

Mahrtiir, unhappy with gambling, tries to smash a statue and it doesn't budge. Arobash deposits ten gold, and gets a sword. Zerg gets a sword and Urza gets a demon, the money and the symbols disappear.

They try a third time. Getting a moon, a skull, and a circle. It is looking like a slot machine as all disappear.

A fourth time with ten golds, and the money goes away.

Fifth try same

Sixth time rolls are a waste

7th time, nada

Mahrtiir, loudly upset and irritated, sets the Northeast statue on fire, nothing happens.

8th roll, 1,2,3, and the money doubles.

Mahrtiir expresses his frustration, and steps outside the room as the crew gets all 4's, all pentagram.

Gamblers get random EXP adds, and we move on

We find an empty room, and search it, finding nothing.

We check another room, we are hit with a wave of stench, the floor covered in remains, and a live human holding a shield in chain armor terrified hiding behind his shield. He looks pathetic and begs for food. Claims he has been there for a month.

Remains look as if he ate his dead companions.

His name is Gelvor.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Rappan Athuk Episode 10

Gelvor is a human who carries a long sword and long bow.

We return to the room with pools, people drink from it, to no effect.

We investigate Pool B and realize it is an illusion.

Checking hallways we run into a dead end.

Party decides to head back to the gambling room. Mahrtiir is less than pleased. He vocalizes his displeasure, and waits outside with Egar.

Enter room 26 It is damp and wet, there is a ten foot tall statue. A skeleton with two wolves striding beside it. Hands on the wolves, standing on a dais five feet tall.

Looking up at ceiling, there appears to be giant leeches. Four of them, stuck to the ceiling.

Loric, exploring the room, has one drop on him. We kill that one after Loric takes heavy damage, Mahrtiir manages to hit another for light damage.

Next round, Mahrtiir has 2 drop on him, and Mahrtiir has 1, 2 miss Loric, but one does minor damage to me and latches on. Loric makes a fighting withdraw. Arobash smacks it once and kills it, then swacks it again because he likes the way it goes squish.

Egar has been holding Gelvor silent as he screams so loudly, then lets him loose so he can dash into the room, and attack. He turns out to be pretty good with his sword, but he continues to scream like a madman " We are all gonna die!" AHHHH!

More come into the room, but the party is making short work of them, Mahrtiir taking down two.

Two zombies come down the hall, one is killed and the other is lured into a pit trap Loric had earlier opened. Mahrtiir spills a flask of oil on it and lights it on fire. He smiles as the flames burn, then turns and walks away.

There is a secret door behind the statue, inside, a skeleton in chainmail, find 15 GP and a gem worth 50GP. The dais is hollow.

We find another secret door, and Arobash opens it. It opens into a large room, lit with green light.


It is a large room with 3 rows of pillars running N S leading to 3 fire pits 10 feet across burning green flames throwing green sparks to the ceiling, about 30 foot tall.The Pillars and are pits decorated with gargoyles.

Loric enters and explores. As we all enter the room, a giant green cobra appears. Large enough to swallow a man whole, he rises out of the south eastern pit.

Mhoram with a magic missile, Mahrtiir barely grazing with an arrow, Arobash stuns it with mighty blow. Urza Delivers a coup de grace with his sling.

We have a talk with Gelvor about his screaming and he promises to stop. Mahrtiir skins the snake and it has fire resistant properties, and is very beautiful. worth about a 1000 gold.

We make Gelvor the door opener. but that doesn't go well.

We find a barracks room, empty. Then another room full of worthless tapestries that depict the outside of the dungeon, depicting a battle between ogres led by three human leaders, carrying Maces topped by skulls, fighting a group of human archers.

Loric finds a pit trap in a corner of the room. Opening the pit, we find a skeleton in worthless armor, with a good looking backpack, and leather boots. Mahrtiir lowers Gelvor down with his rope. We get a very nice pair of boots.

Next room, 5, has an angled mosaic. It smells of rot in there, the plaster behind missing tiles is wet. As we explore the room, giant centipedes emerge from the wall. 6 to begin.

Mhoram kills one, Mahrtiir misses. We retreat and close the door. Uzra blocks the door with a tapestry and lights it on fire to smoke them out.

Zerg leaves the room, sees skeletons, alerts us, and Mahrtiir joins her outside the room and engages. They are handled but Mahrtiir takes more damage, feeling some pain.

Galvor can't stay quiet, we take him and the snake skin to the entrance, Mahrtiir tells him he has a job for him, just guard our stuff.

The group returns to exploring, finding empty rooms for a bit.

We find a room with a door spiked shut and skeletons and a chest inside. We get some clothes and a map. It is a handout.

We find a secret door and open up to room 10. We see green slime dripping from the ceiling. It disintegrates a sacrificial torch that Mahrtiir hoped would cause it to go up in flames, and we leave it behind.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Rappan Athuk Episode 12 (Mahrtiir stayed in town to read during 11, then caught up with the group later)

We wake and open a door that connects to area 20, the place of imaginary water and rusty ladder.We move to room 18.

Zerg opens the door and it is an empty room with three vents. Stepping into the room, the floor drops out from under Zerg and Mahrtiir, while Loric nimbly jumps away. The group throws down a rope and begin pulling us up, and the floor stops about 60 feet down. As we are about halfway up a luminescent yellow gas comes out.

Trying to cover our mouths and nose as much as possible, the gas reaches us before we get out. we take minor damage, and slam the door shut.

Mahrtiir has been feeling a little squeamish about taking the lead and been taking rear guard, but has gotten past that and begins helping take the lead, as he sees the need with the monk missing out this week.

As we open the door to room 19 we see two zombies and dispatch them easily, finding room 21 and stairs going up. 19 is empty.

We explore room 16 and find nothing.

We find a room with a short pillar 5 feet tall and 3 foot diameter with a face carved into it. Primitive, just eyes mouth, nose. As we enter the room, the mouth opens and blows out steam that catches Egar and Zerg. Zerg hallucinates and attacks imaginary attackers, rats, green slime etc. Egar is down and paralyzed. We drag Egar from the room, and Egar revives after about 20 minutes. After another 20 minutes Zerg returns to normal.

Egar dashes by as Zeg attempts to stuff a rag attached to a pole into its mouth as it opens, and hallucinates again. Egar climbs onto the pillar, and stuffs the rag in, screaming "IN YOUR FACE." then Loric ties the rag into place, stopping the steam.

The pole takes bracing and Mahrtiir does so.

Loric sprinkles some water on Zerg and she comes out of her second fit that was more mental this time, thinking of being picked on as a child etc.

We open the door to room 32 in there, seeing a large 10 foot tall statue of a head resting with a 5 foot flagstone in front of it. Looking like something or someone should be on it. Loric places a copper on it and nothing happens. No one cares to do more, we check the other room, appears empty at first. Searching it they find nothing, as Mahrtiir tires of holding the pole.

So Loric goes back to the other room, and steps into the circle, and the mouth begins to animate. Loric addresses the statue and it speaks back, offering experience or a reawakening. Loric chooses experience. With a 20% chance of failure, Loric may level up.Unfortunately, the experience fails, the mouth opens further, and it starts to suck Loric in. Zerg tries to run in but Loric is already in the statue.

He is somewhere dark, a small space, that is dark with no egress. To the rest of the group, he disappears, and the mouth closes. He is in danger of suffocating. Urza attempts to deface it and gets hit with a magic missile. So the group tries to go through the statue. Zerg stands on the pad and addresses it to no avail. Loric attacks from the inside. When he does, a chunk of rock breaks away, and Egar gets hit with a magic missile. He attacks the ground and gets nailed with another missile, but the statue seems fragile, and another chunk falls off. Zerg breaks off another piece and gets hit with a magic missile, with strange noises and a flash of energy from its eyes.

Loric bashes away from the inside and feels he is almost out, but it is angered and flaring with energy, it slams Egar with yet another magic missile. Screaming "LORIC IS NOT FOOD" he smashes it apart and frees Loric, who is very grateful.

Egar has taken considerable damage.

Mahrtiir dashes from the room as we exit, taking the pole with him, his arms very sore.

We round a corner in the corridor, opening on room 37 with a ceiling 60 foot tall, with 5 statues of gargoyles in niches 50 feet up that we can not see behind. We attempt to examine them. We notice nothing and pass by unmolested.

We find another door to open but as we open soldier ants approach. Room 12 and room 10, 10 contains an already opened pit trap that appears to be 30 feet deep. Urza puts them to sleep and we perform the coup de grace.

There appears to be a gargoyle faced button in the bottom, Zerg opens another door and is teleported over the open pit. She falls and goes -4 and passes out. Loric lowers Egar down who heals her just enough to wake up, and we pull them up. She is given a potion of Cure Light Wounds, and is up to 4 points.

Egar checks and find weak magic at the same door, and opens safely to room 11, with a deep pool inside, at the bottom of it there is a skull encrusted with gems. Egar finds no magic but Loric fishes it out with fishing gear. It is a real skull crusted in gold with gems for eyes.

Room 12 nothing, enter room 13 and it is covered with drawings making no sense. Possibly the ravings of a lunatic, refers to the void, whispering of the chaotic void sticking out. There is another door that Loric hears speech behind.

Mahrtiir takes up place at door and they go silent.

I motion for the group to be ready and open the door. It is a room with a comfortably furnished bed, two chairs around a table, a locked chest, and a man wearing a helmet fashioned into curling tentacles. Yellow eyes, and a look of smiling madness. He says "So you have some into chaos, you come at last. Laughs. The whispering winds they did not lie, Orcus has shown me the way, you shall all die." He begins to chant a spell, and Loric moves to attack with his short bow. It hits, but he continues to cast his spell.

Mahrtiir takes a deep gulp, steels himself and rushes in to attack with his long sword, he hits and ruins his spell. Egar follows up hitting him with a silence spell. "By the power of Kell, be silent." " Kell will not....." he falls silent.

Loric nails him with his sling, and Zerg rushes in, jumping on top of the chest, smashing this man dead, his screams silent. He drops a nice mace at my feet, and Egar detects no evil. It is a really nice and well made mace. Turns out to be a plus one.

We detect magic shaped like a bottle inside the chest. Loric finds no traps, and I open it. I open it and find a potion bottle inside a nicely embroidered bag and 200 GP.

We find an unholy symbol of orcus and I put it on the table, douse it in oil and set it on fire. It feels as if the eyes of Orcus are upon us, so I give him the bird. Setting the bed on fire we leave.

Moving to room 25. Nothing there.

Room 26 nothing else.

The next door and Zerg notices a smell like spiders. We decide to leave the door alone and return to the surface and spend the night resting up and healing. Where we are promptly attacked by Stirges.

Mishna the owl alerts Urza, and we awake to 14 of them coming at us. I shout " COMPANIONS! WE HAVE FOUGHT WELL TOGETHER! LET US DIE WELL!"

Getting us out of bed devours a turn

Mishna flies into the tent. five Stirge get put to sleep and the battle ensues. Zerg kills two right away, and in moments 3 are down. Mahrtiir is moving towards the mouth of doom and two attacking him go for Urza, causing me some guilt. I miss hitting the one on me and can do nothing about that for now. Loric misses his, and Zerg destroys the one on me. We move on to dispatching them with relative ease and spend the night resting. We heal a little. We make our way to Zelkors ferry.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Rappan Athuk Episode 13

Back in town, Arobash has been been helping Gelvar control his insanity by meditating and sitting by the water.

In the inn, Urza makes the moves on Tallie again, but basically gets no where. Zerg gets some healing.

The next day, an adventuring party arrives. A fighter type, female elf, another fighter, human male. A cleric of the sun goddess, Solanus, possibly an initiate in crimson robes, a mark of low level. And a female magic user.

The female elf wears scale mail, with a club at her side, a large knife at her waist, and a bandolier of six darts across her chest

Male fighter has mail shirt, a long bow, a cestus in hand, and a long dirk

Cleric has a light mace at his belt and a dagger, wears scale mail and has a sm steel shield.

Female Magic User has a fancy looking dagger, a small packet of 3 darts, a nice ring on her left hand ring finger.

Odo remarks that we might have competition.

Loric approaches the elf, and greets her, asks her what brings them there. She admits they are there for Rappan Athuk

Egar queries if they have heard anything about the place. The fighter says we have heard no one gets out of there alive, we intend to prove them wrong.

They believe the entrance to the dungeons is the mausoleum entrance, and are surprised to hear there is an entrance close by. The female magic user in purple says it is a mysterious place, we could not know of every entrance, and warns the fighter to not be cocky.

They also tell us that A group of adventurers calling themselves the Fire Hawks
recently left on an expedition to Rappan Athuk and have not
returned. It is said their leader carried with him an artifact
of great power. They are seeking this artifact.

Arobash asks them to join us, and although the elf is looking unfavorable, Urza breaks in and says we could all benefit by joining forces. He wins her over but she will not speak for the others. They ask us to leave, but Zerg stays behind. The fighter asks her to join them. She refuses, but says she will stay loyal, and repeats the offer to join us.

Wizard in purple is Olivia Banter
Male Fighter is Urman Highlander
Cleric of Solanus is Swayne Quindle
Elf Fighter female Liraniel

They hail from Carters Croft

Zerg is fairing badly with the group when Egar comes back and continues the case, and 2 decide to join the party. Olivia and Urman are those. The other two decide to continue east.

Mahrtiir approaches the elf. He says "Kinsman, if you change your mind, let Odo know to contact me. I have hopes to rebuild Castle Calalen, and you could help in that venture.
He then walks away without waiting a response. She makes no movement but appears to think about it. We outfit the fighter with full mail and a new sword.

As we head out, a storm is just passing, and the ground is muddy and miserable. We make our way to the Mouth of Doom without incident.

On the first level we open up room 2. It is hung with abnormally large cobwebs and they appear old. Arobash clears them with a ten foot pool, and they crumble away. Bait(Loric) enters the room and looks around. but we find nothing, so we enter the next level through area 38.

We enter area 33, the floor is five feet down, and there are flames that burn green. There are chains hanging from the ceiling avery ten feet, there are bridges, 3 doors with buttons, and one without a button. Arobash runs to the south door on the bridge an opens it.

We enter a new corridor and find room 35, with three sarcophagi. As we approach them we notice a Ruby set into each stone lid amidst pretty designs. Urza finds another sliding stone panel. We surround one of the coffins. and then we open it.

It appears to be empty. So we move to the next one, and open it. There is a skeleton inside. Arobash had his clubs handy and destroys it before it can react. Inside with it there is also a silver goblet worth a 100 gold. Egar throws copper pieces into each.

Opening the third, Arobash destroys another skeleton inside, but a shadow emerges from inside it. Egar knows They are either doomed souls or bound by an evil power. and they need magic weapons to hit. Arobash and Olivia do damage, Mahrtiir hits with his plus one arrow, and runs closer to where his arrow landed. Loric dashes in, grabs my arrow, tosses it to me, and runs away again. Egar hands Zerg his magic mace, and Urman slashes it with his rapier, destroying it! He looks at the rapier, looks at Zerg, nods, and sheathes it, she gave it to him.

We remove the three rubies. We find a long sword plus one, and equip Zerg with it.

We investigate the secret door, open it into a small empty room. Loric finds another secret door. Arobash opens it to a roomful of skeletons, surprising him. He manages to evade their attacks though. We turn a couple, I take some damage, but I can;t get a good swing and miss a couple blows. Zerg shatters another. Loric takes out the last.

There are 5 sarcophagi inside that are empty.

Back to the room with flames and bridges we open the eastern door, and find a portcullis before a room, it is retracted into the ceiling. Loric finds a pressure plate before it that we think activates the portcullis. Also another one 20 feet past it.

We come to room three. In an alcove to the west is a statue of a man in armor riding a dragon, his helmet(or is it his head?) is shaped like a demonic mountain goat, has a mace in left hand and shield with bat device. Large oval shaped pool in front of statue, the water is green and stagnant, covered in algae.

Suddenly, the stone bat detaches from the shield and attacks us. It flies even though it is made of stone. Loric hits it with his sling but does half damage. Urman is gawking. He flies over and attacks Olivia and bites her with his large stone teeth. She isn't able to respond. Most of us are too surprised to do anything at first.

He seems to be regenerating before Zerg takes a big chunk out of him. We are missing him like crazy.

The fragments of the destroyed bat skitter across the floor back towards the statue, as if it will try to reform. We are collecting those stones into a bag.

Apparently having heard the fight, a crew of skeletons come rushing towards us. Mishna warns us just in time. Loric closes the door, but Arobash opens it and moves out into the hallway. The skeletons are turned, and Arobash runs them down and kills them, leaving the rest of the crew behind. When returning, he passes the gargoyles again, and one flies to attack him.

Meanwhile, we have gone through the pool, and found 40 GP, 200 SP, a broken tooth, an old boot, with a 100GP gem inside. We start jogging from the room to try to find what is happening to Arobash.

Then the gargoyle attacks, with two bites, a claw, and a gore. It lands the gore and the bite for minimal damage. Zerg begins running and comes into the action as Bash lands a blow. It returns the attack from above, clawing, biting, and goring Bash. Zerg leans into the fight, destroying it with her bearded axe.

As Bash investigates the other gargoyles, behind us a door opens and Urman finds a room full of gnolls. We begin to run back as Urman makes a great attack. But he takes a horrible blow to the shoulder. Urza sleeps a couple, Zerg and Mahrtiir run to the door. Our new Magic User Olivia is past the door. She screams she hears dogs, as hyenas and gnolls burst from a door down the hall. Urza sleeps more.Zerg moves in and kills one of the two hyenas. I step up and warn Urman to get back as I damn near dissect the other hyena. Loric steps up and cleans up my light work.

After Urza has chastised Olivia for not being a wizard, she sleeps two of the rear gnolls approaching us. Then she gets close to Urza. Zerg steps up to help Urman, then I do as well, but he jostles my elbow and I miss. Loric nails the one I was after with an arrow though. Olivia backs up and throws a useless dart, but Bash kills two with his clubs. On another go, she fries one of the knolls with amazing arm strength and shocking grasp.

Urman fires a couple of great bow shots to kill a Gnoll but isn't happy being relegated to being an archer. Urza slits the throats of the sleeping ones near him in the room with Bash. Zerg steps up to the one in front of her, and pancakes the bastard. Mahrtiir damn near kills one with a swipe but not quite. Loric misses it with his sling. Olivia delivers a coup de grace to a sleeping Gnoll, Urman finishes the one I hit. Urman gets a little nasty as he offers the coup de grace to Mahrtiir, who takes the opportunity to put his sword through his throat, and tells Urman he will kill anything that bothers him.

We explore area 7 which is the first room we found gnolls in. We get 58 GP. 3,300 GP sewn into a bedroll.

We check out the gargoyle chamber niches, and find that none of the other statues are gargoyles, but the one the gargoyle was in was carved deeper, and contains a potion, a scroll, 500GP gem, 54 GP's

There is some discrepancy about the spell. Urza and Olivia work some things out about how to split the spells, it isn't nice. It isn;t bad. The spell is protect evil, and they banter about who should do inscribing.

Mahrtiir gets into Urmans face. Sword in hand, he tells him "I will have your back any time you work with me. This party is all I have, but I expect you to keep a civil tongue in your head when you speak to me. If that is going to be a problem, you better speak up now.
zerg: zerg raises an eyebrow ... and watches intently
Egar: The dungeon is no place for mavericks. We work together.

Urman replies that he just doesn't take well to being bossed around, and Mahrtiir lets the matter drop.

The potion is a potion to heal.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Rappan Athuk Episode 14

Investigating room 7, we find a grill/grate.

We move away from it, and check out the southernmost door, Loric finds a trap with a poison dart, we set it off. Then we enter the room, it is a 30foot corridor with 3 doors and a smell of hay. Perhaps a stable, musty. Area 9.

Loric finds one trap, exactly as the other door. We open it and it seems to be an old prison cell. Room C yields :

400 GP, a holy symbol a figurine of a man with a robe, no hood, short beard, and palms together facing up, made of silver. A vial of water that has a magical aura, a nice ornate mirror in gold frame worth 200gp. One hand size. The water is holy water, one vial.

We check out the north most door, room 8, that seems to be empty.

Exiting we find another door across from room 7. Loric finds no traps. We open the room and it is 36. There is a mounted statue of a man in full plate armor, chiseled with evil runes, a helmet with curling rams horns. We find nothing in the room.

We proceed to Room four to the South. There is a room with a wall that has two doors on the east side, freshly gnawed bones on the floor, probably where the gnolls and dogs that attacked us came from. A cooking pot and campfire marks in the corner. There is a grill that looks opposite of the one in the other room. Loric searches the room. There is something scrawled on the wall in common.

“Dam it is alive. Have to sleep, or die.” Written in chalk.

We enter the room behind the northernmost door. Room 5 Nothing. We open the southern door, room 6, looks empty. Loric finds a loose flagstone, then moves it out of the way. He finds a small wooden box, not even locked, he finds five sapphires worth 200GP.

We wandered back by room 25, and open another door to room 24. Loric finds 2 secret doors inside. We open the western door to room 29, three stone sarcophagi, and 2 rotting wooden coffins with unmoving skeletons. Arobash breaks their skulls in.

We open the first stone lid and a skeleton wearing a necklace worth 100GP, unanimated. Bash smashes the skull in and removes the necklace.The second gets opened. A big cloud of poisoned gas escapes. It fills the room. Loric, Urza, and Urman fall to the floor and start throwing up. Mishna communicates to Urza that there are skeletons coming down the hall, and the third sarcophagus begins to open. A black skeleton with red glowing eyes emerges. It looks like black paint, kind of shiny.

Mahrtiir does some minor damage, then he attacks Mahrtiir with 2 claw attacks. He misses with both, Zerg moves in and he dodges her axe, Urman begins to crawl away. Bash runs over and does his usual bashing job for 12 points. Egar fails to turn it. Mahrtiir lands another swipe, and gets clawed for three points of damage in return. Urza turns the skeletons in the other room before they can attack. Loric leaves the room, Zerg takes a scratch, and Mahrtiir misses as does Olivia. Loric smacks him with a stone, I nick a piece off, and he does 6 points to Bash. Urza smacks it with a sling. Zerg wades in with her club, and does some damage, but it is still up. Urman has gotten out of the room away from the gas, and hits with an arrow, but doesn't hurt it. Bash does a great deal of damage but it stands, as Egar throws a hammer at it. Missing, Loric uses his sling, and damn near kills him, but it ducks a swing from Mahrtiirs sword. It attacks me and Bash, but misses, Egar takes his head off with his sling shot.

Room 30 has an altar with skulls on each end with candles that light on their own with no wax burning. Bash pours water on them, they don't go out, Loric feels heat. We leave there and go to room 26 to check the door that smelled like spiders. We open the door it is room 27 with glistening wet looking webs. More wet than normal.

There are spiders in there! Larger than normal, about man sized. One pounces at Arobash. Loric hits it with an arrow. Mahrtiir polishes it off with another arrow, and the second moves closer to attack. Olivia does nothing for fear of hitting someone in the door. Loric misses his shot, and Bash attempts a stunning strike, but almost fumbles his attack, and Urman misses a shot, so does Zerg, and so do I.

Arobash gets attacked but didges the bite. Olivia half heartedly throws a dart and misses. Loric misses, Bash smashes it a good one in the face, Urman cries you guys got this, and lowers his bow, then raises it and says what the hell, raises it again and kills the spider, says you can thank me later Arobash. Urman tells Bash real men use steel and arrows, not their hands. Bash challenges him to spar and Urman says maybe back in town.

Zerg gets her axe stuck in the webs, Mahrtiir wants to burn them, Urza wants to use floating disk. So he tries to clear the room with it. It makes enough space to crawl around the room with it. We find 2 large cocoons. So I pour a flask of oil onto the disk, set it on fire, and we send it into the room, incinerating everything inside.

We go to the eastern door in that room, and open it. Ready to send in Tensors flaming disk of doom. It is room 28 and very empty appearing. We send in the disk. Then we go in, and Urza finds secret panels in the floor. Loric finds poison on one. We find 200 GP, 30 SP, a scroll, Urza uses skeletal hand to open the poisoned one. He had procured it after beating the ogre weeks ago. It contains a small ivory figurine of a small dog, worth 500GP, it is so exquisite. The scroll is a scroll of read magic.

We return to the room with the candles because Mahrtiir can't let go of the idea of a candle that doesn't go out. The group is willing to back him up. So he grabs the candle, and immediately gets reduced to 0 HP. He is unconscious for 5 hours. The group argues over how to carry the candle. Urza casts mage hand to put candle into empty oil flask. Urza is now at 0HP.

So the group decides to head back to town, we get out of the dungeon no problem, but we run into issues in the woods. We run into 4 spiders. Without a Ranger scout, we have no warning. They are giant promethean jumping spiders.

Urman, Loric, Olivia, and Egar are all attacked, but all miss!

The spiders are dispatched but Olivia joins the others on the cart, almost dead., awake after an hour, she is paralyzed for 10 hours after.

Limping into Zelkors ferry. The mood is still cheerful for lunch time. We have only been gone a few hours. The other two from the group we meet notice us and ask what happened. Urman chastises his friends for not joining us. He shrugs off their ministrations, and stands next to Mahrtiir. Mahrtiir has his eyes closed, but knows and notes Urmans apparent loyalty to the party. Olivias near death seems to have affected him. Olivia thanks the party once revived but doesn't show the same animosity to her old friends. She appreciates that nothing has been stolen while she was out.

Urza s commissions building a shrine to Tiir

We decide to spend three days in town to heal, and it will be October 6th next session.

Mahrtiir is very flattered that his friends backed him up in his failed venture for eternal fire. Even though it nearly ended up costing three people their lives, and has reconsidered his animosity towards Urman, considering his behavior in the Inn at Bristlebacks.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Rappan Athuk Episode 15

We spend three days at Zelkors ferry to heal up, then return to the dungeon.

We open Room 22 that has a pool of water and a niche past it, in a room with ceilings 15 feet high. It looks like a dam, and we are concerned it is the Dam that was referred to in wall scribblings we saw.

"Dam, it is alive, must sleep or die."

It is built irregularly, looks carved as if alive, same as in the warning. Urza casts sleep on it.

Investigating the rom, there is a mirror, a black stone in the wall. looks like a handle for a drawer. Bash dashes across the water, and jumps onto the shelf, pulling himself up the 10 feet and pulls the handle. He grabs a scroll, a dagger, a potion, three arrows and a gem. The scroll can be read by anyone. It is magical but not typical, for the common person. Reading the scroll will protect you from the undead.

Protection from Undead: Reading time: 1 round. When this scroll is read a 5’ radius circle of protection extends from, and moves with, the reader. It protects all within its circumference from all physical attacks from undead(ghasts, ghosts, ghouls, shadows, skeletons, spectres, wights, wraiths, vampires,zombies) but not magic spells or other attack forms. If a creature leaves the protected area it is then subject to physical attack as well. The protection will restrain up to 35 hit dice/levels of undead; excess hit dice/levels can pass through the circle. It remains in effect for 10-80 (10d8) rounds.

The potion is clear, almost hard to see. Urza realizes it is a potion of invisibility.

The silver dagger is worth 60 gold.

All three arrows radiate magic, unknown attributes.

We leave the dam behind us and move on to room 23. Loric steps in and is unprepared for what he is about to witness

Looking , the dimensions are strange, and on the North wall is a mosaic that depicts him standing there. To move, the mosaic changes, just as if it were a mirror.

At the south wall, it is painted. Like the mosaic, it depicts Loric and moves as Loric moves as well. THe north wall shows a treasure chest sitting on the floor at the south wall. Looking at the south wall, no chest, but a stairwell is shown where the North wall shows the chest.

North and South aren't showing the same thing. The mosaic is made of small colored tiles.

Loric checks the room for traps, then taps where the chest is, and the stairs.

Bash touches the chest on the mosaic, and just feels the wall. So then he goes to the other wall to touch it, and falls into the wall. He is falling down a staircase. Being a monk, he takes no damage. He yells out there are stairs here. He comes back up and gropes around at the other wall for the treasure chest to no avail.

Loric hits the wall with his sling and stone, knocks a chip off.

So, we head down the stairs into the dark, and apparently, a new level.

We smell something awful down here, like rot, and toxic sludge, like the worst sewage ever. It is room 23 again, and are told to roll for init. We are in a new level!

the walls are covered with murals depicting a glowing white robed figure in different scenes, each time healing mythological creatures, a couple we recognize as deities. In the eastern part of room is a pool of vile putrescence. Four bloated, animated corpses drinking from it turn and look at us. Sort of bloated zombies. Their entire bodies are bloated.

There are 3 doors.

Bash runs up to the first, and clubs him twice in the head, it explodes, dying, all over Bash. He is sprayed with gore and pestilence. He manages to not take any damage from it. Egar steps forward and turns them. Urman steps up and asks Mahrtiir and asks if grabbed those three arrows, your gonna need them, throwing shade that he can't shoot. He hits one with an arrow, puss begins to ooze from it. Mahrtiir misses, after giving Urman an elbow, and Urman tells him "we do have those beginner arrows."

Loric gives one a small bit of damage, then Olivia comes along noting the terrible smell. Throws a dart, hitting for some 4 points of damage.

Urman steps past Mahrtiir, nudging him with an elbow in return. then he misses. and doesn't say a word. Mahrtiir taunts Urman, getting closer, and misses. Urza finishes the last one off. Bash is completely covered in gore. So much so he can spread pestilence to others. Urza creates water and gives Bash a bath, and we go for the western door

We open room 25. It has a table that appears to be an operating table, wooden, rotten, about to collapse. It is caked with dried blood.

A stone counter is built into one wall with rusted surgical instruments on it. We find nothing in it. The instruments look like the tools of a madman.

Checking over the door next to it, hundreds of roaches swarm out of the cracks in the walls, getting all over the party, swarming over us into our clothes. As we swat them away, they move from us and down into other cracks in the Northern wall. The door leads to a forty foot corridor, we check the third door. Bash opens the door to an empty room. Room 24. No one finds anything. We head down the corridor.

Bash and Zerg smell rats. We open up room 16. Might have been a store room, rotten bags of spoiled grain, jugs labelled wine, broken barrels in the southern end. Checking the barrels, Loric is surprised and attacked by a four foot wide spider. Clumsy spider misses his bite. Mahrtiir hits with an arrow, doing a massive amount of damage. Urza and Zerg miss it, Urman takes a swipe with his rapier, almost kills him, but the Spider bites him. He is poisoned. Olivia finishes it off.

Mahrtiir tries to delay the poison, but can't manage. Egar casts delay poison.

We find a large box in the barrel, a silver plate worth 100 gold, 490 silver pieces, and a box marked spices. Worth 400GP Urza opens the box with mage hand that seems full of copper, he uses the mage hand to swish through the coins. Well over 24,008 CP

We continue to room 17. painted with murals of five men in white robes. Standing next to each other. The last figure in line in the mural has his left hand blacked out with paint. The others are not defaced. There is a large, old blood stain in the center of the room. Bash tries to scrape the black paint off. The paint just tears like tar, and leaves a blank spot in the mural.

Opening the north door to room 21 we find another reeking pool of putrescence. Getting close to it makes you feel sick. Bash attempts to get to the other side of the room and open a door there. He manages to avoid the disease again. Zerg runs into the room to help him. shrugging off the disease as well, being half orc helps both of them.

They open the door to room 22, and find a baby demon. Room has a vandalized bed and desk, a closed treasure chest broken open, coins gleam in the light. Baby demon holds a dagger in its hand, and its mouth, full of razor sharp teeth, drools the same putrescence. Several giant rats come out of the refuse.

Bash throws a flask of oil into the middle of the room to antagonize them, and runs out of there, trying to lure them away from the pool. Zerg exits that room as well.

It attempts to summon more demons and fails. Mahrtiir trows a vial of oil in front of the demons door, and is attacked by all four giant rats, but their teeth glance off his armor. Bash misses them with both attacks, and Zerg even misses with her axe.

The demon summons a swarm of cockroaches. Zerg is swarmed by them. Loric kills a rat, Urman freezes and Olivia misses. Urza uses his torch on Zerg to damage the swarm. Mahtiir throws a torch and lights the oil on fire in front of the demon, and all the rats miss hitting Bash. Egar casts protect from evil on Zerg and the swarm jumps on me. Bash closes the door. Zerg still can't hit a rat. Neither can Loric but Urman manages to kill one. Olivia misses as well. Mahrtiir has no choice but to continue to fight off the roaches. The rats bite Bash. He kills the last of the rats.

The demon teleports into the room with us. Zerg hits it, but it goes right through it, and it laughs a babies demonic laugh. It attacks Olivia with 2 claws and a bite. It does some damage and gives her disease which will do one HP per hour until dead. Loric decides to shoot his magic arrow and misses. Urman flanks the demon and attacks with his magic rapier. He does minimal damage. Olivia disengages and gets 15 feet away. Urza misses him. Egar. Bash tries to grapple him, but it slides out of his grasp. Zerg hits with her magical sword. The demon attacks her back. Her armor fends it off. Loric gives his magic dagger to Egar, and Urman misses his attack. Olivia throws a magic dagger at it, killing it. The swarm goes away, as we hear the faint echo of a baby crying in pain.

Olivia gets a potion of heal, and is at full health, healed right up and no disease.

They find a lot of treasure in the demons room.

720 CP
20,698 SP
4,000 GP
4 gems 200 gp each
golden wand encrusted with pearls worth 4000GP

We get all the treasure to the cart, Loric and I sneak to town, get our pack animals, and use them to pull the treasure laden cart to town. The towns people are all amazed.

We are now exploring the third level of Zelkors ferry.

The paralysis catches up with Urman, so while he is in his room, Mahrtiir sneaks in and puts his hand in a bowl of water, so he will pee his pants. Then he has brand new trousers sent to his room.

This is what everyone gets from those sales:

Arobash: 151g, 8s, 9c
Egar: 151g, 8s, 9c
Loric: 151g, 8s, 9c
Zerg: 151g, 8s, 9c
Urza: 144g, 8s, 8c
Mahrtiir: 108g. 5s, 8c
Olivia: 82g, 1s, 8c
Urman: 82g, 1s, 8c
Celeste: 7g, 3s, 1c
Mhoram: 7g, 3s, 1c

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Rappan Athuk Episode 16

Resting in Zelkors ferry, we make a bunch of holy water and buy pottery to store it. We wait yet another day due to a bad storm that scares Screamer(Gelvor) into screaming, then head to the mouth of doom.

On the way, near a stream, we have an encounter. Mahrtiir is slacking from his job and is not out front scout. Egar hears a sound and warns the group, and notices a musky smell, possibly a mammal. Very large boars come into sight. Drool dripping from their mouths, breathing heavy, come charging Urman and Loric. They look too large, and somewhat unnatural. They seem extremely ferocious. Egar is the only one not surprised, so he throws his hammer at the closest one. Unfortunately he misses his throw, and the boars charge in!

Urman is charged by one, and takes heavy damage, while Loric nimbly avoids the worst of the attack, still taking some damage.

Celeste flanks them and does a good bit of damage to the one attacking Loric with her long sword. Zerg rushes in to protect Loric and nails it for heavy damage, it is looking bad. Loric steps back and sticks it with a dart.

Bash steps into the other one but it moves away from his clubs. Mahrtiir smashes it with his Godendag, but it still stands. Urza misses it with his mace, then Egar steps in and throws and misses with another hammer. Urman scores a minor hit himself.

Suddenly we notice the boars are healing as we watch. We realize this may be Odo's family!

They attack Mahrtiir who gets a scratch and Urman dodges his attack.. Celeste steps up with her long sword and kills him for me. As it dies, it changes shape into a nude human male. Jody fires an arrow that misses, then Bash steps in and kills it, which becomes a nude female.

Looking at their faces, we do not recognize them. Egar heals them for a small amount, to bring them back to life. We tie them up just in case.

Bash confronts them and explains we thought they were friends of Odos but they are surly. They let on that they used to be family to Odo. But they have no use for him now.

We take them back to Zelkors ferry to find out what Odo decides to do. The guards on the wall chuckle as we approach. We take them out behind Bristleback in and go inside to get Odo to come back out and judge them. He is shocked to see them, his cigar falling from his lips.

He recognizes them and tells them they were warned. He ignores us and asks them what has happened at home to bring them so close. They are Darren and Sheila. Sheila tells a story of a safe place at home, but now they hide, since the trolls have come. Everyone is dead she says, giving a lie to their claims in the woods that there were others, and they admit there are two others in the woods waiting for them as they hunted for food. They explain they can't distinguish from armed people.

Mahrtiir offers them a castle, Odo says he will let them go, and vouch for us, I offer food. Odo takes nasty final words from Sheila, picks up his cigar and leaves.

They apologize to us. They accept our offer to live and guard the castle, so we generously give them close to 100 gold to buy winter clothes and food. They won't answer if the others in the woods are children, and eventually head off into the woods.

We spend the night to heal and get spells, and head back out the next day, October 14th. We have to wait until afternoon to leave due to thunderstorm.

Odo acts as if nothing has happened.

We arrive at the mouth of doom without event.

We bring the ox for our cart down to level 1 and Mahrtiir calms him when he panics at the smell by giving him herbs to smell instead, and we lead him to area 11 to hopefully stay safe.

We open to room 18 and find holes in the walls like sconces were ripped from the walls. After a thorough search we find nothing, but the Orcs smell a ratty smell. Loric hears a chittering behind the door. Bash opens the door as we bunch up close behind him. We see a GIANT rat about 10 foot long, with only a few patches of fur. It is covered with oil and its eyes glitter with intelligence. It vomits forth a spray of pestilence. Bash is covered in it as Urza and Loric barely miss have it hitting them as well.

Bash, being the most pissed off, gains the initiative and rushes into an attack. It bites at him and dodges his clubs. No one is injured yet. Loric sneaks an arrow for large damage, Egar rushes in and misses his hit, and Urza rushes uncharacteristically to the front and does some damage. Zerg rushes in as well and smashes it well, then Celeste comes in a kills it with her sword. Mahrtiir doesn't enter. Nothing is found in the room.

Moving on to room 20. In this room we see a rotted bed frame, a night stand, a wooden chest under the bed is broken open, and three charcoal sketches on the nightstand, each with a different womans face. We find a secret door and two tings appear, surprising some of us.

They are pestilence demons. Mahrtiir and Urza bear the brunt of the attack of the Babelzubub, while Urman draws minimal first blood. Bash runs between them and nails each one for some damage. They laugh and giggle at him.

In return they gate in more demons. The first appears in room 18 next to mishna the owl and eye him hungrily. The other brings in 3 dretches.

Urza moves closer to the door and gets bit by a demon, and is diseased. Egar checks the nightstand for help, and has protect from evil on himself. He can't be harmed but has no way to harm the demons. Zerg SMASHES a baby for vital damage. Olivia throws her scabbard with a magic dagger towards Egar but it goes under the bed, Egar will have to search for it, then she ducks put the door. Bash kills once of the demons he hit before. Loric and Mahrtiir attack in futility. Then the Dretches attack.

Each one of the vile, slobbering creatures summon giant rats, 9 in total. Mahrtiir takes some claw damage, then 4 more dretches appear. Rom kills a pestilence demon. Egar finds the dagger. Zerg attacks a dretch for minimal damage. Bash screams at Olivia for sleep and backing away, she casts it. 6 rats fall asleep, leaving 3 awake. Urman fumbles his attack and Bash kills the last pestilence demon. Loric shoots a dretch, then 3 rats attack, Loric takes some damage, Zerg none, and the rat attacking Egar is repelled, and Loric is not diseased. Mahrtiir slams his dagger into the gut of the dretch next to him.

2 of them summon rats, and the other two let loose with a stinking cloud. 3 more rats appear, and the stinking clouds affect everyone in the room. Zerg Mahrtiir and Loric are helpless. Loric takes major damage, Urman is almost killed, when Celeste makes an attack, but misses. Egar grabs Loric and makes for the door. He barely gets out of the room. Olivia casts fog cloud into the room. A heavy cloud envelopes half the room, blinding anyone from seeing further than 5 feet. Urman withdraws from his dretches, and Bash drags Urza out the room and takes some minor claw damage in the process. The rats attack Celeste and Zerg, doing minor damage to both. Zerg is also diseased.

The Dretches in the fog bumble around as Mahrtiir retches, One attacks Urman and misses completely. Another bumps into him and does minor damage as three feast on Mahrtiir. He takes major damage and contracts pestilence. Egar pulls him from the room and blocks the door so none can pass. Urman makes his way to the door, getting just outside. Then Bash carries Mahrtiir to another room. Celeste leaves the room. Dretches approach the door, and bumble around, and some attempt to pass, being turned back. Another teleports into the next room and attacks Olivia. Another 2 teleport in, another creates a stinking cloud, unaware it is worthless.

Celestes deals serious damage to one in the new room. Urza continues to retch as Egar heals quite a bit of damage to Urman who was damn near dead. He continues to block the door. Zerg blows chunks across the floor as Olivia does shocking grasp to another Dretch for good damage. Urman deals minor damage to an almost dead Dretch. Bash completely fails to hit another, as Loric pulls himself together and shoots at the Dretch Urman failed to kill, as it deflates into a tiny stone, dead. Mahrtiir retches curses at Urman but less violently, feeling better.

Another Dretch teleports into the new room, and another attacks Olivia, knocking her down almost dead, unconscious and dying. Another attacks Urman, he is in bad shape again. Celeste steps up to defend Olivia and deals a devastating blow. Unfortunately, as Urza recovers from retching, he misses his attack completely, then Egar casts aid onto Urman. Zerg retches, Urman misses an attack, and Bash deals another blow. Loric destroys a dretch with a properly aimed arrow. Mahrtiir gets up and shoots a silver arrow at one but misses with his final retch.

Bash dodges a ton of attacks, as Urza takes some damage. Celeste attacks a dretch, but it ducks her swing. Urza suffers the same. Egar has closed the door to the other room, now heals a scratch in Urman. Zerg grabs her hanky dabbing the slime from her face, saying she is fine, but that is all she can do. Urman flails miserably with his Rapier, as Bash does his usual major damage. Loric shoots a dretch with normal arrow, and it clutches at it in pain. Realizing he doesn't need magic, Mahrtiir does him in with a bashed skull. The last one claws Urza. Celeste steps up to finish him, and almost does so. Urza heals Oliva barely.

Zerg stumbles to her feet, towards the last standing Dretch, and Olivia takes her dagger back from Egar and throws a dart at the last dretch, missing. Urman attempts to dispatch same, does so.

We prepare for another to teleport, as Mahrtiir rushes the door screaming he was gonna kill them all. Another teleports in and Celeste nails it. Urza misses it, Egar helps surround it and they jostle Zerg into missing. Olivia does a little damage. Urman dallied as Bash destroyed the demon in the room.

Mahrtiir screams "Urman, lets kill these fuckers," and yanks the door open. Arobash screams in dismay "We could easily have won just waiting for them to appear out here!" Mahrtiir ignores his laments as two dretches rush in and deal some damage to him, so much so that he misses the one in front of him. Loric holds back for a moment then misses an arrow, then Urza misses as well. Egar decides to throw a hammer, then Urza nails it with his sling.

Zerg squeezes in past Celeste, and is jostled into missing. Olivia wastes her last dart. Urman deals a devastating blow to the one in the door. Bash elbows Zerg out of the way and misses his blows as well. Loric misses a shot with his bow and Mahrtiir misses as Urman gets NAILED and gets pestilence. Bash gets bit in the door. He is diseased as well. a single chance in 20.

Celeste hits it hard, and Urza steps in to heal Urman. Egar ALMOST kills the one in the door. Zerg smashes the one next to infinity demon in the door for good damage. Olivia throws her dagger a the one in the doorway, FINALLY killing it. Urman stands up and talks unintelligibly of roller coasters and stands next to Oliva. Bash misses the last Dretch, and so does Loric. So does Mahrtiir and it can't quite hit Arobash, when Celeste hammers it and Urza delivers the killing blow. We clean the room of rats.

4 Pestilence demons and 7 Dretches dispatched.

In room 20 we find a secret room. An earthenware drawer has five golden rings. Each worth 500GP. Inscribed on each " To my own and only." There is a silver headed light mace worth 200GP. Leather bag with 2500 GP. Ear ring with obsidian sphere dangling, inscribed with "To my one and only Rappan Athuk" Worth 50GP
There are three red scrolls and glows with magic, tied together with parchment that reads in common" Jossel, if you plan on continuing your activities with the young
ladies of the various villages where you are assigned, the High Priest
suggests that you might need these.”

So, we get back to town and are dealing with the plague. While some are able to use spells and scrolls, Mahrtiir ends up at the hands of Rasmus Pye in hopes of being healed. With some close calls and a little fortune, he is cured as well.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Rappan Athuk Episode 17

Urman has stayed in town. He gives up his magical rapier to Mahrtiir and Egar takes Mahrtiirs magical dagger. Back into the level of pestilence.

room 26 three statuettes. One unicorn is largest, one winged horse, and one gargoyle, made of gold, seem very valuable.

Celeste and Loric check them for traps as Urza detects they have magic that MIGHT do something if they are touched. They find nothing.

Arobash steps in and touches the Unicorn, and it crumbles to worthless dust, as well as the gargoyle statue. The pegasus statue remains and Bash touches it. Nothing happens. It doesn't appear to be stuck on the pedestal, and he picks it up. It weighs about 50 pounds and is worth about 2000GP. We set it by the staircase to retrieve when we leave.

So, we go to door to the north of room 23. It opens to a corridor that extends about 30 feet before ending at another door. The party progresses down the hall in their usual progression and as standard operating procedure, Loric checks the door before Bash opens.

The door opens to room 27. There is a pool of pestilence. A large shelf is to the west with 10 large leather bound books on it. Two tables looking like scrivener tables, and a cabinet on the north wall looks bolted shut. To the northeast is a pedestal with a Bas Relief carving of a left hand. The pool of pestilence comes from a corridor that extends to the east. Urzas detect magic spell still working shows the pedestal and four items on the northern shelf are magical.

Entering the room, Arobash starts to ransack the room, and avoids disease. When he takes to the locked cabinet with a crow bar, a poisoned needle shoots from it. His monkish training and the age of the needle saves him, as he flinches, catching the needle int he back of his hand. He feels a slight burning but nothing else happens.

The Lock on the cabinet is serious and takes a long while to break open. As he opens it, things come from the pool of pestilence. Rising up out of the putrescent slime, bloated forms step out. They are the same bloated zombies the party has encountered before.

In the cabinet are three red scrolls and one blue scroll, Bash stuffs them in the sack. Then he bolts from the room, avoiding the slow moving zombies. Mahrtiir steps to the door and throws a flask of oil at them but it falls into the pool and fails to shatter Loric and Zerg dispatch one with arrows and Olivia misses with her dart.

Urza attempts to turn them to as little avail as Egar. Then they move in. They make it to the door but Egar tosses a hammer at them, but it bounces of the head of the one he aimed at. Aiming one club attack at the two in the door, Bash hits the one to the left and misses the one to the right. Mahrtiir tries the oil again, and smashes a flask of oil at their feet. Loric moves away from the door at the urging of the rest of the party. Fearing them bursting open, Zerg misses with her crossbow, and Olivia misses with a dart.

Grabbing the torch, Urza throws it at the zombies. it lands on the oil and everything goes up in flames. The damages on to the left falls into the flames and explodes putrescence. The doorway fortunately blocks the pestilence. The last one standing steps into the doorway and takes a swipe at Arobash, but he easily dodges out of the way.

Egar runs out of the corridor. Arobash retreats while thwarting the attack, and Loric moves out of the corridor, missing his bow shot. Zerg moves away fighting as Olivia kills it with her final dart. Then she lights a lantern.

With the zombies dead, Arobash heads back into the room and puts his hand into the bas relief, but nothing happens. He gets a feeling that it is not meant for him, like he is not welcome. His hand is actually REPELLED as if it is being pushed away.

Meanwhile, we examine the ten books. Arobash warns us that the one might have been poisoned but he appears to have wiped it away.

Mystical Diagnostics (200 gp)
Introversions of Toxins (100 gp)
Orminiod’s Essays on Medicine (100 gp)
Kariloodian’s Second Treatise on Anatomy (100 gp)
Modr’s Incomprehensiblium (5 gp)
Yraric’s Surgical Guidelines (50 gp)
Jamalli’s Robusto (50 gp)
Thryn’s Book of Medicines (50gp)
Kormon’s Catalogue of Internal Organs (25 gp)
Redrallion’s Investigations Into Natural Philosophy (100 gp)

Three scrolls of cure light wounds and one of cure disease.

Mahrtiir is interested in the Introversion of Toxins.

Loric is interested in the anatomy books for sneak attacks and backstabs

Going where we have gone before we travel near room 16. Opening the door to room 15.

opposite the door is another pedestal with a hand print.

Three broken tables and crockery is strewn across the floor. Another carving of a fat leering face with goat horns. In a large nest of wood scrapes arise a couple of plague zombies missing their left hands in white robes smeared in blood and gore, an extremely huge rat with intelligence glimmering in its eyes and a round dozen giant rats all look prepared to attack.

Bash destroys one rat, and Zerg, dominating the combat, another 2. Urza misses with is sling. Loric moves in and misses with his bow. Five of the rats swarm Arobash, and 4 swarm Zerg to no avail. Bash is flanked by the largest rat but it misses as well. Egar turns the two zombies. Moving into the corridor, Mahrtiir misses a bow shot as Olivia casts sleep on 7 of the rats. The zombies run like hell.

Bash kills another rat, and Zerg kills 2 more. Urza hits the largest rat for a minor amount of damage. Loric shoots with his bow and misses wide. It attacks Bash, but he dodges easily. Egar runs into the room, and Mahrtiir scores a shot on the largest rat. Bash almost knocks out the largest rat as the zombies continue to cower, and Zerg kills a zombie with her cross bow. Urza slings the large rat to death, leaving sleeping rats and a cowering zombie to dispatch with ease.

Loric begins to check the room. He finds no traps, but he finds and iron kettle, a small earthenware statue of a figure with hands clasped, seven forks, a spoon, a spork, 272 CP 307 SP 256 GP sapphire 100GP tooled cornet 400GP 6 daggers one untarnished and gold embroidered cloth 200 gp hung on a nail. Bash removes it without harm.

Urza tries to touch the hand, as a he force tries to push him away. He tries to push past it with the help of Urza and Zerg. He just can bARELY GET TO IT. The mouth of the carving opens as everyone touching it is turned to dust and sucked inside.

Urza and zerg reconstitute in another room. see a shadowy place and Urza lights a torch, the area is filled with spider webs, and it feels as if evil things have been done here. The walls are painted black, with flakes of paint all over the floor. There is an iron disk with four hand holds as if meant to turn. Another disk appears the same. They are on the first disk. It appears to point north. They seem to recognize it as a teleport disk, and the other points southwest, south, southeast, and east. There are no doors.

They get off the disk and turn it the other way and it clicks into place, then they climb back on."Imagine the surprise on everyone's faces when we return," and return they do. "Holy shit" Mahrtiir exclaims as Loric thanks all the gods.

Detecting magic, the dagger and spork are magical. Urza checks and the dagger is unknown. Egar discovers it is +1, and the spork is untypical. It is enchanted to detect poison once a day and is a +1 weapon for D2+1. It can detect poison by proximity. The handle end is basically a sharpened shank.

The party debates the worth of teleporting, wondering if they can get to other sections of the dungeon.

Continuing on, we come to another door, but hear no sounds behind it. Loric, Bash and Zerg are threatened by something on the ceiling. It is an ochre jelly, huge.

Arobash sees it and somersaults out of the way as it suprises Loric and Zerg, while attempting to engulf them. Zergs left arm and left side is covered in it, and Lorics right leg up to his hip is covered. Their clothing and armor are beginning to dissolve. In response, Bash hits it with his crappy clubs. It does nothing.

Egar casts spiritual weapon at it, but it dissipates doing no harm.

Zerg begins to tear off her armor and clothing on the part of her covered in the jelly. The armor is already destroyed, and dissolving as she does this. She is dislodging it as she is stepping away from it.

The Jelly secretes a digestive gel as it smacks into Olivia doing some small damage with the acid, and she begins to withdraw down the corridor. Urza smacks it with his mace, dealing it minor damage. Loric begins removing pants etc, and Mahrtiir grabs pulls him out as fast as possible. Arobash nails it for major damage with his shit clubs.

Egar keeps directing his spiritual weapon at the jelly, but is still not successful in hitting it.

Free and clear, Zerg hits it with a crossbow bolt. It begins to quiver and shake while it emits a screeching noise. It reaches out with its digestive fluids for Urza, but it slides off his armor. Olivia is frozen with fear, and Mahrtiir finishes it off with his bow, as it deflates like an overdone omelette, and it shrivels away, and hardens until it is the size of a small plate. Everything Loric and Zerg doffed to escape is completely dissolved. Loric slashes his cloak to fashion a kilt.

We open the door to room 14. There is a fireplace and a sturdy table in the room. Iron cooking implements hang from the wall and a carving knife on the floor by a bloodstain, enough for a dead person. No body. Nothing found searching.

Into room ten, many doors. We open the first one clockwise from left to right. North east door first.A bed, a nightstand and a small chest under the bed. The chest is trapped with a dart, Loric finds. It is locked and picking it could cause the needle dart to hit the person picking it in the hand. It is very light and putting his life in the hands of the goddess of luck, Loric tries to disarm it. He succeeds. Then he tries to pick the lock. He finds it easy and finds a stack of parchment inside. Several pages of writing, written in a sparse shorthand. Loric recognizes it though and gathers they are notes to do with demon summoning, something to do with a specific but unnamed demon to do with disease, and could be valuable to a necromancer or magic user of at least 20GP, maybe many more. Some of the party wishes to burn them but Loric wants something for his risk and takes them.

4 more doors have nothing but small rooms with dilapidated beds behind them.

northwest door, no sounds and seems seem, Loric says come on Basher.

He opens the door to room 12 and a plague zombie. A bedchamber with blood stains on the walls and even the ceiling. The zombie in more white robes, missing his left hand as well, climbs from the bed. We destroy it handily. Searching the room nothing is found but a jeweled holy symbol of the same unknown god with hands together, worth about 300GP.

Mahrtiir knows from his readings there is a mention of a healer god, but no name.

Another door in here is another bedchamber.

last door in room 10, North west. Opens to room 11

A shattered bedframe, an opened chest and nothing else. Loric steps in, and anothe Ochre Jelly falls on him. It engulfs his left arm. A few members of the party are quick enough to respond, and Bash gets to work with his shit clubs. He deals a very devastating set of blows, but his clubs dissolve as he pulls them away as smoldering ruins. Urza attacks with his mace, with its magic protecting it. Mahrtiir deals another crucial blow with his arrow. Egar throws his magic dagger at it and it looks as if it were hardened scrambled eggs.

Nothing of value in the room.

Olivia rushes us down the hall until we find another door past a couple turns. Loric listens and hears nothing, and finds no traps. Bash opens it to room 9, looks like a trash dump. Broken wood, shattered barrels, 250 CP, and a small silver statue of the same god worth 100 GP.

Continuing on, making good time to avoid baby demons and Jelly. We come to another door, and open it to room ONE!

It contains stairs that go up to the east. As we enter there is a loud rustling, a carpet of thousands of roaches scatter for the walls and disappear into the cracks and gaps in the stones. Remains of several wooden chairs scatter the floor. So scattered it is almost indiscernible. Looking closely, several pieces have old bloodstains, as if the chairs were smashed on people. Words are carved into the stone, over the north door.
“Healing and Recovery”

Over the south door is carved, at first only one word is seen,


Looking closer, there is scratched in very small print,

"Until now,"

We check the healing and recovery room hoping for potions.

Nothing is heard and no traps are found as Bash opens the door. It is room two and he barely avoids being surprised by four exploding zombies. Loric reminds him that he IS the shit magnet.

In the hall outside, Mahrtiir hears some noise and runs in, and shoots one for minor damage before Egar turns them, and we kill them off from a distance to avoid pestilence.

The walls have pictures of men and women in white robes healing and a picture of one with a glowing aura, possibly a god, each painting has left hand painted over in black paint, and has been defaced by scratches over the face. There are words written under the large wise looking man with a short beard, who has a halo around his head, a sort of god figure that has also been defaced. Loric recognizes the writing in blood as a demonic language, and it says

"Heal THIS if you can, upstart meddlers. "

It seems mocking.

We confer, all the zombies miss left hands, lots of dried blood. It looks as if it were originally a hospital, or temple or both.

41g, 7s each. We end the night and decide to stay in dungeon.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Rappan Athuk Episode 18

We are standing in front of the staircase going up at least 2 or 3 flights. We decide to explore more on this level and head towards 3A and explore. Loric fails to find a trapped pit in the floor and falls twenty feet to the bottom. He is hurt pretty good. Finding himself at the bottom of the pit, it is fairly plain and empty. Surprising there are no bodies down there already. There is a small walkway about a foot wide on each side of the pit, and we are able to pass, and lift him up with a rope. Just past the pit is 3A and a portcullis.

Suddenly, the portcullis begins to come down, and we have to race across, Urza and his owl barely making it. Then Loric finds another pit trap.

As we turn northward, we finds another pedestal with a place to put a hand. Loric tried to put his hand on it as everyone hangs on to him, and all he feels is he might not be welcome, perhaps rejected. Bash tells him he feels his pain, and that they are one. Egar tries to touch it as the group holds him and we are all teleported to another place. We disappear very slowly fading out until we appear slowly in another place.

We find ourselves in a small room 4, marked A,B,C, and D with four pedestals and a hand imprint in the cardinal directions, as we have seen before. There is a rotten table in the center of the room, and a skeleton holding a scroll in tattered white robs. The scroll is a red parchment, his left hand is missing, and he lies beside the table. A distinctly foul odor emits from the bones, and they seem pitted in places. We find that the scroll is one of cure disease. The skeleton does nothing when we move it.

We also discuss that it seems human clerics activate the portals. A seems to lead back where we came from. We all hold hands and use portal D. "Abracadabra, portal Delta take us where you can now.

It takes us to a very small room that we barely fit in. All 7 of us in a 10X`10 room. Zerg warns us she is about to go berserk from claustrophobia and Mahrtiir farts. We all hold hands and Egar puts his hand back in the imprint, taking us back where we started.

We take portal C, and end up ion another room just as small as the last, taken up mostly by a bed. We steal pillowcases for holding loot. The bed is dusty and we search the room, finding a skeleton in the bed with us. It has a hand outstretched as if reaching for the carving, with lots of scratches around it. As if it were trapped here.

We return where we came from, and try portal B. It takes us to room 5. There is another pedestal marked A. Urza heals some of the damage Loric took in the pit. There are three work benches in good shape, an armed chair in bad shape, and 5 cabinets.

It also contains a floating globe of light, about 2 feet in diameter, that looks like it is about to do something volatile.

Egar takes on look at it and exclaims, "geez," and stabs with his magic dagger. he misses. This globe targets Mishra the owl and Egar with lightning bolts. Mishra falls from the air, and lands back down, talons in the air, unconscious and dying.

Arobash steps in and punches at the globe, and it feels very solid, but he does no damage. Zerg smacks it with her sword and blue sparks fly from it damage is done but it is hard to tell that it was done. Mahrtiir whacks it with his studded club and feels he did damage but not how much. Urza misses a swing with his mace, and spins around clumsily. Loric grazes it with an arrow, it bounces off and clatters on the ground.

Egar flails desperately with his morningstar to no effect. Zerg and Loric are then hit with lightning bolts from the globe. They try to dodge but it is pointless. Loric is looking pretty rough again. Even his skeleton is briefly visible while being shocked. Arobash looks clumsy as he misses with his clubs, but Zerg smashes it towards the floor, a piece chunks off and then reforms into the sphere. Mahrtiir slams it with his Godendag, and it explodes into a bright blue light and disappears. Egar casts cure light wounds onto the owl. It does little to help and the owl is barely conscious. It looks around nervously, as it projects a feeling of fear to Urza, then lands on his shoulder, expressing to him how scared he was that he was a goner, and feels weak. Egar Surreptitiously puts his BBQ sauce back in his pack.

Loric begins to search the room.

Cabinet one is unlocked and contains lots of old parchment, 10 quill pens, bottles of ink, so old it is solidified. Vials of very fine sand and a rusty razor blade. Cabinet 2 is unlocked, it has 6 books inside. Tomes : Amador’s Basic Anatomical Textbook(100 gp)
Zovar’s Catalogue of Diseases and Pestilences (10 gp)From:Josh Tharo’s Introduction to Purgatives and Herbal Remedies, second edition(250 gp)From:Josh Polodor’s Collected Essays on Contagions and Cures (75gp)From:Josh Omens, Portents, and Prophesies of the Healing Gods (25 gp)

The sixth book is thick leather bound with black binding and a silver lock on it. There is no evil aura around it. Loric checks it for traps and finds none, so he attempts to pick it. It is easy but a unique kind of lock he has not seen before. Urza cracks open the book, and the title page says "The Tome of Draav" Flipping through the pages, it looks like a book of demonology, with names and descriptions of several demons.

Cabinet 3 is unlocked with no traps, and has a row of 20 bottles of liquid, the first 5 are clear glass with yellowish liquid. 2 are light blue in color, 4 are almost black in color, one is sort of brown, and the other 8 a clear liquid water color

The yellow are urine. the 2 blue are cure light wounds, the 4 black smell bad, as if turned, brown is bad, and the last 8 are marked medicine, but seem to be water.

Cabinet four is unlocked. Arobash being the opener, is lucky to escape being splashed by green slime. It falls to the floor but does not eat away at the floor.

Cabinet 5 is unlocked. Inside are two scrolls written on red parchment, and they are each cure disease. There is another leather bound book with a lock on it, but the lock is more plain and so is the design, like a notebook. Loric opens it easily, and it seems to have be::)en written by 5 different people written in code though. A few sentences are not written in code though.

On various pages are little notes.

“This is a terrible idea.” (page 1)
“There is an error in the mathematics at this point.” (page 17)S
ent on
“Did you even read what the ToD says about this being?” (page 22)
“I do not think this would be enough.” (page 23)
“Because of the vow of silence, that’s why.” (page 25)
“So are you.” (page 26)
“Because no one is going to be left alive to read it anyway, that’s why.”(page 27)
“We should stick to what we do; attacking demons is work for warriors,not healers.” (page 29)
“I had a strange dream last night, and the god told me that my help would be necessary for this project. Although I still think it is ridiculous to write the notes in code.” (page 40)
“Very well, but I still think it is ridiculous.” (also on page 40)

Written in the same hand as the one that didn't like writing in code:


These numbers are repeated all through the book.

Bash says the cipher says
1–26–9–18–1–24 "Lets read this when we are not in a fucking dungeon.

We all join hands and go through portal A in room 5. This takes us to room 27, where we started early on in the dungeon. So we portal back to the portcullis. Mahrtiir lifts the gate with the aid of Zerg and Arobash, with a lot of grunting and straining.

We go up the stairs in room 1, and find they go to level one.

So, we go to room 27 any way, and cast purify on the pestilence, nothing happens. Holy water does nothing, Mahrtiir throws oil into it and lights it with a torch, a fire burns on top and goes out with no effect.

We grab the statue and our loot and head out outside. We enjoy being outside in the nice autumn day. White fluffy clouds dot the sky that bathes us in crisp cool air. We make it back to Zelkors ferry without a hitch.

Urza takes the time to teach Olivia how to cast the spell of enhance attributes. This takes three days since she can buy the ink from Rasmus. She is very grateful, and offers to teach him a spell in return. He chooses to learn alter size, costing him 100 GP

Mahrtiir notices his hair is growing a little faster and his five oclock shadow is strong. His temper is getting a little angrier than normal and neck hair on the back of his head is rough, Bacon has no appeal and truffles sound GREAT. His energy is better, and waking up is a leap out of bed. For some reason, his encounter with the boars comes to mind, but he dismisses the thought. Urman is still in town, Mahrtiir will not relinquish his magic items to him if he is staying behind, referring to him as a punk that is too scared to play with the big boys, suggesting he play hop scotch instead. . Urman replies he doesn't understand wanting to go in the stinky pits as he shakes his golds.

Clearly disappointed, Mahrtiir leaves Urman in his wake and he strides away.

We head back to the mouth of doom. the weather is :

Description: Clear
Temperature: Moderate High: 57°F (13°C)Low: 40°F (4°C)
Relative: Warmer than normal Wind Force:
Light Wind Speed: 9 mph (14 kph)Light Wind:
A gentle breeze, having little or no game effect.

Urza casts spell enhance on Zerg and Bash, Olivia considers casting it on herself or Mishra. Maybe Mahrtiir, but casts it on Mishra after all.

She pets the owl and says be careful my friend, I know what happened to you last time.

Egar: Let great Zeus rage
till even Olympus shakes.
But I will never part with you,
my beloved Bubo. Bubo.

Bash argues that the fighters should get the help, but she gives him a scornful look, and says the owl needs the help. He argues for strategy as a team. She argues that Mishra almost died and maybe next time she will cast it elsewhere.

We head to room 15 and try the teleporter, but it repels Egar. We all hold hands and attempt it. We turn to dust and reconstitute in room 1 TT These are iron disks that much be pointed in each direction. Pointing south west first, we all group hug and transport. We end in a room full of webs and have to make a saving throw for strength or be caught in webs.

Mahrtiir has no problem, shrugging his way through them, as does Zerg, but the rest of the party is caught up as 2 giant spiders attack.

Egar is stuck completely. Mahrtiir smacks at the spider in front of him to no avail as it jumps out of the way, and it strikes right back at him. He is bitten and poisoned, For now he is ok for damage but may be paralyzed, Zerg didges the spider attacking her. The others seem to be trapped in the webs still. Until Arobash breaks free for a few feet. He attacks the one who bit Mahrtiir, tearing off a couple legs. Zerg deals a damaging blow to the one in front of her, while the others keep squirming in the webs.

Mahrtiir misses another swack and falls down paralyzed, Zerg gets poisoned as well. Olivia manages to break free. Loric breaks free, and Zerg kills the spider in front of her. But she is poisoned and damaged while being unconscious. Urza is stuck but Mishra is out and free of the webs. That last spider hits Arobash but he saves against the poison. Olivia feels worthless, but attempts to free Urza. But she fails, and is still free. Bash puts a hurting on the spider. Loric bounces an arrow off his scales. Egar and Urza are still stuck as the spider bites Bash AGAIN, but his poison is still useless against the monk. Olivia, still trying to free Urza, gets no where, then Bash kills the spider. Eventually, all the webs are cut away. There are corpses of two bugbears recently dead wearing ringmail. One has a belt pouch with 4 diamonds of 400 GP each, and the other 112 GP.

The group teleports back to room 15, then carrying the paralyzed bodies, they make it safely to Zelkors ferry and they heal up. Mahrtiir begs them not to keep carrying him in a cart through the woods but his pleas fall on deaf ears. He is carried to town in a cart. AGAIN.

Travelers arrive in the Ferry, wayfarers arriving on foot on the old path from the east. They were attacked by trolls along the way, and only 4 have made it. Those who stayed and fought were eaten alive. There was a wizard over watching but when they approached him, more trolls came and ate more.

We convince Gelvan (Screamer) and Urman to escort the wayfarers to the Castle with a cart with food and to report back on progress.

Urza notes the shrine is coming along nicely for his god. The ferrymans wife is a carpenter and she has been working hard on it, it should be complete in a few days.

We offer the parchments to Ulman. he declines buying them as being weak.

October 22nd.

Description: Clear Temperature: Moderate High: 56°F (13°C)Low: 41°F (5°C)Relative: Warmer than normal Wind Force: LightWind Speed: 10 mph (16 kph)Light Wind: A gentle breeze, having little or no game effect.Sent on:12:32 am

Heading back to the mouth of doom, we are attacked! 2 river trolls practically surprise us. Loric has the advantage, and moves away as quickly as he safely can.

They look and say lots of nice, squishy meals, tender fixins. Looking at Olivia one says this should taste about nice.

Ome attacks the Ox. it is hurt. Olivia gets attacked by the other, and is down for the count, comatose and dying. Mauled like crazy.

Zerg screams "For Olivia" and misses miserably.

Arobash attacks the one by the ox, and just hammers it, literally. Mahrtiir misses horribly with his bow, While Urza tosses oil at him as well, but he dodges it. Egar hits it with spiritual weapon, then Loric aims for him as well, missing, and the oxe moves away. Breaking free from his reigns, the troll takes a swing at it. It grazes it. The other one claws Bash, then it heals some of its damage, as the other troll takes a swipe at Mishra. Then it bites Zerg for a terrible blow. She hits back for major damage. Arobash covers his clubs in oil, Mahrtiir moves close and lights a torchm and urza throws oil at the troll, but misses. Egar misses the other with his morning star and so does Loric with his bow. The oxe keeps running,

Zerg is clawed just barely by the troll near her. Then the one by bash screams "rip and rend your flesh" as he does exactly that to Bash, who reels away in pain. Zerg swings to no avail, then Bash moves away to Mahrtiir, then throws his clubs through Marhtiirs torch. They catch fire and one hits the Troll, leaving him a quivering mass on the ground. Mahrtiir rushes in and douses it with oil, ensuring its destruction.

Urza flails at the other, and so does Egar. They do nothing as it looks nervous and the oxen slows its retreat. Loric takes off into the trees and begins to disappear, then the Troll attacks Urza. He is clawed and bitten for a decent bit of damage. Zerg practically takes his head off, as he falls back from her attack with her bearded axe. It just barely manages to dodge the oil Mahrtiir throws at it, as well as the swipe from Urza, but Egar smites it with his spiritual weapon. Loric sneaks an attack, but misses completely.

The troll misses its attacks on Urza, slipping on the ground in the oil, and Zerg smashes it. We fire it to death and heal up the party.

Mahrtiir knows it is strange to see trolls in this kind of area. Bash chases down the ox.

We search for treasure, and find 300 GP, an antique, a music box made of silver, worth 250GP, an expert scimitar +1+1, a mantle, worth 2GP, and runestones made of silver worth 250GP. A javelin +2 magic. A ring of animal friendship. On command it affects an animal as if the wearer cast enchant animal. A druid ring, 12th level. Charm Animal. one hour per level. CL 12 charisma save. +5 bonus if threatened or attacked. The ring is made of gold and looks like two deer antlers. Mahrtiir is given the ring, and Zerg the Javelin.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Rappun Athuk Episode 19

Mahrtiir was not in his right mind during this period. Perhaps a symptom of ensuing lycanthropy. He recalls the group fighting shadows, and exploring teleporter discs, and really recalls not much else before coming out of his daze and realizing they are at the rumoured Mausoleum, said to be the entrance to the dread dungeon of graves, Rappan Athuk, and perhaps seat of Orcus's power! The last transporter dic they have stepped onto has stranded them here with no easy way to return, no other disc in sight.

The group is not feeling ready or equipped for such an adventure and sets out to return to Zelkors ferry, only to be set upon their first night by owlbears, and they flee willy nilly into the wooded night.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Rappun Athuk Episode 20

After being transported to The Mausoleum, we set out to return to Zelkors ferry. Making camp we are beset by owlbears, and run like hell. Mahrtiir is able to lead slightly North and east. We make a camp. We wake after a freezing night and Mahrtiir has caught a cold (3 days con check minus 1 October 28th and he only gets 1 HP a day back instead of his lvl) We head back to our camp, and regather our supplies we left behind.

We head out for an uneventful day and Mahrtiir finds the group a sub par camping site. We do some healing, and spend the night,

Day 3 in the woods. Still rainy and cold,

Description: Rain Temperature: Moderate High: 46°F (7°C)Low: 29°F (-2°C)Relative: Normal Wind Force: Moderate Wind Speed: 11 mph (17 kph)Rain: Rain reduces visibility by half, imposing a -4 penalty on Spot and Search checks. It also imposes a -4 penalty on Listen checks and ranged weapon attacks.Rain automatically extinguishes candles, torches, and similar unprotected flames. It causes protected flames, such as those of lanterns, to dance wildly and has a 50% chance to extinguish these lights.Moderate Wind: A steady wind with a 50% chance of extinguishing candles, torches, and similar unprotected flames.

Traveling along around 9AM, Mahrtiir has taken point as usual, and we encounter a group of unusually aggressive group 3 Grizzly Bears. On runs right up to Mahrtiir, Another in front of Zerg, and another in front of Urza. Arobash runs to Zergs side and hammers the bear by her before it can attack. Urza swacks the same bear with his mace, killing it. Egar casts spiritual shield on the one closest to him, to no avail. Olivia throws a dart at it, missing badly.

Mahrtiir casts Charm animal on the bear in front of him, and it works. The bears comes down on all 4's, and begins sniffing at him, so he reaches out and scratches him behind his ear, he emits low grumbling noises of pleasure.

Loric attempts to hide behind a tree, but stepped on a twig, and the bear whips his head straight in his direction. That bear then redirects his attention to Urza, who manages to dodge both his claws, only to be bitten. Flanking it, Zerg steps in and takes a meaty chunk out of it, followed by Arobash managing a healthy blow from the rear, before Urza swings and misses, while confusedly crying "I love you sweet prince."

Egar uses his spiritual shield on the remaining attacking bear, Olivia misses him with a dart and screams for Mahrtiir as to what he is doing. Loric is sneaking again, as Mahrtiir leads the charmed bear away from the others, while Loric sneaks a devastating hit from hiding.

It claws and bites in desperation at Arobash, but the monk easily dodges his attacks. Zerg smacks it with her axe, before Bash finishes it off with his clubs.

Mahrtiir realizes he can travel with the bear indefinitely, and he checks to see if she has been nursing recently, but sees no signs of such. They may have attacked out of hunger alone. He decides to keep her around for a while. Later in the day, he finds a decent camp for the group by the riverside. He makes sure the bear is fed well, so as to avoid attacks on his friends.

While setting up camp, we find a tall slender plant with brownish green roots, large green leaves around a flowering top that looks like a cobras hood. The leaves are thin with large blotches. Mahrtiir creeps to within ten feet of it in curiosity, but he has never seen it before. The leaves look as if they want to open, almost like they are closed. The roots look mobile. We decide to move past it, and camp elsewhere. As we pass it, it seems to almost pulsate. Loric and Mahrtiir scout ahead and find a poor campsite, setting up around 9PM.

Thunderstorms lash us at 39MPH as the temp plummets to 21 degrees. Mahrtiir is unable to build a fire, so Zerg, Olivia and Loric are hurting badly.

October 28th

Shivering, we make it through the night, as the sun rises and warms us all. Mahrtiir feels better, having shaken off his cold. The day passes uneventfully, and we set up camp for the night. Urza decides to head across the river on his floating disk to bring the ferry back in the morning, with Loric and Olivia joining him. They make it without issue, and Gutmark and his wife notice them while they are chatting on the dock. Out of the mist floats the trio above the water. After enjoying the clear starry night, they spring to their feet in amazement. They remark they have never seen nothing like it, but Urza shrugs it off as a simple spell, and implores his help to get the rest of the group.

Urza signals with his torch as Gutmark heads across the river in the ferry.

He invites Urza for dinner and Urza offers a cigar. Smoked fish is on the menu.

The rest of us see a light coming across the water, and Gutmark picks us up. Mahrtiir convinces him to make a second trip just for him and the bear.

AS we arrive, we are greeted by Kelvor as well, who shouts his amazement at a bear, and expresses concern of others being mauled. Captain Squirma comes over with 2 guards, and says he doesn't think it is a good idea to keep the bear. Mahritiir convinces them the bear is safe, and shoulders the responsibility.

Waking Rasmus pye, we equip quickly for the weather, and head out to the mouth of doom to rescue the ox we left behind. Nothing impedes us and an hour later we arrive. Going down to check on the ox, we rescue the poor thirsty thing. We return to the ferry, and Mahrtiir sleeps outside the gate with his bear friend.

Odo asks about the trolls, and we tell him we saw none. We regale the town with our recent adventures.

October 29th

No one has returned from the Castle, and Mahrtiir is concerned. He convinces the group to go and check on them.

Things have not changed much. Not much time has passes. There are two small boars there as well as Derrin and Sheila. Everyone is there though. Urman shoots a look of guilt at Mahrtiir, and all the residents take extra reassuring that the bear is safe. The wayfarers are not to be seen.

Urman greets us saying we were unexpected. He explains they had a run in with some goblins, and they were scared off. They started to march in, like they owned the place, but a few shots were fired. Bash asks how Gorbaz felt, but apparently he just kept hammering .

Derrin is a carpenter, Urman is worried about repairs. Fix the drawbridge, they need fuel and equipment for winter, needs 400 GP. He needs help and the others agree to help. All they really need are supplies. They are happy to have a place to love. They feel safer for their family. Mort offers to plant crops and clear land come spring. They all seem happy with each other.

While they talk, Sheila looks and sniffs at Mahrtiir, looking at Derrin knowingly. Derrin mentions cryptically to Mahrtiir they may have more in common than he realizes.

Before they we leave, she says to everyone, but staring at Mahrtiir, "when the time comes, you know where to find us."

We go back to Zelkors, get lumber and prepare to unearth a teleporter disk.


We cast spells on Zerg and Mahrtiir to enhance strength, We start removing a teleporter and test to be sure it works. From room to room, the two teleporters we identify always go to each other.

So we take the one teleporter to the mausoleum. Then we try to travel back to the mouth of doom. It works! We now have a way to go to the mausoleum in a day!

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Rappan Athuk session 21 Part A

The group has decided to ignore the tales of green dragons, and the warnings to not stray from known paths, and travels about a mile East of the Mausoleum. There, deep in forest cover, we begin to dig a deep pit, about 7 feet deep, and place the transporter disc inside. Then with the aid of our Ranger Mahrtiir, we fashion a type of trap door to cover it, made of heavy logs and camouflaged well. The idea to keep anyone or thing from stumbling upon it. While digging, Mahrtiir looks over at his bear, and smiles. He thinks of naming it Wilhelmina. Such a fitting name for a sure to be loyal and long time companion. His heart softens slightly. He is beginning to finally feel like he is part of a family again, he even has a pet!

As we are finishing building up the trap door hiding the teleporter by Rappan Athuk, we hear the trees rustle and then we are covered in a green and yellow gaseous cloud. We are coughing, gasping for breath, as our heads feel like they will explode, and our skin feels like it is on fire. A formerly invisible green dragon appears overhead.

Loric was on top of the world, feeling strong and formidable. He had just had an epiphany, his strikes felt surer, he had learned about anatomy to a degree that it aided his proficiency in reading it. Formidable indeed, the elf looked out at the woods, drinking in the vibrancy of it all. He smiled and closed his eyes, thinking of a silly farm joke Vetch had told him on the island. It was interrupted when a cloth sack was tossed between them, from which emerged a deadly venomous serpent! There was a split moment of decision in the reptile's eye where it went for the farm boy instead where Loric saw his own death. What luck, he thought. His skin tingled, then burned. Snapping his eyes open, all the elf could see was a wall of green. Everything was green. It poured into his lungs. Loric spasmed into green oblivion, the last thing he saw was Vetch smiling as his eyes faded.

The party as a group falls to the ground, hands clasping their chests and swatting their bodies in attempts to extinguish a fire that isn't there. Poor Wilhelmina roars in agony as the giant 22 foot long dragon lands and Mahrtiirs last sight is his faithful friend being devoured.

In the fading distance, they all seem to hear the maniacal laugh of the dread Orcus, as his Dungeon of Graves adds a few more deaths to its name.


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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Good stuff Scitzz.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Wow! Thanks for this. (Though it pains to see how often my character missed and/or was incapacitated). haha

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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I put this journal into a PDF and have it available in SKYPE for those who want a copy.
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Is this why there are so many Paladins on the replacement team?

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Penny-Whistle wrote:Wow! Thanks for this. (Though it pains to see how often my character missed and/or was incapacitated). haha
Not noticing how many times the enemy turned into a pancake?

Yeah, that blew by blow will show how cruel dice can be, virtual or otherwise.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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I like to take handwritten notes during the games but I end up writing cryptic sentence fragments that make no sense next time I read them. Definitely never verbatim quotes. It's one of the few times I get to use my fountain pens.

When I see such detailed play notes I wonder if people are recording the games. That makes me twitch a bit but I guess so long as the audio logs aren't shared.
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Re: Rappan Athuk

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XP updated.

Franklin's made level 5!

Party Loot
3 pp
27 gp
168 sp
420 cp

5 ambers worth 5 gp each
amythest worth 5 gp
jade worth 5 gp
2 pearls worth 25 gp each
bloodstone worth 50 gp
malachite worth 10 gp
2 green nephrites worth 250 gp each
4 fire opals worth 500 gp each
tiger eye worth 25 gp
violet garnet worth 500 gp
white agate worth 50 gp

2 wooden bird cages worth 20 gp each
decorative egg worth 100 gp
rune stones worth 50 gp
silver necklace worth 250 gp
silver and gemstones toe ring worth 1,250 gp
expert dart worth 5 gp
stone tablet (dedications to various Hyperborean gods) worth 660 gp
mantle worth 3 gp
rug worth 8 gp
trencher, silver plated worth 4 gp
expert light flail worth 80 gp
miniature figurine of Muir worth 100 gp
signet ring worth 1,000 gp
silver and gemstones waist chain worth 1,250 gp

+2 golden great scimitar (illuminates as a torch when held)

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Marmaduke is going to look into setting up a fund for the care and education of the two orphans with his share.
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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Amable also has no need for silly gewgaws; he is on a quest for love. He will happily toss his share into a fund for the orphans.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Franklin doesn't feel the need to interfere in their lives, just point at what needs to die.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Kayolan wrote: miniature figurine of Muir worth 100 gp
John Muir?

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Episodes 21B and 22

Reroll characters

Aergraith = Marmaduke, Human, Paladin, M

Penny whistle = Amable 1/2 Orc Fighter M betrothed to Zerg. Zerg came to the area of Zelkor's Ferry hoping to escape an arranged marriage with Amable. Amable has been wandering around looking for her in order to bring her back to the village to be his bride. He wears a daisy handkerchief tied around his arm that she once gave him.

Qyertas = zor sorth, human paladin, M

Treebore = Voryn Zaldron, Human male. Wiz/Bard

Yetihermit = Beryn Stonechipper, dwarf, barbarian, male

rom90125l = Anele human cleric of Kell

ssfsx17 = unmade char

We meet Odo. He warns us of many things. he tells us of a group that set things right but then disappeared. Amable asks of Zerg, his wonderful lover, his betrothed, and Odo gives bad news. Zerg may have fallen prey to a dragon.

Eventually, the Bard begins to play, and Franklin Fort casts dancing lights as will o wisps to dance around the room, and ghosts sounds as backup singers. We are served our drinks and our soup, with the cook dancing around for a moment even, as the music lightens the mood of the place.

Zor calls for us to be a fellowship to challenge Rappan Athuk.

The night ends on a high note, and we all sleep in the inn, capping off March 21st

March 22nd

Fed porridge and Gruel, some leftovers from the night before with fresh goats milk, Odo warns us to stay on the paths and watch out for trolls.

Franklin attempts to bargain with Odo but Anele(not known for his intelligence) steps in and pays . After filling us in on the other occupants of the Ferry, he bids us good day. Outside, it is cold and stormy. As we We wait for it to clear, we seek out Gutmark for information on the river. His wife looks at us in a distrusting manner, but Gutmark receives us well. Marmaduke, his usual honest and forthcoming self, inquires. He isn't sure he can help, as he travels little, but perhaps can offer a boat. He also can offer a map, but we must wait a night. He gives us a piece of wood he has scrawled a rough map and notes in common tongue. It shows he is less literate, but he explains all his notes, places to watch out for, warnings etc.

Spring is sprung. We slog through mud as we smell the earth itself coming alive. It is very pleasant, the sun is shining and the air is brisk in the afternoon, but we spend the night.

March 23
Overcast and cool with a light wind. Kind of a gray and shitty day, but no rain.

Gutmark agrees to loan us a boat because he is disposed to help us, as we approached him honestly. We borrow it and travel to the Castle Calaelen, with Marmaduke promising double his 3 GP normal fare next time. We cover it as we beach it, and the Barbarian and Assassin scout the woods approaching the castle.

Somewhere around nine AM, we arrive at the crumbling castle. It leans a little to the side with white stone on a forested hill. Elvish in style, it matches its name. Calaelen was the clan that lived here. It looks as if someone had tried to fortify it recently, but any work is uncompleted.

There is no evidence of anyone outside, but there is smoke coming from two places inside it.

Franklin attempts to creep up on the castle but stumbles badly and is left out in the open, as two large furry humanoids cross the drawbridge of the castle and come outside. Franklin dashes back to the group. Fortunately no one has seen him. They sort of just stand there. Franklin recognizes them as bugbears.

We begin to creep up. There is a gate, with a moat and a drawbridge that is down. Towers, we can't see if the moat is full or not.

To our dismay, they have spotted us and begin to move our way screaming something unintelligible to us. Two more Bugbears and two ogres join them as they rush towards us.

Marmaduke strolls up swinging his sword and tells them they don't belong here, to which they only laugh. They charge to him, and he nails one for heavy damage before they can take an attack. They all miss hitting him except for one, whose morningstar thumps off his shield.

Amable steps out and shoots with his crossbow, but misses. Zor rushes in on foot, and swings with his Bastard sword wildly, screaming cmon, cmon! He is not close enough to attack. Anele moves up 15 feet and casts bless, giving us +1 to hit and save versus fear, while Franklin creeps closer to the ogre he is targeting with a death attack.

With a mighty growl, Beryn Stonechipper moves into an Ogre with his bearded axe, but moves too fast, and misses his swing.

Robert sears a bugbear with searing acid as he screams in pain.

Marmaduke go afters the a bugbear but misses.

The bad guys flank Marmaduke, but his great skill allows him to evade all the blows. One Ogre attacks Zor, and almost falls on his face. The one attacking our dwarf fares as well. allowing Amable to take a strike, but he misses as well. Zor smacks a bad guy for a healthy blow. Vor continues acid damage almost killing his opponent. Anele moves into better attack position.

Franklin, stepping from his hiding spot, targets the ogre he has been stalking and puts an arrow dead between his eyes. Slam, he falls dead at the feet of Beryn. Beryn begins to taunt the other ogre, and swings on him, killing him as well.

Marmaduke smacks a bugbear with his sword with a casual shrug, taking his head off. The last three attempt to overbear and knock him down. They succeed at this attempt, and he is prone on the ground, struggling to get up. The other two club away at him, one of them landing a nasty blow, and they all growl in unison.

Amble swings a mighty blow almost killing one of them, as he is horrified that his friend is on the ground. Zor steps on one dead Ogre and takes a swing, crying "get a taste of this" but tripping, misses his target.

Anele and Robert miss their blows and Franklin puts a shaft into the bugbear that knocked Marmaduke down.

In his most intimidating manner, Beryn ruins the remaining bugbears morale. Marmaduke notices this from the ground, and takes his feet, swinging as he comes up. He kills the feathered bugbear that knocked him down.

Amable fumbles again as Zor flanks another bear, dealing a devastating blow from behind in a very uncharacteristic move. Leaving an opening for Beryn, who waits as Anele steps in and swings away with his broadsword, gutting the second to last bugbear, and Franklin puts an arrow in the last ones throat.

Eventually, we clear the castle.

Derrin and Shiela's children were rescued

The party also found a goblin named Gorbaz, who says all he wants to do is work on the forge.

The two children, a boy and girl were found in the basement of the castle, in a cell with an ogre guard taunting them. They said Derrin and Shiela, their parents, were killed and eaten by the ogres and bugbears

No one knows what happened to Mort, Urman, or Screamer, although Gorbaz was working for the bugbears. The party offered to take him to Zelkor's and see if Big Morgan the Smith would give him work, Gorbaz doesn't know anything about him, he's never been to the Ferry. The party doesn't know him either, just that he works there as a smith. Gorbaz mentioned Urza only, but he did say that "Urza and company" were the ones that gave him work and never came back

Franklin, never got another kill shot, but supported the party with arrows, and he did attack in melee with the apparition of Jedra, the goblin shaman that the previous group killed before, her spirit was finally put to rest.

The children said that "Uncle Odo" doesn't want them there, at least that's what mom and dad said, They were really in bad shape, malnourished and wearing rags and they were in human form when the party found them

the party killed a lot of bugbears, and 7 ogres, plus an apparition

the chapel of Muir was still desecrated, Jedra's spirit clinged to the place

two draft horses were found, in bad shape, as well as a wagon and empty crates and sacks

another horse was in the process of being butchered by the bugbears for food

the lead bugbear was put to sleep by the wizard, and killed by Gabe's paladin

he had a golden magical great scimitar +2 that gives off light

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Rappan Athuk Episode 23

The party returns to Zelkors ferry and rests for a few days, and bandys ideas about. Finally, we settle in on the idea that fixing up the castle and helping the surrounding area sounds nice, but in the end we must needs tackle the dungeons of graves first. So we decide to head out.

March 26th leaving Zelkors Ferry, we spend 3 days traveling the river road to the mausoleum.

March 29th, Morning.

It is a sunken level that resembles an upside down cross. There are gravestones all over. All the normal sounds of wildlife have disappeared. It is very silent here.

When we look up at the sky, we notice large vultures circling overhead, ready to eat anything that might die. We realize we have reached the legendary dungeons of Rappan Athuk, as we feel deep inside an uneasiness, even dread.

"Those vultures foretell dread, but I am ready" exclaims Beryn.

The one mausoleum has gargoyles.

Marmaduke notes that he detects evil.

We notice a well and Zor looks at it inquisitively, but we move on.

Marmaduke investigates the statue of a dwarf with an ax in the middle. In the courtyard, we see a life size statue of a dwarf, on a 4X4 foot stone pedestal with dwarven runes on the pedestal. Beryn reads them "“Blessed is he who spares these stones/And cursed be the man who moves my bones.”

Looking at the base, it looks like a foot long by six inch high stone knob on the base of the statue.

Zor goes to the well, noticing several holes in the ground, about 3 feet wide, clustered together along his way. He finds the well is ornately carved with artwork of devilish, demonic and undead things. Runes adorn the surface, and large scratches are grooved into the interior, as if something tried to claw its way out of it., He throws in a gold piece. There is no sound of anything hitting the bottom. He returns to the group where Franklin gives him grief for wasting good gold, and he describes it to us.

Over by the holes we notice strangely human looking rat faces sticking out, but they disappear into the earth. Apparently spying on us, by G3! Just barely looking over the edge.

Beryn slides the door under the dwarven statue open and finds an iron key resting in there. It is almost as large as half his arm. Perhaps it will fit the keyhole on the mausoleum door.

Franklin wanders over to the holes to see what he can see, there are tufts of fur, a faint foul smell, of decay and rot, and claw marks on the sides of the tunnels. It is very dark and they make sharp turns close to the entrance, each going different directions.

As this is going on, one of the green stone gargoyles on the roof begins to move. Then another begins to move.

Franklin feels like they are nope tunnels, just as one of the gargoyles suddenly flies off to the east. Two others are moving and eyeing us suspiciously.

Anele casts aid onto Beryn Stonechipper.

Marmaduke cries "By the power of grayskull" and pulls out his sword, as the rest of us also prepare for a fight. Beryn then attacks the one to his left with his sling, but the stone bounces right off the gargoyle. Voryn casts magic missile for deadly damage, as Amable destroys it with a shot from his crossbow.

The gargoyle flies over and attacks Franklin, biting him on the hand. Zor attacks to no avail, as Anele notices his eyes are green encrusted gems as he does minimal damage with his nine ring broad sword. Marmaduke comes up from behind and destroys it with his sword.

Franklin scoops up the two green gems and they are eyes of jet worth 250GP each.

Another Gargoyle comes to life as Beryn begins to taunt him, "come get me" as he shakes his sword at him. Amable takes a shot at him, but it begins to move and dodges. Once again it flies at Franklin. Beryn closes in to be ready to attack. Marmaduke is unable to connect on his attack as does Zor, while Anele moves to take a space to be ready to heal, and Marmaduke connects with a major amount of damage. A large chunk of its stone body chunks away. In anger it attacks Franklin, but he dodges nimbly out of the way. He takes another bite.

Zor crushes in with his Bastard sword, destroying it, as two more jet eyes fall into the rubble.

Another gargoyle begins to spread his wings and animate. Anele casts aid on Amable now. Franklin cries out "come and get me you idiotic growth of a knob," And Amable takes a shot at it with his crossbow, doing more damage. Beryn takes a swing at it as it swoops in on Franklin, missing as does Marmaduke. Franklin is bitten and clawed, and is paralyzed,frozen in place. Zor attempts to kill it an almost succeeds. Anele awaits. Marmaduke pours a sanctuary potion down Franklins throat.

boasting that he will finish him, Beryn attacks but does nothing, Amable Decides to deal some damage to one of the Gargoyles that have yet to animate,

The gargoyle attempts to attack Franklin but just can't seem to do it, so he goes after Voryn. He claws him and he manages to shake off the effects. The other swoops down and attacks Beryn. Beryn is bitten and gored and another gargoyle begins to animate. Zor flails to no avail but Anele crushes it, and its eyes of jet fall into the rubble.

Meanwhile, Marmaduke also flails away and Beryn screams ye slothful adle-pated pee soaked abomination!" and misses.

Voryn goes full defense, and Amable shoots again, leaving it darn near dead, but still moving. It attacks Marmaduke, goring him, as the other gargoyle flies down. It attempts to go after Franklin. It also cannot bring itself to overcome the potion, and diverts its attack to Voryn Zaldron, biting him, and both claws hitting. He tries to lift him, but he is too heavy, but he succumbs to the hold of the gargoyle attack, and is frozen same as Franklin.

Zor knocks a sizeable chunk off of him, then Anele attacks it with his broadsword, chipping away more damage, while Marmaduke destroys the one in front of him, then moves towards the other one. Beryn rushes up and hopes to have it come close enough to attack. Amable is close enough to use his axe, and deals a crushing blow.

The Gargoyle attempt Franklin again, but can't, so goes after Zee. Being unable to move, he is dealt deadly blows from bite, gore, and two claws. Just as Zor destroys it, and Franklin comes to. Anele heals Zee and he is up as well.

We have gathered up 12 jet eyes worth 250 GP each.

Franklin spits on the rubbled remains of the gargoyle that paralyzed him.

Anele passes out copper coins, one to each of us, that he has cast continual flame on. Unquenchable torches!

The Stone cutter uses the key on the door. It opens and the key disappears.

The air is damp and dust covered, with several rusted and broken weapons on the floor, with butt ends of torches, A stone sarcophagus is in the room with two lit candelabras with black candles. Zee is mysteriously quiet. There is no wax dripping from the candles, as they may have just been lit. Marmaduke knows that great evil is in the sarcophagus, as well as the candles are evil. We find a secret door as well.

The secret door is covered by a ten foot stone slab that can be moved upwards, so Marmaduke attempts to move it alone, and lifts it up. Red in the face, and huffing, he moves it away. There is a ladder heading at least 20 feet down. Marmaduke drops a glowing coin down the circular hole(shaft) , as a stench emanates from it, then it appears to open into at least a five foot wide or larger tunnel. Marmaduke thinks he hears whispers. Franklin listens but it only sounds like fragments of sound.

Amable volunteers to go down the ladder with a safety rope tied around his waist. He finds himself in a very rough worked tunnel, about ten feet wide in most places, and it ends about 30 feet away with a closed door worked into the stone. Amable snaps his whip in front of himself, giving off a nice crack, now knows there is nothing invisible in front of him. Marmaduke slides down the ladder and pockets his coin. A small bit of light emits still.

Franklin steps up and checks the door for traps, and finds none, then slides back behind the party again. Marmaduke tries to listen but the door is thick, and he hears nothing, and tells us to prepare as he opens the door on three. We see a tunnel fork to the north, and also continues forward, and appears to open up some.

Taking the words of wisdom of the Stonecutter, whose uncle said to always go left, we go left. That continues on in the dark, opening up into two sections, one to the west, and a larger area going North. Beryn says "If we always go left, then to get out always go right."

To the west is a dead end tunnel, and we come to area 2. Near the far end rests a coffin without a lid, and beyond that rubble to the ceiling. Beryn, who grew up on the mountainside,is unable to discern how long it would take to clear, and hangs his head in shame.

Nothing other than the ambient evil pervading the place is noticeable. Inspecting the coffin, it is empty. Inspecting the tunnels, Franklin finds they all come to an end. We move back to area 1. There is a dead rat partially dissolved and a green slime dripping from the ceiling. It is dripping from a hole in the ceiling, only over the dead rat. There is a door at the far end. Within a few seconds, the rat is gone, and the puddle of slime is a little larger. Like the rat has become slime. Marmaduke moves toward the door. Franklin checks for traps and finds none, and moves back again, There is a forty foot very plain corridor with another door. Amable cracks the whip and nothing is noticed.

The smell is getting bad. Like sewage. Franklin is becoming overcome by the smell. Minus one to all rolls except skill checks for 30 minutes.

Coming to the next closed door. Franklin finds no traps. Marmaduke opens the door and there are two areas beyond, one is another cave going off, the other are stairs heading down. Also 2 broken candelabras, and a worm ridden red carpet. A wooden casket is in the center of the room, that once had trim, possibly valuable, but it looks to have been removed. Looking up we see nothing and we enter the room. There is nothing in the casket. Tapping the bottom with his sword, Marmaduke shatters it. Beryn points out that there are rats, and perhaps we need the stairs. Franklin points out he is a smart dwarf.

So Franklin finds a trap on the stairs, one step is hollow, like it would break and harm someone. We do not know what is inside. We decide to just step over it. Franklin marks it a trap

Amable finds broken furniture, and skeletons covered in red poisonous looking ants covering them. We hear drip, tapping, drip, emanating from the hallway. There is a table amongst the skeletons, with a deck of cards. Zor looks at the cards and the top card is the ace of spades. We look to the source of the dripping noise, outside in the hallway has a metal plate with water dripping in it. Zor sees the cards look wet, and picks it up. He is poisoned and he is feeling weaker. (lost 3 points of strength, gains 1 point a day back)

Franklin is feeling better about his nausea for now.

The corridor outside the room goes two ways. Stepping into the corridor, Marmaduke triggers a pit trap but barely escapes falling in. The smell of shit has increased, as if we have fallen into a fresh sewer. We skirt the pit and head north.

Arrows stick in the walls, two skeletons, headless, corroded as if by acid, everything in the rough is smashed and corroded, and smells horrible. A poorly disguised secret door to the north is partially open. There is a desk in the room. Much of the smell seems to come from the opening of the secret door.

Beryn cautiously makes his way to the desk, it has a closed drawer, and asks Franklin to check the drawer for traps, he does and finds nothing. Six vials in the drawer, two empty, 3 with yellow fluid, one with clear, looks clear. The yellow is probably embalming fluid, not sure what the clear is, Anele identifies it as holy water. The embalming fluid would poison someone for illness up to 6 rounds con check CL2 embalming fluid (Type ingested; save CL 2 Con; frequency 1/rd. for 6 rds.;effect 1d4 Con; cure 2 saves

so we go to the secret door. Coming to area 9 we find nothing alive but we find a latrine. Three holes in the ground, regularly spaced. One has a toilet seat of clean white stone. The smells coming from them is...not nice. Looking into them there is a chamber below. Number three has a hint of something hidden, the handle of a weapon, and maybe a sack.

As we are speaking of mage handing through the shit, suddenly the so called toilet seat changes form dramatically. Almost as if something is coming out of the hole, almost like shit overflowing. The seat expands greatly, changing color, it becomes a shit monster. A disgusting bubbling mass of feces and fluids. It gurgles and steams and smells really bad. It is a dung monster. We retreat as it gurgles and slimes its way across the floor, as we run and close the secret door. We mark the door : Bathroom closed for cleaning.

It seems his name is Dungie

Traveling back down the corridor we find a secret door. Franklin finds no traps. The door is made of wood painted to look like stone. Sliding it open, we smell death. Coming out of the darkness deep within, looks like a man, a merchant. "Thank the gods you found me, I have been stuck here so long, I thought no one would ever find me." Half his face is gone, teeth showing through his lost cheeks "I have been waiting so long for escape, thank you, thank you" as he steps towards Amable.

"We'll send you home laddy" says Beryn as Amable asks his name. He says he is Egbert of Carterscroft, holding out his hands, saying how grateful he is, long claws on his hands, and he lunges forward. But Marmaduke turns him, and he screams "no, why, get away from me" as he runs into the darkness, disappearing. Amable shoots him in the back,and he cries "what did you do that for," and Amable answers for him to make his peace. Chasing him into the room as he cowers in fear and begs for mercy, the ghast is chopped down. We find a small chest in there.

Franklin finds no traps, and 200 copper, 600 GPs, but Beryn has a feeling, but all he thinks thats a lot of gold coins. Franklin notices and tells the group there is too much space and there may be a compartment there, with no traps. Beryn carefully breaks it open and finds a scroll inside with 3 wizard spells on it. We will have to wait for read magic.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Penny-Whistle wrote:
Kayolan wrote: miniature figurine of Muir worth 100 gp
John Muir?
Actually the goddess Muir, no relation :)

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Enter slimykuotoan Neutral Good Ranger Human : Ronan is character name.

Ronan comes alone to the Mausoleum and is easily able to track the party thanks to our tracks, and avoiding traps thanks to our marks. He begins to stalk us.

Only an hour has passed, it is probably about 1PM on March 29th.

Beryn thinks the chest is too heavy to be just gold.Eyeing the gold cautiously, he scratches at it with his hatchet, and reveals it is all lead inside. "Oh Lordy, what a waste of plating" he decries. Egbert must have been a con man or cheated by one. "I could still use some of these for my sling shot, though."

We begin to travel south. Beryn leads. We hear the sound of running water, in a large cavern down below it echoes. "Beryn says"I hear rats, again" and he leads the way into a cavern. A stream runs through the area. No natural light exists but many rats scurry about. Some appear large but seem to ignore us. To the west is a partial cave in that rises about seven feet with the top 3 clear. There seem to be several smaller caves branching off that may or may not lead somewhere. The smell is somewhat better but Marmaduke is still retching.

Beryn bravely walks in and glances about. Many of the rats start to go through some of the tunnels. There seems to be a larger tunnel to the southeast. "I wonder if these are the pets of the ones we saw before" he wonders. There is a skeleton on the other side of the stream. The stream seems to be rushing by at a good clip.

Marmaduke expresses an interest in the depth of the water, but our light source doesn't reveal much other than his reflection.

Suddenly we hear what sounds like a woman screaming out, and looking to the cave in, we see a woman, screaming out " Help, help, they are after me, don't let them get me." and begins to climb over the wall of rocks. She is already halfway over and we notice rats that are running up the wall of rocks running up after her. Dressed in dirty rags, she seems to have a weapon, maybe a knife in her hand." The rats are after me!"

Amable tells her to come to us, as Marmaduke tries to detect evil, but quickly, she is gone, out of sight. Franklin merely shrugs and bids her good riddance.

Amable dips his fishing pole into the stream and measures it as five feet deep. With his whip, Indiana Jones style, he wraps a rock as an anchor and crosses to the other side, then anchors a rope to help us cross . Zor and Anele cross. Marmaduke prisses across then tries to help Anele across, but he falls into the water, so he is drenched. Marmaduke oils his barely wet water. Voryn is fine crossing. Franklin hitches his pack up high and crosses. Zor falls in as well, and is drenched. Protecting his armor, Marmaduke helps him across as well. "That is tough work" says Zor, but Marmaduke plays it off and declares his honor safe.

Beryn inspects the skeleton. It is missing its head but he can tell it is dwarven. Looking closer, there are a lot of rats in a tunnel to the south east. They are beginning to pay attention to us, but Beryn notices a helmet nearby, and checks it out. Seems to be a normal helmet. It is in good shape, no markings, but also no skull. "Lost his head maybe. What do we do about this pile of rats, fellows?"

Ronan suggest rat stew and he acquiesces. The rats are starting to look aggressive and Amable exclaims "Looks like target practice, boys."

Anele notices the helmet and wonders if it will fit. Zor contemplates a swim, as the rest of us prepare to fight the rats. Amable, being in the lead, is not prepared for how fast they begin to rush at us.

Beryn flexes his muscles slightly as Voryn casts light into the tunnel.

Beryn wades in, suddenly becoming a whirlwind of weapons flying faster than the eye can easily follow, killing one. Squeezing past Amable, and leaping over Beryn, Marmaduke enters the fray, but he catches a foot on Beryns shoulder, stumbles, and swings his sword wildly. Franklin hangs back and misses a bow shot, nearly hitting Beryn. All this as Rats begin to come up behind us some from the stream, others from cracks and crevices. Seem to be more than a dozen, perhaps as many as 14, on top of the ten in front of us.

Two attack Beryn as eight just SWARM over Marmaduke, biting and gnawing at him. his armor protects him well, as one of them manages to nip him in the elbow. Another one gnaws on Beryns heel.

Coming up behind them, Amable hears Aneles warning of more coming, but jumps in to help Marmaduke. He brushes one to death easily with his axe.

Zaldron bravely attempts an attack, but misses all his swings badly.

Zor cries "I have had enough you dirty rats," and makes a red mist of one of the rats with his bastard sword.

Beryn once again becomes a whirlwind " I will get you you prodigious scabs" and annihilates another one. This while Marmaduke kills one on him with a swipe, and Anele holds up his shield to protect Franklin and Zee(Voryn Zaldron) as well as he can.

"Die you rat scoundrel" Franklin grumbles and kills one of the leaders coming up behind us with his bow. The rest of them advance on us further, chittering and gnashing teeth, while two climb on Zee and Franklin each and 3 climb over Zor. Zor literally shrugs off their attacks, seemingly invincible to their attacks. Beryn gets another nibble. 2 eave Marmaduke to attack Amable, but neither he or Marmaduke take any damage, but Amable destroys the two attacking him.

Zee kills one, as does Zor, and Beryn, licking at the blood on his elbow, screams and kills one.

Franklin dodges one rat but gets bit by another. Zor stays untouchable as Anele is mauled by four of the rats. Marmaduke avoids any damage, as Amable kills two, smashing them into the floor. Zee attacks whirling his staff, and damages another rat, but squeaking, it is still alive. Zor wades in and killing another one. Beryn "I don;t have time for you puppy" finishes off the one on him. Marmaduke finishes off another, as does Anele.

Grumbling, Franklin doesn't dodge but is ineffectual in his atack, and Anele takes another bite. Amable destroys the two attacking Franklin, who cries "Thanks my giant brother"

Zor kills the final rat attacking him, and approaches Anele. Beryn moves into Anele "I'm gonna splat you my little friend" and splatters one on him before Marmaduke dashes in preparing his attack. Anele swipes at one on him, killing it. Then Franklin takes a half hearted swing at one on Anele, who gets bit again. Amable kills the one Franklin misses, as Zee attacks another on Anele to no effect. Zor kills one. While Beryn softly smashes the last one.

Anele picks up the helmet, wondering if it fits. "It is pretty nice actually, I think I will wear this helmet." Marmaduke puts a hand out and tries to detect evil, but finds none, while Anele awaits his verdict, then casts detects magic on it. It seems to have an aura of magic about it, and tells us so. It seems to be pretty moderate in power. Zee and Anele both glance at each other, recognizing it can impart the ability to read magic and comprehend languages. Read any text and understand any language. Flawlessly.

We search the rest of the area but there is no other treasure to be found.

Franklin and Beryn contemplate taking a tunnel that leads towards the stream. Listening carefully, Franklin hears chittering, very articulated, almost as language. I ask for the helmet, and can make out a language. An interesting conversation. " I thought you said they were coming" They are they are, be ready" " you have the arrows ready, the ones with the purple worm poison?" " Yes, they should have been here by now." They contemplate going outside to try to ask for help again. Then we hear the woman screaming for help. Relaying the conversation to the others, Amable rolls his eyes. She climbs down and is screaming for more help. She does have bloody marks on her. " They are talking again, they think we might be coming from the lower tunnels. " "They may be sneaky, we will be ready."

Franklin knows the poison (from a purple worm) is very rare and drains strength very quickly, often fatal. Every miss save is -3 str every round.

Marmaduke approaches the girl from the stream to distract her as Zee casts invisibility on Franklin. Marmaduke asks what she needs, but she scurries away. He cries for her to come back, and she pokes her head over the rocks.

Franklin sneaks up the tunnel with Beryn and Zee as backup, and the others cross back over the rope bridge. They approach the cave in and Marmaduke calls out "Fair maiden, are you hurt? Scream twice if you are held against your will."

Anele ponders curing himself and casts Cure light wounds on himself, but the goddess Muir says he has little faith, and only heals a scratch. Zor lays hands on him and suddenly he is feeling at full strength, giddy with health.

"There is nothing to do but move these rocks " says Marmaduke. "Position yourself, they are coming from the north" and take glee in the coming taste. They decide to let "the others" have the dwarf.

Moving silently up the corridor, Franklin sees the backs turned to him. There is a branch in the tunnel, then another fork. They are human rat like humans. They are armed with bows, and swords, one with a bow ready. They have blackish fur, red glowing eyes, long tails, and wearing rags. Franklin is studying the one with a bow while the others count to fifty to synchronize our attack. The ones outside shift boulders, make some noise. They are spread in a line. Suddenly their tails sway back and forth excitedly, Their whiskers bristle in anticipations. At a disadvantage they take the hit. But nothing happens. It screams out. and turns around. Lycanthropes can't be hurt without magic.

Turns out there were four were rats. Franklin screams out there are lycanthropes at the top of his lungs, and retreats as fast as he can to Beryn. He relays "Stone brother, they are bad asses."

Zor climbs into and damn near flattens one. Another swings in with his sword, while another(the maiden) throws a bag at the top of the rocks, going poof in a big cloud of dust. The dust spreads about 20 feet which Marmaduke is safe from, but Amable and Anele are in it. They start coughing, sneezing, choking. Anele seems to be OK, but Amable, he is unable to stop sneezing and choking, while taking damage from internal injury, and is completely disabled. Anele is also disabled but isn't hurt.

one were rat attacks Zor, he dodged away as another arrow bounced off his armor, and the other two rats wait patiently.

Upon seeing his friend, the young lover, going down, Marmaduke pulls out a flask and pours it down his throat, a potion of heal, and Amable bounces to his feet. "Thank you, my friend," Amable sighs. "Earn this" Marmaduke says as he climbs to the top of the rocks.

Telling his friends he screwed the pooch, lets go help our friends, Franklin runs BACK into the fray, Beryn following closely behind. Zor unleashes a flurry of attacks but the rat dodges well. Another throws another bag of dust, catching Beryn. He is notharmed but can not do a thing for ten rounds. Down on his knees and grabbing his throat, he feels as if he is choking to death. Another two rats climb over the pile, one pulling a glistening arrow, he takes a shot. It bounces off Marmadukes armor. The last backs into the tunnels.

Franklin and he see each other as he comes under the stairs. Amable is concerned about the arrow going to his friend, and swings at his attacker, almost dropping the rat, but it isn't quite down. Marmaduke goes after her but can't seem to connect. Franklin moves towards the one under the bridge and contemplates a death attack. Zee sends a magic missile at another rat for a good bit of damage.

Zor swings away with his bastard sword. he grabs at his wounds and seems concerned.

One uses another glistening arrow on Marmaduke from a height, but being evil, the arrow bounces right off his armor. Another swipes at AMable with his sword, but he dances easily out of reach. Another runs off into the tunnel, and Franklin sees it coming behind the one he studies, as that one aims an arrow at Franklin. That arrow misses badly. The one behind it says "keep it busy, I gotta get out of here" " Not one your life Philar, help yourself" And attacks it. Philar promises to not forget at the attacker scurries away. Franklin's study has been for naught. Amable kills the one just in front of him.

Take that you dastardly Caitiff, Marmaduke exclaims as he almost kills another. Zee hammers another magic missile into his rat. Zor finishes it off. It turns into a dead human man. Zor, looking over the tunnel, then at Marmaduke, decides to help Marmaduke. Amable steps onto the dead body, trips, and misses his attack, but Marmaduke kills it, leaving a rat corpse behind.

Franklin moves towards his rat, as he yells for help from the helpless Beryn, and attacks, but displays hopeless ineptitude. Zee moves into sight. Zor decides to give chase, and follows the only way he knows. He encounters Beryn gagging, and begins to hit him on the back. Anele coughs as well. Amable runs down to see where Zor has gone, looking on the ground for arrows. He picks up one and follows Zor.

Marmaduke investigates the passage the rats have disappeared into. The one that attacked Philar suddenly appears to rush at Anele, the other bites at Franklin, and he swipes again to no effect. Zee nails it with another magic missile. Zor rushes to Franklins aid. So does Amable but they are on the stairs. Marmaduke is approaching from the tunnel behind the rat. Zee pulls Beryn out of the way. Anele is no longer helpless but is under attack. He is bit by the were rat. Amable steps in and takes aim with his crossbow, but misses. He hands the poison arrow he collected to Franklin.

Marmaduke screams for the rat to turn around, calling her a poltroon, and as she does, he attacks, but she dodges. Having an open shot at her back, Franklin attacks, trips, and almost falls on his Main Gauche. How he missed as an Assassin confuses and humiliates him.

Zee hears cries and climbs to the top of the rock pile, and sees the rat staring at him, its fangs bloody from biting Anele. The rat, seeing Zee, decides to run, saying "say good bye to your friend," Then jumps into the stream. It starts to go downstream, laughing as it goes.

Philar knows that she is dead, so she attacks the least armored. Fortunately, Franklin moves backwards and easily avoids the disease. Then bravely makes a fighting withdrawal and hides behind Amable.

Seeing the rat in the stream, barely, Zee decides to let fly, but misses. The dark shadows and swirling currents spoil his shot.

Philar tries to bite Amable, who dodges to the side, and feathers him with his bow. It stumbles and almost falls, so Marmaduke grapples the rat in an attempt to drag her to the ground. She falls prone. Franklin stabs her to death and Marmaduke cries out loud as she turns into the maiden we saw screaming for help.

Searching the den, we have three poisoned coated arrows. Franklin knows they are good for another week kept moist.

143 GP
Shiny objects and bits of metal, strips of cloth, dried grass. 901 silver. 2929 copper. Scroll wizards spell. Nice boots, very nice. Franklin tries them on. They conform to his feet to fit perfectly, they are boots of elvenkind. The craft work confirms it.

Ability to move quietly in any surroundings, automatic silent unless running or charging, then -10 to check. The group decides to let Franklin keep them.

We decide to give the helm to Beryn. He deciphers the four spells on the two scrolls we have found so far. Charm person, hold portal and sleep on the one we found in the room with the Ghast, and the other scroll has anti magic shell.

March 29th 2 PM. End episode 24

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Fun game all, and great work on chronicling the adventures Scitzz!

XP updated.

Amable is now 5th level!

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Penny-Whistle wrote:Amable also has no need for silly gewgaws; he is on a quest for love. He will happily toss his share into a fund for the orphans.

How did I miss this?

Gewgaws. What an awesome word.

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