Knights of the Crusade!

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Knights of the Crusade!

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Greetings all Lords of the Crusade! Come and join us on the revamped fired up Knights of the Crusade page!

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Re: Knights of the Crusade!

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For lack of a better phrase....
Get your butts over to the KOTC website and sign up! This is a great chance to organize efforts and gaming materials for conventions, hobby store games and home campaigns. We can grow this into a ground game like WOTC's Dungeon Masters Guild and Pathfinder's Pathfinder Society have. These guys are organized and taking over conventions. We need to match or surpass their efforts to put C&C on top of the gaming industry! To do that we need collaboration and unity.

It's easy to join, just go to th link below to sign up. Come on, you know you want to! We can't get the ball rolling unless everyone gives it a push. So ladies, recruit your men! Men recruit your women! Kids recruit your parents and other relatives. Sorry no pets unless you guarantee they won't each the miniatures or dice. lol.

I submitted my 105 page multiple adventure scenario "Hunger Hollow" to KOTC for all to use. It contains multiple separate cave adventures for kobolds, goblins, hobgoblins, orcs, bugbears, gnolls, ogres and I think I put the trolls in there too, quite literally actually. For those who remember the "Killer Caves" i.e. "Caves of Chaos on steroids" as someone once called them referring to the Caves from Red-Box Original D&D's B2-Keep On The Borderlands, they're all in there. Here's your chance to grab them if you didn't get them yet.

Brian Miller - KOTC Grand Knight Commander (pronounced, "Knight Of The Round Gaming Table).
Gary Con VIII and IX 3 Round Elimination C&C Tournament Coordinator
I'm looking for GMs for Gary Con IX in C&C or 1st Ed AD&D. Run 3 tables and you get in Gary Con free and get a cool GM T-shirt and GM cup (for low cost sodas or beer all Gary Con).
Promoting C&C at Gary Con and LGGC since 2005.

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