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Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Wed May 09, 2018 11:36 pm
by InFurno
Here are my quick notes of what happened over the extent of the Wizzby group. Some of this is going back 5 years, so there is going to be a lot missing. Feel free to add on with anything I missed!

1. All the characters (apprentices) and their masters meet up at a festival
a. Apprentices commanded by their masters to take the Otterman (skin changer) up the river with the Dragon ship crew to Brock’s Bridge Keep which was being harassed by goblins
b. We (Apprentices) decided to take action and attempt to save the Bridge Keep ourselves
c. Diggory the beloved badger (RIP) befriended by Wizzby
2. We killed a sentry of goblins and took a goblin prisoner with the ‘amazing magical shield of invulnerability’ and alerted more goblins
3. Ran into a foxhole of goblins taking them out (and finding a flame strike wand)
a. Entered the Keep to be met with a stone troll and goblins. Dead corpses were stuck into the stone walls and ceiling)
4. We attacked the goblins
a. Wizzby rushed in first with Diggory in tow, who single handedly defeated many goblins after being enraged when Wizzby was damaged
b. The stone troll (and multiple companions) was destroyed with the holy flame wand and saved the Keep and the town from being invaded by an army of goblins
5. We received an honorary guard badge, a gold armband made from fine wire gold work inscribed with the motto of the city, and each adventurer was allowed to select one weapon out of the cities armory (Wizzby chose the composite short bow). We Joined the Dragon Ship Crew on a run to Crazy Old Ben’s place to ‘beer and pelts’
a. Crazy old ben had been ambushed by ghouls (thought to be coming from an ancient Celtic burial mound), and seemed to be sick and damaged
6. We head through the forest in the East to reach the raven shaped burial mound
a. We crept into the opening in the burial mount. The ghouls inside were quick work for the magical wand of auto-winning (I mean flame strike)
b. Two chests were found with gold and gems
c. A magical celtic spear of resurrection or something of death was found (it is covered in raven feathers and ruinic inscriptions)
d. Aelonor carried a cot back with him
This is where some detail notes end and my fading memory comes in
7. The Dragon ship continues down the river stopping at some town (Art joins the game – Spencer). The town is suffering from a poisoned water source according to a Green Wizard in town.
a. We travel up the creek to see what is happening to the water
b. Diggery meets a lady friend and has a passionate night in her den…is Diggory a father now??
c. Wizzby was turned into a tree and given visions by tree-ents about the evil monks
d. Wizzby received 6 magical acorns that could rid the creek of evil
8. In a most impacting event of our crew’s history, Diggory, the badger beloved by all, is killed by a giant magical frog. Wizzby loses 2 fingers and a hero point trying to free Diggory from the foul beast stomach.
9. The CK choses the next game to start with the death of a grizzly bear (at the hands of an Owlbear) and the smashing of two bear cubs via tree trunk right in front of Wizzby (who has always dreamed of befriending a bear) and rushed off ahead of the group to save them.
10. The group reaches a keep in a clearing in the woods surrounded by a small moat. We were attacked by something (can’t remember) and a slime ooze that awakened after Aelonor fell into the water. We were saved by a magical talking unicorn with an elf riding on it who gave Aelonor another magical wand (this time of healing). We were attacked by zombie monk creatures in chains that seemed to rise from the 6x pits containing illusionary snakes surrounding the keep.
11. At some point we rested for the night in a tree. We were woken by a beautiful panther being attacked by some evil undead creature with long finger claws. The panther was rescued and because the best friend and companion of Wizzby.
a. The 6 acorns were planted in the 6 pits surrounding the keep, to grow into magical trees to rid the creek of the evil. They were watered. No effect was noticed, but mission accomplished???
b. We managed to get across the broken bridge and into the keep
c. Did we do anything once we got in? No idea.

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Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:24 pm
by Captain_K
Its time again for a call to arms. A call for heroes willing to risk their mortal souls against evil most foul. Someone has gone to great expense to place a word in all the right ears and even magical runes in key London establishments and guilds. Who will answer the call of the Holy Knight and the near legendary Druid of the Berkshire Woods Wizzby Anklebitter?

A meeting is called for the 14th of September around Noon at rather famous pub… will you heed the call?

Please RSVP, be at U-Pick Six back seating area around Noon, PC ideas in hand, if you’re not going to play what last you played.

We will likely be 5th level PCs.. or not… I’d like them filled out (eventually) on the attached sheet – example PC attached. But the purpose of the meeting is to decide what to do and how to do it.

I’m hoping for others to run games also.

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Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2020 12:33 am
by Aelonor_the_holy
Backstory for Illnacious “Ill’in” Devorathorea – Elf Wizard (Really Illusionist)
Illin_Image.jpg (29.09 KiB) Viewed 5385 times
(Photo Credit: The Fantasy Art of Concept Artist Michael Gauss)

Half brother of Aelonor “Aelonor the holy” cleric. My father Aelo was an ambassador between elven and human races running a small elf/human court as a presiding judge. He took his post after leaving my mother and breaking the marriage with a pure elf after falling in love for a visiting human, a woman named Elasnoria. I was born, like Aelonor, outside of Gloucester in an elven city, but I am just over 20 years older than him, not much in elven time. My mother was born in the big city, Londinium. She always went by Gem but her full name was Gelminara. She was a spell caster who lived and worked in the duty to the King. She did not bother with illusion and spent her time studying the more revered ‘solid’ magic profession of pure wizardry, she saw my childhood passion in illusion as a foolish dealing. I loved my parents but felt the need to travel away from family at a young age. I left the comfort of the city life and went out into the harsh wilderness as soon as I was out of grade schooling. The majority of my illusionist study was self-taught, on the roads between towns going through the English countryside. I often traveled alone, taking the country roads by horseback. Many months of travels have made me comfortable on horseback and I know my way around the woods and can easily form camps and small shelters.

I spent years alone, traveling from town to town and finding enough food and odd jobs to make ends meet. I never found a traveler worthy of my time or effort but it has left me often alone with my thoughts and illusions. In a trade for small illusions to provide cover to a local guild members multiple dealings under the table working to revolt against a governing body fraught with corruption, I received a rather magical hat, one which if pulled over my whole body would take me into an inter-dimensional space where I could not be harmed and where I was fully hidden, with just the hat remaining behind in the physical plane. I tried to do right as my father had taught me growing up, but the life on the road was tough and sometimes you couldn’t get by doing everything very upright and proper. That wasn’t possible living on the street.

I also received a jet black horse shoe, which I’m not sure of it’s origin, but was told it could any normal horse into one ready for battle. I won it in a game of cards at a dark table in the corner of a bar, so I’m not sure it does anything at all.

In day to day travel and nights in dark bars I always have dagger in hand, or if not in hand, within reach. It is a must. I have come one with my dagger, however, staffs are my primary larger physical weapon, but I tend to rely on the abstract world of magic and illusion for protecting myself in more dire times.

I wear black and purple robes with a large hood covering my face, almost all the time. I have full tattooed sleeves on both arms. I am of slight build and average height for an elf. Skin is dark colored and almost with a tinge of purple to it. Tattoos are a dark black in color and mostly swirling and stripped designs.

One night while drinking in a small countryside pub I heard word of a series of judges in Gloucester being disbarred for wrongly imprisoning elves without proper legal tribunals. At the end of the long list of names was my fathers. I could not bare to see it. I had to return to London and find out the truth or at least hear it from my father’s own lips.

So, after decades of travels I returned home to my home city, now called London. I found my mother distraught and my father had already passed, taking his own life some weeks before. I did not know what to think. I could only think that his shame overtook him. He had many years of honest work and something at the end must have ruined him. What that was, I may never know.

After weeks of grieving I found myself hanging in an old haunt of a lounge drinking probably too much and I heard the rumors of the call to arms, a call to fight against the evil in the world and join an honorable and noble knight and his small companion (with a pointy red hat). A call I could not pass up, a call which could honor my father and create my legacy in this world and the next.

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Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2020 1:26 am
by Aelonor_the_holy
March 28th game recap, the illusionist's perspective:

From a deep sleep, I am rustled awake by the high pitched squeaking of the pointy hatted gnome. He is going off about a dream he had where he had a vision and was gifted some sort of skin, a craggy hardened skin over his whole body. A look in the light proved that he was not just dreaming. I hit my staff off his now jagged and brownish skin a few times and where I knocked, it seemed his skin hardened and resisted the impacts.

Within what seemed moments, a sort of glowing gem appeared below one of the cots and it started growing larger and larger seeming to grow in a circle with a dark middle. It soon became clear that the dark middle was really a hole and the blackness at the center was a view to the other side, a view into pure jet black nothingness. We all as a party started backing up from this thing and putting ourselves against the walls, preparing for anything. I cast a strength spell onto Ghost in preparation for some sort of battle. As the black circle grew, it blew a cold breeze out into the room and a howl passed over us and brought the fear of God into us, a fear so harsh and cold that almost everyone was stuck in place, unable to act, completely overcome with fear. The coldness grew and I cast prestidigitation onto Wizby who was standing next to me, warming his chest armor slightly, to try and help defend against the cold.

In an attempt to keep us above ground, should this hole grow larger, Siln started painting on the wall a series of runes, and out from the wall came a six inch ledge made of ice that we all quickly jumped onto, those of use who were close. Round after round he kept manipulating this ice and it moved and grew. Then, out of the hole, came two large hounds, with the burn of hell in their eyes. They didn’t seem to be the source of the cold. One engaged Ghost as he was near the door, near the hole, and the other went towards Siln. Next out of the hole was an ice covered praying mantis like bug-type creature. It was hard to look at this beast and Siln grew the ice shelf in front of our eyes to try and temper the fear created by the beast. After coming off of being frozen with fear, I cast fog cloud and out came a smoke which filled the room. And then quickly a wall formed of solid ice, one foot thick, twenty feet tall, blocking all sight of the mantis creature, leaving the hounds on the side with our heroes and the mantis on the side with Ghost. As the beasts were engaged with other heroes, I went up to the ice wall and hammered in six stakes, using prestidigitation to heat them and allow them to sink into the wall. I hammered and hammered to try and make a four foot by two foot door to allow Ghost a possible exit. Once the two dogs fell, I broke through the wall with an unexpected shot of ice shards coming from Siln. Just then Wizby jumped through the hole and there were yells and screaming from the other side. I had taken damage at the beginning of the battle from the fear and cold of the demon creature, so I backed up and waited with Siln as it seemed like just in a moment to gather my thoughts the sounds died down. Wizby and Ghost appeared back through the wall and told us the mantis was fought back and struck back down retreating into the hole when before leaving mentioned he beckoned out a warning, “Do not return”.
It’s not ultimately clear to me the connection of these beasts to the tower, however, the zombies at the tower shot out ice breath, so it seems there is an elemental connection there to the icy mantis. Also, the tower has been desecrated and it is somehow poisoning the natural area, and it is surrounded by an undead collection of zombies and monks. Therefore, the undead gives a link to hell, where the hounds were clearly from. It also was mentioned, from our dwarven friend, that the hole was for sure, a hole straight to hell itself.

It is the tainted tower which we must return to in order to cleanse the land, and it seems that the mantis knows that the tower is what we must overcome and therefore it is trying to keep us from the tower, even in retreat, to try and keep us away it beckons warnings and tries to keep us through fear away from what it wants to protect, the tower. The very thing we must overcome.

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Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2020 10:02 pm
by InFurno
I Wizzby's eyed view for the game on 3-28-20:

Wizzby woke up in a fury of excitement. He had just met Segojen, aka The Lord of the Burrow, aka The Badger, and was given a gift! His skin now resembles that of bark, strong and hard, yet flexible. They need to hear about this…wake up everyone! The excitement quickly turned to peril as the old angry dwarf started loudly exclaiming that "They are coming… from hell!". First of all, how does he know this, and who are 'they"?? Wizzby thinks this dwarf is pretty suspicious, however there is a glowing red run that has appeared on the floor. Very unnatural. Well, this will be the perfect time to show off this fancy new bark skin, and save the day!

As a hole opens up in the ground, Wizzby prepares himself for combat. He is always brave and unshaken in the face of certain death. However, the howling icy scream that just erupted from the hole to hell shook him to the core. Wizzby is unable to move or even to think for at least 30 seconds. Shake it off Wizzy, you got the Great Burrower behind you! "Absolutely, I got this!" he thinks. "No hell hounds or icy spiked demon is going to stop me from being a hero! Wait, why are hell hounds with an ice demon? Why are they even here? Well, doesn't matter, focus on the iced one, he looks more terrifying". Wizzby casts absorb elements on himself to make him immune to the affects of the cold. "Ha! That ice demon won't even be able to hurt old Wizzy. Now I just need to get its attention!", Wizzby thinks as he runs up to the demon, insulting all that it could possibly love, and goading him to attack! What does the demon do? Create a ice wall to prevent Wizzby from saving the day! Wizzby mutters to himself, "Darn it, does he know that he can't hurt me?" It was a wise decision for the demon to separate himself from Wizzby, that is sure!

Wizzby surveys the room, thinking, "Well, now that I can't take on the demon, let's see what else I can do. Ah, the runemaster frozen to the wall unconscious, sounds like a good chance to save a life!" One healing blast from Segojin, and he is back in action! Now that Wizzby is backed away from the wall, he can see the head of the ice demon…target acquired! Wizzby goes back to his bag of tricks, and summons a swarm of evil hell bats to attack the ice demon! He won't know what hit him!

If only he can get through that darn wall, Wizzby could take to take on the demon. Well it does look as if Ill'IN is working on getting through the wall. As soon as the hole through the wall is big enough, Wizzby leaps through! He is now face to face with the ice demon. At last! How does it respond? By fleeing! Another wise decision by the demon, it knows when it is bested! As Wizzby mocks it's flight from realm of the living, the demon has but one needlessly ambiguous thing to say, "Do not return!". Wizzby is nonplussed "I mean, if it wanted us to not return, it should practice more clear communication! Where should we not return? The tower? Why does an ice demon care about that? Is it chums with the evil purple sashed priest? He is kind've of a demon. That is probably it. They must be best boy buds down in hell. Well your friend isn't going to scare ol Wizzby away!"

Also, didn't the elves say this place was defended against such attacks? Well, you can't trust anyone these days. Workmanship is not what it once was. Well, time to get off to the tower! Wait, maybe it is reverse psychology to get us to go to the tower. Smart Demon!

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Posted: Sun Apr 05, 2020 11:21 pm
by Captain_K
Thank you for the post Wizzby… now if we can get a few others...

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Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2021 2:15 pm
by Captain_K
We are coming fast to the conclusion of years of gaming, the final games linked to The Tower of Virtue are upon us... Thorn Nightbane has been granted a boon of a divine war mount in the form of Loki's 5th get... an Octoquadrasus. The all day Hallow ground spell should complete soon, the cursed area may soon be able to be healed... the acorns and peas may be able to finally take root in natural soil... what will Valen / Polaris do when the spell ends? Heck what will Wizzby do clinging to the back of the Abbot in the form of a Nighmare in the ethereal plane... a great place lose one's purchase.

The end game draws near for our team against the forces of evil... but Nature is on their side.

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Posted: Sat Oct 15, 2022 12:20 pm
by Captain_K
Wow, it has been so long, the story has grown who will write it?

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Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2024 9:43 pm
by Trinket
I'm here!

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Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2024 8:04 pm
by Captain_K
10 year anniversary of the group. Something special is a brewing. Three original members and one PC and Pans 2.0 NPC.

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Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2024 11:55 pm
by Trinket
Name: Pantheos Adonis Fieldfinder et Turrin Dimplestumph "Pans"

Race: Gnome

Class: Illusionist (Wizard)

Level: 7


Pans Dimplestumph, a gnome of extraordinary talents, was born into the vibrant community of Gnomeregan. From an early age, Pans displayed a unique blend of magical prowess and culinary curiosity. His parents, seasoned engineers, recognized his potential and encouraged him to explore both his illusionist abilities and culinary skills.

Pans' culinary journey began in the bustling kitchens of Gnomeregan, where he quickly rose through the ranks, earning a reputation for creating mesmerizing and delectable dishes. His enchanted meals became the talk of the town, attracting patrons from everywhere to experience the magical feasts that only Pans could conjure.

The Dimplestumph family's joy was complete with the arrival of Pans' younger (bigger) brother, Saul. The brothers shared a close bond, often teaming up to create culinary wonders that blended illusion and flavor in perfect harmony. Pans and Saul dreamed of opening their own magical bistro, a place where illusions and gastronomy would intertwine to create an unforgettable dining experience.

Tragedy struck when a mysterious accident occurred during one of Pans' grand culinary performances. A surge of magical energy went awry, resulting in a portal that whisked Saul away to an unknown realm. Pans, devastated by the loss of his brother, dedicated himself to mastering illusion magic in the hopes of one day finding and rescuing Saul.

Driven by both grief and determination, Pans embarked on a quest that took him across distant lands. Along the way, he honed his illusionist skills, learning new spells and uncovering ancient magical secrets. His culinary talents became not only a means of sustenance but also a source of comfort and connection with those he met on his journey.

As Pans reached the 7th level of his illusionist abilities, rumors surfaced about the existence of a mystical artifact that held the key to opening portals between realms. With newfound hope, Pans went on the trail of this artifact, guided by the prospect of reuniting with his long-lost brother, Saul.

Armed with a frying pan and his mixing spoon, Pans Dimplestumph went on this quest, creating illusions that captivate the senses and seeking clues that will lead him to the elusive artifact and to Saul. The magical aroma of his enchanted dishes and the shimmering illusions he conjures are both a testament to his culinary artistry and a beacon of hope in his quest for family and reunion.

Pans Dimplestumph's encounter with Eleanor the phase spider was an unexpected twist in his quest for the mystical artifact and the search for his long-lost brother, Saul.

During his travels through the Feywild, Pans found himself navigating a dense and enchanting forest known for its unpredictable magical properties. Unbeknownst to him, Eleanor, a curious and solitary phase spider, had been observing the gnome illusionist from the shadows. Intrigued by Pans' magical prowess and the tantalizing scents of his enchanted culinary creations, Eleanor decided to reveal herself.

One day, as Pans set up camp to rest and prepare a magical feast, Eleanor emerged from the ethereal weave of the Feywild. The phase spider, with its shifting form and iridescent markings, approached Pans cautiously. Initially startled, Pans quickly realized that Eleanor meant no harm. The spider seemed drawn to the magical energies emanating from Pans' illusions and, more notably, the delightful aromas of his cooking.

In a moment of mutual curiosity, Pans offered Eleanor a taste of his enchanted cuisine. The phase spider, finding the flavors irresistible, formed an unexpected bond with the gnome illusionist over their shared love for magical delights. Eleanor, normally a creature of solitude, decided to accompany Pans on his quest, intrigued by the promise of more magical feasts and the potential for exciting adventures.

As Pans and Eleanor continued their journey together, the phase spider's ability to phase in and out of the ethereal plane proved invaluable. Eleanor became Pans' loyal companion, aiding him in navigating treacherous terrains and providing a unique perspective on the magical mysteries of the Feywild.

The duo forged a deep connection, each complementing the other's abilities in unexpected ways. Eleanor's presence not only enhanced Pans' illusions but also served as a constant reminder that companionship and friendship could be found in the most unexpected places. Together, Pans and Eleanor ventured further into the enchanting realms, their bond growing stronger with every magical encounter and culinary creation.

Pans of Wonderous Creation:
Pans Dimplestumph's magical pans of wondrous creation have a fascinating origin that intertwines with his quest for magical knowledge and his deep connection to the culinary arts.

Early in his journey, Pans heard tales of a legendary enchanted kitchenware set known as the "Pans of Wonderous Creation." These magical pans were said to have been created by a master chef and powerful wizard who sought to elevate the art of cooking to new magical heights. The set consisted of a collection of pans, a skillet, a frying pan and a saucepan, each imbued with unique enchantments that enhanced the flavors and qualities of the dishes prepared with them.

Driven by his passion for both illusion magic and culinary creativity, Pans became determined to seek out these magical pans. Legends spoke of their scattered locations across various mystical realms, guarded by magical creatures and hidden in places of great significance to the culinary arts.

As Pans ventured through enchanted forests, treacherous dungeons, and mystical landscapes, he encountered challenges and puzzles that tested both his illusionist skills and culinary expertise. Along the way, he discovered clues and riddles that hinted at the whereabouts of each pan within the set.

Pans' journey led him to forge alliances with magical beings, solve ancient riddles, and even cook elaborate meals as offerings to gain access to hidden chambers. His encounters with these challenges not only highlighted his culinary talents but also pushed the boundaries of his illusionist abilities.

The final pan, known as the "Saucepan of Illusory Mastery," was said to be hidden in a pocket dimension accessible only to those who could seamlessly blend illusion magic with culinary artistry. Pans, having mastered both, found himself at the entrance of this mysterious realm. As he prepared an elaborate illusionary feast, the entrance revealed itself, and Pans entered a realm where the very fabric of reality seemed to dance with magical energy.

At the heart of this pocket dimension, Pans discovered the Saucepan of Illusory Mastery, radiating with enchanting energies. When he touched the pan, the magical resonance flowed through him, merging his illusionist abilities with the pan's magical properties. From that moment, the complete set of pans recognized Pans Dimplestumph as their rightful owner.

Now armed with the Pans of Wonderous Creation, Pans' enchanting meals reached new heights of magical delight. Each pan contributed its unique enchantments to his creations, making his feasts not only visually stunning but also possessing flavors that transcended the mundane. With his magical pans in hand, Pans Dimplestumph continued his quest for the artifact, using his culinary and illusionist skills to leave an indelible mark on the realms he explored.

The Mixing Spoon of Flight:
Pans Dimplestumph's acquisition of the Mixing Spoon of Flight is a tale of whimsy, magic, and unexpected allies. As he continued his quest for magical artifacts and his search for his long-lost brother, Saul, Pans found himself in a mystical marketplace known as the Bazaar of Arcane Curiosities.

The Bazaar, hidden in the heart of a bustling city in a realm touched by both magic and commerce, was a gathering place for enchanters, alchemists, and magical artisans. Pans explored the labyrinthine alleys, encountering stalls filled with peculiar and extraordinary items. In one particularly mysterious corner, he stumbled upon a quaint little shop run by an eccentric gnome named Maglin Sparklewhisk.

Maglin, a master craftsman with a flair for magical kitchenware, immediately recognized Pans' culinary expertise and illusionist talents. Intrigued by the gnome illusionist's quest and the magical aroma of his enchanted dishes, Maglin decided to forge a unique magical tool to aid Pans on his journey.

The Mixing Spoon of Flight was born from Maglin's creative genius. Crafted from a blend of rare metals and infused with the essence of levitation magic, the spoon not only served as a culinary instrument but also granted the power of flight. Maglin enchanted the spoon to respond to Pans' magical commands, allowing him to soar through the skies with a mere flick of the spoon.

When Maglin presented the Mixing Spoon of Flight to Pans, the gnome illusionist was overjoyed. The spoon became an extension of his magical prowess, enhancing both his mobility and his culinary performances. With the Mixing Spoon of Flight in hand, Pans could effortlessly navigate challenging terrains, create aerial illusions during his culinary displays, and explore realms from new heights.

Grateful for Maglin's generosity and craftsmanship, Pans continued his journey with newfound excitement. The Mixing Spoon of Flight not only became a practical tool but also a symbol of the unexpected friendships and alliances that could be forged in the magical realms. Maglin Sparklewhisk's shop in the Bazaar of Arcane Curiosities remained a fond memory for Pans, a place where culinary creativity and enchantment converged in delightful harmony.

The Artifact:
In the shadowy corridors of power on the island of Snowdown, Lady Erliza Daressin reigned as both a human woman of influence and a hidden vampire mistress, her ambitions stretching far beyond the mortal realm. With eyes set on the throne of the Feywild, her transformation into a vampire in Amn only fueled her desires for greater dominion.

Haunted by visions of regal grandeur, Lady Erliza embarked on a quest to unlock the secrets of the Feywild's gateway. Through dark rituals and twisted research, she unearthed whispers of an ancient portal concealed within the depths of Karador, a city shrouded in mystery.

Driven by her insatiable hunger for power, Lady Erliza manipulated the political landscape of Amn's colony on Snowdown, weaving her webs of deceit and intrigue to ascend to a position of authority. Only her closest confidants, privy to her sinister nature, dared to whisper her true identity behind closed doors.

Meanwhile, amidst the opulent halls of Lady Erliza's court, Pans Dimplestumph, a gnome illusionist, and culinary savant, served as her unsuspecting cook. Oblivious to the dark machinations unfolding around him, Pans dreamed only of finding the mystical artifact that could reunite him with his long-lost brother, Saul.

One fateful morning, while preparing breakfast for Lady Erliza, Pans stumbled upon the artifact a seemingly innocuous salt shaker with untold potential. As he sprinkled its contents, a rift in reality whisked him away to ancient Greece, leaving him bewildered and disoriented beneath the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

Now, thrust into a world far removed from his own, Pans finds himself among a band of adventurers, drawn together by fate's mysterious hand. With the artifact's secrets still eluding him, Pans must navigate the treacherous depths of Greek mythology and face the looming shadows of Lady Erliza's influence, all while striving to unlock the portal to his brother's whereabouts.

But as the ancient stones of Delphi whisper their secrets and the echoes of Lady Erliza's ambition reverberate through time, Pans and his companions must tread carefully, for danger lurks in every shadow, and the truth behind the salt shaker's power may hold the key to their survival.

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Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2024 10:22 pm
by Trinket
(Verse 1)
In the heat of battle, I stood tall and brave,
But fate had a twist, a hand I couldn't save.
With a flash and a roar, my hand was gone,
Along with my powers, it didn't take long.

Oh, I lost my hand, my powers too,
But I won't let it get me blue.
With a smile on my face and a song in my heart,
I'll find a way to make a fresh start.

(Verse 2)
No more casting spells or waving wands,
No more illusions, no magic beyond.
But I've got grit and I've got heart,
I'll rise again, I'll make a new start.

Oh, I lost my hand, my powers too,
But I won't let it get me blue.
With a smile on my face and a song in my heart,
I'll find a way to make a fresh start.

I'll adapt and overcome, I'll find a way,
To turn this setback into my day.
With friends by my side and laughter in tow,
I'll embrace this challenge, let my spirit glow.

Oh, I lost my hand, my powers too,
But I won't let it get me blue.
With a smile on my face and a song in my heart,
I'll find a way to make a fresh start.

So raise your voices high, let's sing it loud,
For the gnome who lost his hand but stood unbowed.
With a twinkle in his eye and a joke up his sleeve,
He'll conquer any challenge, you better believe!

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Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2024 7:14 pm
by Captain_K
10 pp for Pans... Great back story...