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Another one from my own setting, World of Phantasie...
Glimmertoads are generally harmless, but their light show can hypnotize predators and even careless adventurers.
Glimmertoads are generally harmless, but their light show can hypnotize predators and even careless adventurers.
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No. Encountered: 1-4 (solo) or 6-36 (in nesting areas)
Size: Small
HD: 1-1 (4 hp)
Move: 20
AC: 12
Attacks: See Below
Special: Hypnotic Lights
Saves: P
Int: Animal
Alignment: Neutral
Type: Magical Beast
Treasure: Nil
XP: 5 + 1

The Glimmertoad is a small amphibian-- usually between six and ten inches from end to end-- found along creeks, rivers and in swamps, especially in warm climates. Although Glimmertoads may be green, brown or black, their main identifying marks are the yellowish to white sacs that appear at various points on their back. These nodes often glow with a very faint light.

The nodes are in fact filled with a phosphor-like chemical, which is the Glimmertoad's sole means of defense from becoming prey. Three times per day, it can cause these nodes to exude a colorful, glimmering light show that can daze and hypnotize those who see it and leave them unable to act for a time. Glimmertoads use this ability mostly to effect escapes from larger prey, but it also plays into their mating cycle, as Glimmertoads use the lights in a manner not unlike fireflies to find mates.

Some creatures, notably giant alligators, have begun to evolve immunities to the Glimmertoads' lightshows, and sometimes act symbiotically with them, following Glimmertoad light shows in the hopes of finding larger prey. Therefore it is not unknown for some of the Glimmertoads' predators, stunned in such a manner, to have themselves become prey to other hungry creatures in the area.

Glimmertoad sacs are sometimes sought by mages and alchemists as spell components.


Hypnotic Lights - A character who sees the lightshow of a Glimmertoad must make a Wisdom save to avoid the hypnotic effects or become become enthralled, able to take no actions other than to pay attention to the effect, even being dazed for some time after the effect has disappeared.
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Re: Glimmertoad

Post by Omote »

Pretty cool sir. I did think that there was going to be a picture of the HYPNOTOAD in this post to be perfectly honest. ;)

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Re: Glimmertoad

Post by Breakdaddy »

Nice one, AF.

Omote- Hypnotoad is pure win. You remembah dat.
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Re: Glimmertoad

Post by mbeacom »

I really like it Argo. Lots of great flavor. I am totally borrowing this for my campaign. I can totally envision a point where the road passes close to a stream/swamp where an encounter could occur. Thanks!
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Re: Glimmertoad

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Definitely going to be making use of this one! :D

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Re: Glimmertoad

Post by Penny-Whistle »

Love this!

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