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Another gravestone:

"I'm dead=Automatic turn"
Brian Miller
"The adventure continues"
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Growing up:

I still have most of my 1e AD&D stuff. I had to re-buy a couple things that were lost here or there over the years (just a PHB and 1 module). My parents may have sold all my Star Wars figures, but my brother and I would not have them selling our AD&D and D&D books (or Top Secret, Gamma World, Star Frontiers, or Twilight 2000 stuff!). 8)


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"Knowledge, logic, reason, and common sense serve better than a dozen rule books."

"Rules not understood should have appropriate questions directed to the publisher; disputes with the Dungeon Master are another matter entirely. THE REFEREE IS THE FINAL ARBITER OF ALL AFFAIRS OF HIS OR HER CAMPAIGN."
-- E. Gary Gygax

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"I failed my saving throw.

My system shock roll,

blew the whole.

Resurrection? No go."

I've always had role playing games surrounding me, and while I got rid of over half of what I had, what I kept was the important stuff.
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Arioch wrote:
For some people taste change, or perhaps they never had the deep love for th game and it was just something they did with their friends and now their friends have moved on. There are many hobbies I had in my youth, that as an adult I don't have the time or the energy to pursue. Gaming for me will always be a part of my life, can't imagine a time whne I wont be gaming, but I have seen casual players who can easily drop if they need to.


I agree, many ot those I gamed with over the last 20 years or so have dropped from gaming for one reason or another, my group has changed several times over the years.
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