[2024.05.20] Minor forum update imminent

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[2024.05.20] Minor forum update imminent

Post by Bifford »

Hey all.

As you are aware the forums were down recently. Thanks to Monica for her help getting it back up and running. I have just made a database backup and updated/installed a few extensions. I am now in the process of downloading the entire forum so I have a local backup and will then temporarily close the forums so no new posts can happen.

I will then do another database backup and update the phpbb version (it's only a minor update so should not take long at all). Once that's done I'll re-open the forums. I have also found an extension which, assuming it works, allows you to go into your settings and change the font size.

The shutdown won't be until the full site backup has been done, which might take a while.

See you on the other side.