Had a blast at Gencon

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Had a blast at Gencon

Post by Trueshaft »

I finally got up the nerve to run a game this time out. "Shadows of a Green Sky".Had a sold-out table of 6 players. Not so hard seeing as how it was the only C&C game being run. I'd forgotten how much fun running a face-to-face game could be. Great group of players, and they got through the adventure much faster than I anticipated. I set aside 4 hours but we did it in about 2 I believe. I have to do this again somehow, and I don't wanna wait for Gencon.
Enjoy playing and CKing C & C as much as I'm able. I'm usually free on Sundays and Tuesdays just about any time. Both as a player, and CK.

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Re: Had a blast at Gencon

Post by Bifford »

Fantastic to hear it went well! :)

What was the best moment?

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Re: Had a blast at Gencon

Post by maximus »

I always wanted to go when I still lived in Chicago. Lake Geneva, Milwaukee, and Indy are all easy drives but never made it happen. Sorry to hear there was only 1 C&C game, but glad to hear yours went well.

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