2019 North Texas RPG Con

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Hlobane Orc
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2019 North Texas RPG Con

Post by BudaZoa »

Anyone going to this ?

Some of my group will be there all weekend. I have a weekend pass but will only be there for some of it.
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Re: 2019 North Texas RPG Con

Post by DMMike »

My wife Liz and I will be there, esp. since she's a guest this year. We will be there Wed night-Mon morning so we'll be toodling around. Liz will have a table, so feel free to stop by and say "Hi"! :)

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Joe Mohr
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Re: 2019 North Texas RPG Con

Post by Joe Mohr »

I will be there and running a game on Wed night "Dark Tower of Arcma." It is AD&D 1st Ed. I may be running a second event but I have not submitted it yet. I am waiting to see what else opens on Friday night before I put in for a second event. Due to recent health issues I had not intended to run anything at all at this years event but there seemed to be a shortage of games and GMs so I decided to do so.

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