Better Skill System Rules.

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Better Skill System Rules.

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Another little fix.

Usually, Skill Checks become a bit... Crazy in C&C since it's level-based, this one fix is a way to keep the numbers from Exploding too bad

d10+Relevant Stat Modifier +6(If Prime)+Level
If it's a class Skill the player gains an additional +3 to the check, this would be for Traps, Listen and Abilities like that.
The +3 enables players with the Class Abilities to be better and more trained than those who are attempting it without training. This preserves the intent of the game without the Elf Barbarian Disabling Traps better than the Human rogue of same level.

NPC's and Monsters get d10+HD+6(If Prime)

Difficulty Classes:
6 Very Easy
12 Easy
18 Moderate
24 Hard
30 Very Hard

As always use with your best discretion this system solves most of the problems and my players like it, especially the ones who like to be skill monkeys but not always succeed as they had been with the old way of doing it. This fix was suggested by one of my players and I have adopted it and now share it with you all.

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