The Passing of John Wright

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The Passing of John Wright

Post by cuchulainkevin »

Hi guys, I just want to share some sad news.

John Wright, who was instrumental in the creation of both the C&C Society and the Domesday Book, passed away last night.

His wife Mona, who was also a big proponent of C&C in the early years, relayed that news via Facebook this morning.

John and Mona were fixtures at those first GaryCons and both were great embassadors to the game. John was one of the finest CK’s/DM’sI have ever had the luxury of gaming with. He was also just a kind man and a fine friend.

Sadly, he and his family had to relocate from WI after the Scott Walker business (both were educators) and moved to Louisianna to continue their careers, which ultimately forced them to curtail their adventures in Lake Geneva and in the Society.

I know I had always hoped for another chance to throw dice with John.

He will be missed.

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Re: The Passing of John Wright

Post by Rigon »

Holy man...

That is so sad to hear. John was a great GM and guy. I gamed with him a couple of times at different Cons. He was a gentleman in every sense of the word.

He will truly be missed.

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