C&C Tournament Dungeon

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C&C Tournament Dungeon

Post by Go0gleplex »

Hey folks.

It has been asked several times; Is there an official C&C Tournament Dungeon and scoring in the event someone wishes to run a tourney at a convention? Well, there is now a quasi-official package with a high level dungeon, scoring rules, and support documents available upon request. For what I hope are obvious reasons, I will not be posting it for download.

To request just send me a PM request. The Tourney dungeon name is "The Troll Lord's Flagon". :mrgreen:
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Re: C&C Tournament Dungeon

Post by rkhigdon »

Sounds interesting. Anybody have anything to report on this? In any case, PM sent.

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Re: C&C Tournament Dungeon

Post by Tadhg »

Hmm, quasi-official . . who is the author?

Thx! :)
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Re: C&C Tournament Dungeon

Post by PhilipPerry »

It has been asked a couple of times Is there an official Tournament and scoring in the event someone wishes to run a challenge at a custom

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