Free stuff: Cold Blooded Games

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Free stuff: Cold Blooded Games

Post by Gringnr » ... oded-Games

Free on drivethrurpg (and has been for quite some time). Cold Blooded games has 3 games/systems available for free download.

Dog Town: a game of modern (well, 1970s) criminality. Players are cons, robbers, mobsters, dealers or some similar type of scum. The game's unflinching nature and authenticity may be off-putting to some. In fact, I haven't seen this many people up in arms about the negative influence of a roleplaying game since the 1980s. TONS of material here, including two corebooks (one set of regular rules and one "Stripped", or simplified set), along with several adventures and sourcebooks. You may love it, you may hate it, but it's free. Reviews are mixed, with the negative ones seeming to mainly focus on the content and/or morality of the game. Uses something called the Split System, which I have seen both praised and criticized.

Bust - Explosive Roleplaying: a free, card-based generic rpg system. Gets middling reviews.

Snuff - Downloads of Death: the worst looking of these, concept-wise. This one probably deserves the opprobrium that as often been aimed at Dog Town, but isn't well known enough to get it. Looks like a RPG version of the movie, Hostel. Not terribly interesting.

Supposedly, all of these games could use better editing. But Dog Town is a neat game, IMO. Hope somebody finds something they can use here.
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Re: Free stuff: Cold Blooded Games

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interesting review! thanks! I like to play different online games such as mine-craft and so on. But, I really want to try this one. Tell me if it's hard to figure it out if you have not played the games in the past? What is the main technique in the game?
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