Rappan Athuk

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Penny-Whistle wrote:
Scitzz wrote:
Penny-Whistle wrote:So cinematic! Lovely write-up.


Amable does remember predicting that greed was certain to lead to the death of someone. Orcs prefer to live lightly. Since he likes and trusts Anele's unassuming ways he decides to ask the cleric for a boon.

"Should I die I trust you to do right with my body and spirit. Please distribute my things to any who may want or need them. Afterwards, would you burn my body to release my spirit? If that is impossible, please cut my body into pieces so that my matter will return to the earth. That is the way of my people. I very much distrust messing around with the natural order."

Thanks! I was getting sleepy toward the end of the game and I see some grammatical errors, I can add this in verbatim, and maybe beef up my prose a little.
My bad: his warning was just something said in passing and doesn't change the action. His will is something I just added here on the forum and wasn't said in game.

Oh yeah, I got that :D I meant that I was flagging in detail at the end, but this is an interesting note to add. It could be thought of as one of those campfire discussions we would all have had on the way back to Zelkors ferry! It is the perfect kind of thing to add to these "chronicles" so outside readers and other players can get into the motivations of our characters.

I can't believe how many times in the week I am crawling under a car, turning a wrench, and thinking of my character :)

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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XP is updated. Three of you have reached the next level:

Franklin Fort is now a 6th level assassin!

Marmaduke is now a 5th level paladin!


Zor is now a 5th level paladin!

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Hey all, I will not be able to run the game tonight, will be out of town until tomorrow. Apologies for the short notice.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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And WooT! 6th level!

Safe travels.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Lots of deaths this session, only three of you have survived your travels through the Forest of Hope:

Zor Soth human paladin

Amable half-orc fighter

Beryn Stonechipper dwarf barbarian

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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See July 22 rebuild
Huckleberry Grumble the Gnome Wizard (5)
Age 50 Birthday April 19
AC: 13
HP: 15
BtH 1

STR 9 +0
P DEX 14 +1
CON 13 +1
P INT 16 +2
WIS 7 -1
CHA 11 +0

LANGUAGES Common, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Kobold
SIZE Small
MV: 20


Scarlet Tunic
Blue-green hood that looks quite good
Backpack 2g
Bedroll 1s
Belt pouch large 1g
Blanket, winter 5s
Canteen ½ gallon 2g
Flint and steel 1g
Pitons / spikes 10 1g
2xRope 50’ hemp 2g
Sack large 2 1s
Torch 5 5c

Case, scroll or map 2 2g
Chalk dozen pieces 12c
Flask 6 18c
Ink 3oz 24g
Paper 10 sheets 10g
Quill 3 3s
Wax, sealing 3 3g
Tongs 6s
Vial 6 (1oz) 6s

Amulet of Natural Armor +1 (1000)
Bracers of Armor (+1) (1000)
2 Pearl of Power (L1 spell) (2000)
2x materials for Identify (500)
Gray bag of tricks (1000)
Ring of Feather Fall (1550)
15 spell levels scrolls: (1100)
15 spell levels scrolls: (1100)
All scrolls cast into spell book and destroyed.

X Arcane Mark
X Detect Magic
X Endure Elements
X Open/Close
1st Level
X Shield
X Magic Missile
X Read Magic
X Unseen Servant
2nd Level
X Rope Trick
X Invisibility
3rd Level
X Fireball


Huckleberry is a happy little gnome who studied hard and got a scholarship to the wizard's academy.
After graduation he was confronted with a choice: apprentice himself to an established wizard and lock himself in a tower full of books and laboratory equipment, or test his mettle against creatures of darkness. Obviously he chose the latter. He hopes to enrich himself and fill his spellbooks with the spells of his fallen foes.
He is the son of the famed illusionist Grimble Grumble.

Raw Rolls: 13 14 7 11 10 15
My C&C stuff: www.rpggrognard.com

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Rappan Athuk, Episode 27

After reviving the mage, we spend 4 days in Zelkors Ferry. Franklin takes advantage of this time to utilize his recipe for Dead Mans Bell, and makes 5 doses of this nasty concoction. It causes hallucinations for 2-8 days and can possibly leave the victim catatonic.

The party is fully healed, and the daily grind is beginning to wear on us as April 4th rolls around. All except Franklin, who everyone notices has been in his room except to eat. Zor has been praying daily at the shrine, and finally decides he would like to see it upgraded from its current wooden form, but realizes he has not yet the funds to do so.

Locals have been hearing rumors of a very large green dragon flying about.

Marmaduke has summoned his war horse, Brucellus, and buys chain barding for it. He then boards it with the rest of our animals.

Finally, we head out. Heading across the ferry itself, then hugging the coast line, it is a pretty but cool day.

Description: Clear

Temperature: ModerateHigh: 61°F (16°C)Low: 44°F (6°C)

Relative: Colder than normal

Wind Force: LightWind Speed: 3 mph (4 kph)

Sometime after midnight, during the second watch, Franklin and Amable are standing guard. With a rustling of bushes, a large wild boar, looking very irritated, stumbles into camp. About forty feet away is when we spot it. Franklin edges behind Amable hissing "guys guys wake up," As Amable shouts " Guys, awake, we have bacon on the hoof for breakfast!" then lets loose with his crossbow. The bolt strikes and sinks in deep into its chest. Letting out a loud roar of pain, it shakes its muzzle, and Franklin lets fly with another arrow, but the shot goes wild. He rushes towards Marmadukes tent screaming "Wake UP!"

There are rustling sounds coming from the tents, as the boar rushes to Amable trying to gore him, but he dances aside and cleaves it in twain with his bearded axe. He spends the rest of his watch butchering the meat. Muttering about all that commotion over breakfast, the rest of the crew return to sleep. The rest of the night passes without event. We break camp after a mostly bacon breakfast, and head back out.

That evening, as we are setting up camp, there is more rustling in the woods, then, with much snarling and snorting, 6 smaller boars than the one we encountered last night come out of the woods in a staggered line. Catching us slightly off guard they rush in, and gore both Marmaduke, and Franklin. Amable is able to avoid their attacks, and Zor strikes a blow, while Amable kills another. Franklin parries a couple of gores and moves away, and Marmaduke swings his sword wildly, perhaps trying to sway them to stay away.

Charging one from across the camp, Beryn smites one dead, and tells him "Your going in my belly next, you dirty swine."

Anele attempts to turn undead. Nothing happens.

Voryn slings a dart from behind his tent.

The boars gnash teeth and gore the air, but can not manage to put teeth to us, until Beryn gets gored. Amable attacks another, dealing a heavy blow, while Franklin strikes a glancing blow with his arrows, retreating more. Beryn and Marmaduke damage a couple more, before Anele finally enters the fray, chopping the head off of one with his nine ring broadsword.

Another dart from Voryn flies wild. More melee until Zor and Amable both kill a boar each. Franklin hits the last boar with an arrow before Marmaduke is able to dispatch that one as well.

"I never thought I'd be sick of bacon, but me lord," Exclaims Beryn.

Zor collects more tusks. In spite of Beryns complaints, Amable smokes more meat.

Once again, on the second watch, trouble appears.

In the distance, Franklin hears movement to the North. Snaps and rustling sounds, like more than one thing. Whispering a warning to Amable, Franklin bee lines for the closest tree, and attempts to hide. Amable smells something with a hint of Lavender to it. It reminds him of Elves. "Damn, I hate elves," he cries "No wonder that little guy ran."

Moving to the edge of the firelight he speaks loudly "What do you want with us."

"Tell us why you are here" a female voice speaks out. " I seek lost love, but we have boar meat if you are hungry."

Disbelieving, the voice says she "has no time for your banter" but Amable persists telling of the lovely maiden he pursues. "I was betrothed to the most lovely maiden in our village. Her name was Zerg"

The voice threatens to lay down arms or be cut down, so Amable screams out "INTRUDERS!"

An arrow lands at Amables feet. "That was a warning, tell us why you are really here." He persists again, but tells that the rest of us like gold,, and are looking to find Rappan Athuk, searching for adventure.

"Lower your bows: says voice, and four elves follow their leader out of the forest. ALl are dark clad, the leader a very intense looking female elf with a feather in her hair. They appear to be wood elves. Hers is the voice in the dark. Amable "Glad you guys have simmered down, come to the fire and have some tea."

"You should not be going to Rappan Athuk. It is too dangerous. We have been following you for days. You have slaughtered many boars, and left much waste."

"I am travelling with Barbarians" whispers Amable "I hate the way they waste things."

"Why should we not go to Rappan Athuk? Have you heard any rumours?" But his gestures are mistaken and the bows come back up.

"Why do those of Zelkors Ferry go to Rappan Athuk?

Marmaduke awakens, and Amable informs him that these people are rude. He explains he is going to destroy the evil that is there. They lower their bows again. They suggest we only travel in the day, and avoid a fire at night.

Marmaduke agrees, and asks if they know of a better path, but they do not, but they are willing to offer assistance for part of our journey, which he quickly accepts, and asks terms. They explain we must not cause trouble for them, any elves, or their friends. Mostly Fey creatures, who stay mostly hidden, but if we ever pose a danger we will be an enemy of the elves.

They will watch over our camp for the night, and we once again offer food that they reject in a more friendly manner. They disappear into the woods.

In quiet discussion, Franklin and Beryn agree they do not trust these elves, and stay up the rest of the night with the regular watch, who we post as well.

The night goes by uneventfully. We know they said they would follow.

April 6th, we travel easily again, and sleep quietly through that night. Are the elves really watching out for us? Amable thinks he may need to revise his thoughts of them.

Amable and Anele switch watches, so someone who can see in the dark is always awake, and we go without a campfire.

Before we can even get into a deep sleep, something approaches.

Unfortunately for our party, we hear nothing in advance. As 7 Giant Jumping Spiders come out of the trees. All 7 take us by surprise.

The first one jumps down onto Zor. He smacks it away and is now aware of their presence, but another jumps onto him, but he knocks it away as well.

Another finds Voryn in his tent, and stabs at him through the fabric. The poisonous mandibles pierce him even through the tent. The damage is minor, but it attempts to poison him. To his fortune, he jumps wide awake and shoves away at the spider before it can inject it into him. To his misfortune, another moves in before he can awake, and it's poison finds a home in his body, he sighs, then he dies.

Next one jumps onto Franklin's tent, pierces, and injects him deeply before he can do a thing. Eyes flashing open, he gasps, recognizing he is poisoned, before seizing and and gasping out with a final breath "the irony."

Another quickly follows suit jumping onto Marmaduke, and delivers poison into his system as well. "OH! Rosebud," He sighs before lapsing into Cheynes Stokes breathing, then the breathings ends.

Aneles tent is attacked as well, The mandibles piercing him so suddenly, the poison injected so deeply, he doesn't even awaken as he dies.

The last one jumps on the surprised Beryn. At the last moment it skitters out a quiet screech, and is enough to warn him, and he bats it away.

One spider drags Aneles body away, moving at top speed. Another drags Voryn away, clutching his staff of power that he has already died once for to himself tightly, even in death. Franklin is dragged off as well. "I may be joining you shortly, little buddy" Beryn cries, as Marmaduke is dragged off into the woods with the others.

Amable, Beryn, and Zor are all that are left alive. The prone fight to their feet and fend off the spiders further attacks for the moment. Then Amable slays the one closest to her with her axe. At the same time, Zor tries to attack, but damn near drops his weapon instead. "You crispy treat, I will stomp you" Beryn cries out, smashing another attacker into the dirt.

The last standing spider tries to attack Zor but he ducks out of the way, and Amable glances a blow off the last one, just before Zor finishes it off.

"Searching the forest for them is just terrible" Beryn says, and Amable pushes that they continue to the dungeon of graves. "Who knows what other travelers will be there?!?" While Beryn agrees that there is less risk moving forward than back.

Traveling on, night falls as the last survivors near the mausoleum. They set up camp for the night. They agree that watches will be spread out in three turns, with trembling knees. Somehow, they make it through the night uneventfully.

Here endeth the travels of:

Franklin Fort, from parts unknown

Marmaduke of Rampart

Anele, Cleric of Kel

Voryn Zaldron (Battle Mage)


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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Bhapa. Estranged son searching for his father, known to have roamed with bandits, a half elf, named Mahrtiir.

While travelling unwillingly with the bandits that he believed to have orphaned him, Mahrtiir encountered a young human serving wench named Rue, at a tavern and inn the group was fond of. The tavern had a sign out front of a prancing unicorn with fully engorged genitalia. As things are wont to happen between two young people, they often snuck away with each other late at night into the barn in back, and between those bales of hay, Bhapa was conceived.

Unknowing of his coming fatherhood at the time, Mahrtiir was forced to join the group on a long journey and was away for almost a decade when the group was ambushed by local law enforcement and he finally made his escape from the group.

Back at The Vulgar Unicorn, word found its way to Rue and she thought Mahrtiir forever lost to her and her son. Meanwhile, Bhapa, having become enthralled by passing minstrels, has taken up travelling with a group of Bards, and is learning the craft, playing the harmonica he had played since a small child. Many an adventure he had over the next few years!

Alone, and tired of being a serving wench, Rue left the inn. Returning to visit his mother after many years away, all the one thumbed tavern keeper can tell him is that Rue left to join a cult that worships animals and trees. Despondent, he wanders towns and villages but can find no trace of such a cult, but he does hear word of Mahrtiir, the Firestarter, and the intrepid group he travels with, Extinction Unlimited.

Hoping this is indeed his lost father, and finding no trace of his mother, he sets course for Castle Calallen, possible home of his ancestors, and the nearby Zelkors Ferry. Before he reaches it though, he runs into people who tell him the last Extinction Unlimited was seen, they had been heading towards the dungeon of graves, Rappan Athuk. Without hesitation, brave of heart and fey, he changes direction and approaches the mausoleum. As he nears, he can feel the excitement in his heart begin to turn to dread, but he will not be stopped, not until he finds his father!

Human dominant half elf

Str 12
Dex 13
Con 16
Int* 12
Wis 11
Cha* 15

AC 17


Iron Greek Ensemble with Regular helm +5 head +6 AC
Medium Steel Shield +1 2 defenders a round
Broad Sword +1
Short Composite Bow +1
Main Gauche

Backpack 2g
Bedroll 1s
Belt pouch large 1g
Small belt pouch
Blanket, winter 5s
Canteen ½ gallon 2g
Flint and steel 1g
Hammer small 1g
Lantern hooded 7g
Oil 12 flasks 12 g
Pitons / spikes 10 1g
Rope 50’ hemp 1g
Sack large 2 1s
Torch 5 5c
Whetstone/weapon kit 1g

Water skin 1g
Cheese block 2 4s
Rations 4 weeks 6g
Tea 1month supply 1s

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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While Bhapa was performing at the Lionside inn, in the city of End Home, Bhapa and Huckleberry realize they are headed in the same direction. Safety in numbers being a thing, and traveling North to Rappan Athuk, Bhapa and Huckleberry draw near to the Mausoleum after leaving the coast road. The forest has taken on a dim quality, and no sounds of life are noticeable. Signs warn of evil, the insects are thick, with many flies and mosquitos. Half buried corpses show from the ground. The feeling of dread in the area increases, and somehow, the fey heart of Bhapa feels somewhat leaden.

As the others break camp on April 9th, it is a chilly and cloudy day. 39 degrees F, they are glad to the lessening clouds of insects. The smell of death still pervades the air.

As they bank the fire, there is a rusting in the trees. Bhapa and Huck have smelled fire and food, and decided to approach. They figure vampires don't cook bacon over a flame.

Amable hears them coming and immediately offers to feed them. They banter back and forth and realize they are heading into the same area.

Buzzards are circling in the distance, as if something is dead nearby. Bhapa asks after his father and refuses to be scared away by talk of recent deaths in the group he has joined.

Nearby is a sign with red paint and a crooked arrow, pointing out Rappan Athuk, this way, and a small skull has been carved in it.

"This dungeon isn't going to rid itself of evil" says Beryn, and we head to it.

8 Stone gargoyles made of green stone once again guard the mausoleum, Beryn notes they have regenerated. He also tells how to get in by using the drawer with a key under the statue of a dwarf. "Complete regeneration, I dinna like this at all." "They also tried to carry away the gnome that travelled with us," he warns Huckleberry, and he ponders ways to stay safe. Amable promises to protect him. He decides to lash himself to a heavy log.

Bhapa goes to the well, sits on the edge and plays his harmonica. There are bas relief carvings of demons and such. Inside, there are claw marks as if something had tried to climb out of it. The harmonica echoes eerily out of the well. The others decry him as a fool, but he is blissfully ignoring them.

Unwitting fools all, we continue to explore around. Looking at the stones, there are sayings and epithets. Each notice a few.

One says Elric raven mane, one room too many.

Napoleon Einstein Von Smith. A song of heaven plays for you.

Bob Keller, one wish too many

Shawn Hibbs, at rest in the hands of our lord Thyr.

Huckleberry casts shield on himself, and one of the gargoyles flies off. In haste, he lets loose with a fireball! Completely engulfed in flame, they take massive damage! It appears the tiny gnome is a mighty wizard indeed. They all awaken at once, and the battle begins.

Having taken them by surprise, Huckleberry targets one with a magic missile, then another, killing it, then uses a third missile on another gargoyle. Seeing it take damage, Bhapa finishes it off with his bow, while Amable uses a crossbow on another, harming it. Zor steps forward and waits for them to approach, as does Beryn. They fly off the roof, headed for the gnome, but Zor knocks one right out of the air, and it falls dead in a crumble of dust, and Beryn crumbles another.

The remaining two both try to attack Huckleberry, but he nimbly avoids their attacks, and uses three magic missiles to destroy one, and Beryn tag teams with Bhapa to crumble the last. We stash their eyes of Jet in the bag of holding.

We actually begin discussing what to do if we die, since the last resurrection costs the one group 4 people. We basically decide what to do if we die, whether to be set aside, buried, left for the rats. etc. Zor wants a part of his body to be used as a holy relic, and use his monies to improve the shrine at Zelkors Ferry, maybe even build a church. Bhapa wants to be brought back if convenient, but if not, just try to take care of his mother. If possible. Amable wants to stay dead, as does Beryn, wishing to return to the eternal forge. Huckleberry wants to remain dead.

We get the key from the dwarf statue, and enter the dungeon.

We find the black magic candles light up. Broken weapons on the ground, and the secret door behind the sarcophagus is still open, but the sarcophagus is closed. The candles on each side look like they have not been consumed at oil, oily, greasy, they give off a pungent black smoke as they sizzle and flicker.

We begin making our way past the places the other group has cleared. Making our way to uncharted territory, we come to room 20, and head North up an 80 degree slope. As we climb, the tunnel gets narrower and narrower, leading to the light of day. We explore it and know it leads to G3 at the surface. We keep it in mind as a bolt hole for the future.

Doubling back, we take the tunnel South, which Beryn recognizes as being deeper than anyone in the group has gone before. We enter a cavern full of broken bones. All of them seem as if they have been picked clean. The tooth marks look like something large has chewed on them, and left only small broken bits, torn to pieces, are left behind. Some pieces look bloody, also some various gore mixed in. It is a nasty place, to say the least. The floor looks like a feeding area that has been used over and over again.

Tunnels head in various directions. One even looks to lead elsewhere, in the northeast. Another due east looks to open up, and a tunnel below that leads a long way into darkness.

Top to bottom we go.

The first corridor leads to a water filled room, and oily bubbles come up from the surface. The walls are covered in a glossy black paint that reflects a weird reflection. Nascent rainbows look to spread from the bubbles in the surface of the water.

With a stone tied to a rope, Beryn measure three feet deep and it feels like sludge or mud on the bottom, and the stone, when pulled out, looks like rich, decomposing organic matter. The bubbles release a stink when they pop. Beryn warns us away from this room, suggesting traveling somewhere else, but the water ends just before a hallway to the north,

Examining the southern wall closely, Beryn also notices a secret door to the south.

We leave the room, not willing to dare the oily water.

We skip the corridor east, thinking it will lead to the secret door, and head down the third tunnel. After about a hundred feet, Amable is the first to notice the smell of decaying organic matter. It opens to another system of tunnels. It is a cavern that splits into two tunnels. To the south are piles of slimy dung and rotten corpses piled high. The smell is terrible. Zor lights a flame to start some incense. "Dude, man, will you put that flipping thing out" Bhapa says, and he does. Bhapa worries there may be pockets of methane gas.

Opening to area six, we take the northernmost tunnel until it forks. Amable smells the stench of ogre sweat. The northernmost tunnel opens into room 7. "There may be ogres, and I canna stand ogres," says Beryn and he goes into the room. Zor is hot on his heels.

From out of the dark, surprising the two on the lead, 8 ogres rush at them, then begin to chuck spears. First one hits him, the ogres howling. Another runs in and sinks a spear into his torso. glances a blow from his helm. "Dwarf meat, stab them." as another hits him.

Zor is the target of the next two, but he is able to dodge. The last two can not come close enough yet to attack.

Now we know they are there. However, they are faster than us. They have clubs with a mixture of teeth, and bits of steel weapons stuck in them. They swing wildly but willingly, pushing on their opponents, trying to pummel and overbear their opponents.

3 run around a separate tunnel and get close to Amable. Two come after Zor, and three after Beryn.

The first ogre knocks him straight to the ground, and Beryn is prone. Slamming their clubs at him, he rolls away from one, only to be smacked by the other.

Zor is also knocked to the ground, then hammered by another ogre.

Amable them proceeds to pancake a tiny(for an ogre) ogre that was closest to him. It is dead.

Zor climbs to his knees, and takes a swing, damaging one, while Bhapa misses a shot at the one closest to Amable. Beryn starts to taunt the one closest to him, who cries "You are food for Max!" The ogre is hurt, but not down. Huckleberry sends a magic missile towards another, damn near taking his life, but he will attack again. All of them go after Beryn.

The first one screams "get back on the ground" knocking him down for the others to club at. None connect, and the others can not put a hand or club on Zor either.

Amables attackers have no luck, he is too much of a fighter for them, just as Zor deals a grueling blow. Bhapa sinks an arrow into Amables attacker, while Beryn slips his footing in the gore on the ground below him, missing his swings with his axe. Huckleberry casts invisibility on himself, and he squirts between the legs of Amable, who looks at Bhapa with a raised eyebrow. The ogre on Amable can not connect on him, but Zor is knocked to the ground, while another screams " Your overconfidence is your biggest weakness" while slamming his club into his body.

Beryn manages to withstand the next rush of ogres. They literally bounce of him as he pushes them away. Amable tries to crush his opponent but misses, as does Zor. Bhapa puts yet another arrow into the same ogre as last time, but he is still standing. Beryn connects with one in front of him, and Huckleberry recalls one of his magic missile spells. One of the ogres curses and disappears into the darkness behind Amable.

Beryn and Zor defend against the wall of ogres in front of them, while Amable crushes the last ogre in front of him.

Zor manages to hit one, and Bhapa doffs his bow, and cleaves the ogre that has slipped past Amable. Huck moves back and recalls another magic missile, and Amable dodges a blow. Zor and Beryn still stand solid defense. Amable pivots, and connects with the guy behind him, who stumbles, almost, but not quite dead.

Zor misses with his attacks, but Bhapa whips his broadsword around and kills the ogre threatening the rear of the group, and Beryn ends the life of another one. Huck moves forward.

The wall of defense established by Zor and Beryn stands strong. Amable runs to the front of line to join them, as Zor can not connect, and Bhapa misses as well. Beryn flanks an ogre, and although he deals massive damage, it still stands.

Huckleberry casts one of his magic missiles, killing one, and redirects his other two, darn near killing another.

Amable slips, stumbles, and cant deal any damage, but Beryn and Bhapa kill two, leaving the last to run away. Zor and Beryn try to cut him down, to no avail. Bhapa tries to give chase, but the tunnel seems to go too far down, and can not hear anything. He gives up the chase.

We find 8 different sacks. One for each ogre.

• Sack one contains three dead giant rats, a large wheel of cheese, 140gp, 3 oil flasks and a large, pretty rock (uncut, unpolished alexandrite worth 1,000 gp).

• Sack two contains half of a week-dead elf wearing elven chainmail, a long sword etched with silver with a golden pommel and quillons (worth200 gp), six silver arrows in a leather quiver and 230 sp.

• Sack three contains a small cask of fine brandy, a heavy crossbow, a steel breastplate of dwarf manufacture, a ceramic pot full of antitoxin (six doses; grants a +5 bonus to save vs. poison), 325 cp and 120 sp

• Sack four contains a two-foot-square silver mirror, a silver and sapphire ring worth 30 gp, a mummified human arm, a battered book written in halfling (titled The Wanderings of Helman Hairfoot) with a rose pressed inside it, and a rusted crowbar (which is really a rusted crowbar)

• Sack fve contains an ivory scroll case (10 gp) that contains a treasure map (located outside Rappan Athuk), 44 gp, a silver helmet with a garnet set in the forehead (altogether worth 60 gp), two dead rats and one dead stirge

• Sack six contains the body of a dead magic-user wearing tattered robes and a silver dagger, four large but worthless shiny rocks, a thoroughly destroyed spellbook with only two spells still usable for study (darkvision and dispel magic), 340 sp and 100 gp

• Sack seven contains three flasks of holy water, a case of 12 crossbow bolts and 120 gp.

• Sack eight contains a Scarab of Protection , five dead giant rats, a severed halfling head wearing an earring made of gold worth 10 gp, six large but rusty iron spikes and a small sack of fresh oranges (10).

Quickly, before anyone can complain, Bhapa snags the elven chain mail, and doffing his greek ensemble, dons it.

The Scarab of Protection adds a spell resistance of 5 , 20% of the time a spell fails. Energy drain or death spell is absorbed for 12 attacks before it is destroyed. Bhapa is gifted that as well.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Rappan Athuk Episode 29

April 9th 10 AM

Unbeknownst by the party, they have been followed closely by a fighter, going by the unlikely name of Duelin Dalton. A very strong and well armored Chap. As we are going through the sacks the dead ogres carried, we hear the clinking of metal armor. Looking over, we see a large humanoid figure in full plate, about 5 foot 10. He carries a long sword, but it is in its scabbard. It seems to be a male, and he also carries a torch.

Beryn challenges him, Who is out there?

It is I duelin Dalton. I seek fame and fortune.

Beryn invites him to join us, and he agrees, as long as we have his back and not put a dagger in it.

Bhapa is unconvinced about him joining, but Zor says he has been trying to detect any evil in him, and can find none. Bhapa settles down...for now.

Pleasantries over, we head west. Coming to another hallway, looking south, we see a raised portcullis made of stone, and Beryn senses a secret door just beyond it. The portcullis is fairly well concealed and we might have missed it if not for the dwarfs abilities, and Beryn warns us it could fall at any moment, trapping us on either side. We decide to head North first. As we do, Beryn notices a large stone block set into the wall as if it can open. Perhaps by pushing it.

Looking down the following corridor, Huckleberry sends dancing lights down the hall to try to see more. Not much more is revealed, so he detects magic on the stone in the wall, and finds none. So he reaches into his bag of tricks, pulls out a rat, and sends it past the portcullis, then under the secret door. As he gets close to it, he stands on its hind legs and sniffs, then Huckleberry whistles him back. Using his empathy, he can not sense fear in the rat. But it would like some cheese, so he gives him a piece. It rubs its little paws together in glee, grabs the cheese, and greedily eats, as he lays on his side. It does think it stinks down here. Then Huck sends it down the other end of the corridor.

He comes back and warns us there are big things down there, four of them, and Huck lets us know this.

Dalton tries to swing the the large stone block, but nothing happens. No matter what he does to manipulate it, nothing happens. About then, we hear something approaching from the direction of the four figures down the hall. Bhapa whips out his harmonica. They are preceded by a light. Coming around the corner they are human in shape, one carries a torch, the others have unholy symbols of Orcus around their necks, and are dressed in black robes with hood, and are well armed.

We have prepared ourselves, and three of us fire arrows at the leader. All three hit, thud thump thwack! He falls dead, then Huckleberry prepares to dodge away. The standing three rush in with their maces, but one takes a shaft from Daltons bow, and Amable finishes him off after Bhapa misses him. Beryn bursts into a flurry of blows, dropping one to the ground, and leaves the other with a huge gaping wound in his chest. He is focused on Zor the paladin though, and throws a vial of unholy water on him. His exposed skin seems to sizzle, and Zor winces in pain as fumes come off him. A sickening chuckle emits from under the hood of the unholy cleric, as he is pleased. Rushing up and swinging his sword over Beryns head, the cleris leaves his unholy life behind.

Huckleberry runs back down the hall, screaming "Bonzai!" dagger in hand, then pulls up short. " Oh, you have it handled. Good." Amable winks at him.

Looting the corpses, we find their unholy water and 77 gold. Each wears a chain shirt, a med steel shield and a heavy mace. Their unholy symbols are made of pewter. They are young and fresh of face, and the one who carried the torch is now catching flame from it. Huckleberry offers dead priest to the rat, who bites an end off one finger and runs off with it.

Bhapa stands over the body of the burning cleric for a moment, as if mesmerized, muttering, "ah, the fire."

Entering the room beyond, it is filled with refuse, but Beryn finds yet another secret door. Beryn opens it. It opens up to a room we were in before, one filled with oily water. We are now on the other side where we could not approach before. We can now see there is another room, and we decide to check it out! Alas. It is completely empty.

The rat begins to feel himself fading, and sends a thought of farewell to Huckleberry, as the finger he was gnawing falls to the ground, and his figure dims away.

Going back to the stone slab, Huckleberry tries a cantrip on it. He puts out his hand, saying "Open," and the stone...remains still.

The burning cleric is blazing well, and smoke fills the hall. We begin to cough and gasp for air. "What do you *cough* *cough* say guys, wanna *cough* go up the stairs?"

"No," says Huckleberry, "I will test the portcullis," but Zor intervenes. "You must understand, this is a risk I must take," and he moves past the portcullis, and opens the secret door, and only a brick wall is seen.

Suddenly, the stone block swivels, a black pudding oozes out, and the portcullis slams down. It covers the entire width and height of the corridor, trapping Huckleberry on the other side away from the party.

"Ugh, Ugg, OOOK!" Cries Bhapa. He hurriedly pulls out a flask of oil, and tosses it on the black oozing slime. He screams "Torch, torch, who has a frikken torch!" and he runs away.

Bloop goes the oil, as the pussing absorbs it. Beryn throws two flasks of oil on the ground in front of it, and cries out "Yes, a torch, a torch would be good right now."

Amable fires a crossbow bolt into the pudding. It goes "Bloop" in a somewhat, maybe painful manner? The party is unsure if it is hurt at all.

Zor is trying to open the portcullis, and Huck has run far down the hallway away from it. Zor screams "Run fools, run! I am the keeper of the black pudding!" Straining at the bars, he is unable to even make them budge. "By Thyr, why have you deserted me? Get out of here, don't worry about me!"

Huckleberry is waiting to see what it will do, so is Amable. Bhapa lights a torch. Zor is still trying to lift the portcullis. "Lift with your legs, not your back" advises Amable. Nothing happens.

Beryn runs over to the portcullis, and tries to put some dwarf into it, with no luck. "RUN," cries Zor.

Dalton has scurried into another cavern completely, and waits patiently to see what will happen.

The pudding sloshes down the corridor and engulfs Beryns sword arm, and threatens to cover him completely. The hallway goes dark near Beryn, as his scimitar can no longer light the way. Zor is in darkness as well. Another bolt from Amable goes "Bloop" with unknown effect.

Zor swings at the pudding with his sword. Being magic, the sword damages it, splitting it into two new black puddings.

Bhapa runs in, tossing Beryn a rope, and runs back down the hall trying to pull him out, screaming for help as he goes. He is not strong enough though, and Beryn is further engulfed, up to his chest now. The pudding oozes through the bars, and begins to engulf Zor. His skin is searing and he takes some damage.

Huckleberry slams the one holding Beryn with a magic missile as Amable runs up to help Bhapa pull Beryn out of the pudding. We manage to pull most of him out, leaving only his legs stuck. Dalton is making his way back down toward the rest of the party.

Meanwhile, Zor is further engulfed, taking more damage as the black slimes over him, and dissolves his magic plate mail.

Beryn finishes extricating himself and immediately downs a potion of cure serious wounds. At the same time, Dalton strikes with his morning star, which seems to do some damage. Unfortunately, as he strikes, it oozes over his left arm. More smoke fills the air as his skin sizzles.

Zor is further engulfed, and the pain is so bad he passes out. Being on the other side of the pudding, the rest of the party is just now aware of what is happening to him, but being on the other side of the portcullis, we can not even try to pull him through.

Amable throws the rope to Dalton but can not pull him out, so Bhapa runs up and strikes with his Godentag, Beryn hits him with his sling, and Dalton finishes it off with his morning star. We are all sprayed with a black mist as its cellular coherence dissipates, and it dissolves into a mist.

The other half of the pudding completely engulfs Zor. The acid eats into his body, and becomes one with the pudding, leaving no trace of his mortal coil behind. This pudding them moves VERY close to Bhapa.

Huckleberry moves toward the room the black pudding came from, and finds a handle that might do something. He pulls on it, the door closes, and the portcullis raises up. Zors helmet rolls across the floor. His head is still inside.

Screaming "Ahh, ahh, ahh, get this freaking thing away from me," he makes a fighting withdrawal and moves fifteen feet away, as Beryn sinks a stone from his sling into it. Dalton hits it with his mace, and dances back about five feet, but that isn't far enough, as it lurches toward him. It kind of slimes its way over his body, and eats his armor away.

Huckleberry throws his lit torch at it. It seems to do some hurt, but the torch fizzles out. Amable, having run down the hall, grabs a mace from one of the dead clerics and runs back towards us.

Swallowing his fear, Bhapa slams the pudding with his godentag, followed by Beryn using his, and finishes it off as well.

Looking for more remains of Zor, we find all that is left is his head in the helmet, his bastard sword, and shield. All his other items are dissolved.

Beryn has donned the dwarven armor, so he gives Dalton his old boiled armor.

We find a room to rest in, and utilize Huckleberry's rope trick to get some rest.

It begins to sink in that Zor is now gone. It really didn't take long for the dungeon of graves to claim another party member. The mood is solemn.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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2 things, unless I am simply mis reading it with my blurried, recently woke up, eyes, you don't have Dalton engaging the first half of the Black Pudding.

Second, just a reminder that this forum is to be kid friendly, so you probably should remove the cussing.
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Also, Dalton ran into the other cavern at the beginning of the encounter.

"Dalton has scurried into another cavern completely, and waits patiently to see what will happen. "

But I missed recording your return, fixed that.

So, my friend had an early Bday party yesterday, I got home from it just in time for the game, but I had a few adult beverages while there, and my attention to detail was a little less than usual last night :P I usually wait until we have only an hour or so left in the game before I have any of those.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Personally, I love the "Bloop" the best.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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To update you all... Rom is out of surgery and it all went well. That's all I've got for now.
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Treebore wrote:To update you all... Rom is out of surgery and it all went well. That's all I've got for now.
Good news! Best wishes for him feeling better!

We need more fodder :D

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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XP has been updated.

Amable is now a 6th level fighter!

Duelin Dalton is now a 6th level fighter!

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Druid of Freya
Neutral Good

Level: 5
XP: 34,101 / 35,001

HP: 34 / 34

=== Stats ===

AC: 17
- 10 base, 6 armor, 1 shield
BtH: /roll 1d20+2
- 2 class
Melee Damage: /roll 1d6+1
- 1d6+1 weapon
Ranged Damage: /roll 1d4+2
- 1d4+2 weapon

STR: 9
DEX: 9
CON: 13 (+1) prime
INT: 9
WIS: 16 (+2) prime
CHA: 13 (+1) prime

=== Background ===

Languages: Common, Druid

Fray is a Druid of Freya.

=== Secondary Skills===

Animal Handling (WIS)

=== Class Abilities ===

Nature Lore (Druid) (WIS)

- Create Water
- Detect Poison
- First Aid
- Purify Food and Drink
- Animal Friendship
- Entangle
- Faerie Fire
- Goodberry
- Barkskin
- Speak With Animals
- Summon Swarm
- Speak With Plants

Max Spells:
0th: 4 (4 class)
1st: 4 (3 class, 1 wisdom)
2nd: 3 (3 class, 1 wisdom)
3rd: 1 (1 class)

=== Equipment ===

Gold: 1,322.31

Lantern, Bullseye

Club - 1d6+1
Sling +2 - 1d4+2, 50 feet
- Small Stones - 50

Cuir Bouille (boiled leather) +2 - AC 6
Shield, Large Wooden - AC 1 against three foes

Staff - 1d6

Rations - 21 days

- Bandages - 20 wounds
- Bedroll
- Chalk - 20 pieces
- Chisel
- Fishing Gear
- Flint and Steel
- Grappling Hook
- Hammer
- Holy Symbol, Wooden
- Hook, Iron
- Mortar and Pestle
- Oil - 7 flasks
- Prayer Beads
- Quill
- Razor
- Rope, Hemp - 50 feet
- Sewing Kit
- Waterskins - 4 gallons

- Feed - 20 days
- Harness
- Liquor, Cask - half gallon
- Saddle Bags
- Saddle Blanket
- Tent, Small

=== Will ===

The sling goes to the longest-lived cleric, then to the longest-lived wizard

The cuir boulli goes to whoever can equip it and doesn't have better armor


Size: Large
HD: 8 (d12)
HP: 54 / 54
Move: 40 feet
AC: 15
Attacks: 2 Claw (1d12), Bite (3d8)
Special: Hug, Blood Rage
Saves: Physical
Intelligence: Animal
Alignment: Neutral
Type: Animal

Hug: Strength save to escape

Blood Rage: Continue fighting until -10 HP. While in negative HP, bonus of +2 to all attack and damage rolls.

Tricks known:
- Attack
- Come
- Defend
- Protect


Size: Medium
HD: 2 (d8)
HP: 10 / 10
AC: 12
Move: 45 feet
Attacks: Gore (1d6)
Special: Scent

Tricks known:
- Come
- Heel
- Stay
C&C/D&D-related writings, Cortex Classic material, and other scraps: https://sites.google.com/site/x17rpgstuff/home

Class-less D&D: https://github.com/ssfsx17/skill20

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Episode 30

Bhapa: "Dude, man, it just occured to me that I should have tried to exalt poor Zor to some kind of greatness! My harmonica and my voice have both been known to inspire others."

Beryn "It is OK, laddie, that black pudding took us all by surprise."

Huckleberry "Bygones."

April 9th 8PM.The party has spent five hours up the rope trick, and another 3 hours of resting. As we are coming out of out sleep, we have another encounter. We see the biggest cave bear we have ever seen! We are somewhat nervous, but Frey announces himself, as seeking to destroy the evil inside the dungeon, and Beowjaeger the Cave bear is with him. Snarling, the bear bears his teeth at the mention of evil, but then sits on his haunches and scratches. "Behold, these will provide sustenance and knit your wounds," rasps Fray, and hands Beryn some Goodberries, a handful, perhaps as many as 8. Beryn is very full after this, but feels much better.

Having been joined by such great companions, we have the bear stand guard and spend a couple of days by the pool. Beryn especially needs the healing and our new companion is very helpful with that. Which goes a long way to gain our trust.

Huckleberry becomes curious about the water during this extended stay and tries to detect magic in the area around us. He notices the secret door has magic on it, and relays that information to us. He knows it is very powerful, as if cast by a high level caster.

Three days pass, and it is now April 12th. The stench of the black oily water has really brought us down.

Dalton wants to work the way around and find the other side of the secret door. Nothing is there. Except a passage that we follow to an oddly shaped room, with piles of skeletons, human hair and other refuse are amidst black robes, but no symbols. Basically, piles of dead clerics. There is another door in this room. Silence and the feel of an abattoir is all that fills the room.

At Beryns urging, the door is checked for magic, but none exists there. The feeling of oppression, coming from the room, is pressing on us, as he opens the door. As it creaks open, no cobwebs or dust are noticed. An irregular tunnel heading south is revealed, about 5 feet wide. It leads to a room with several beds. We can smell something we have never smelled, and there is heat.

The beds are evenly spaced apart with a wooden chest at the foot of each. Duelin Dalton, foolhardy fighter that he is, begins to rifle through the chests. As he opens the first chest, burnt othur fumes are released. The party being of strong constitution, we all manage to survive, and Dalton moves to open another, as he holds his breath and the rest of us dash away.

A touch trigger unleashes a bolt of lighting, and he is shocked half to death.

Huckleberry decides to cast open/close on a third chest, the first two having only contained robes, a cloak, and daggers. He dons a robe and a dagger first, but it is of no use. A globe of cold is unleashed in a forty foot diameter. He finds a black leather bound book, and a ring. There is a picture of Orcus on the book, and magical runes on the ring, he dons helm and reads "Wear me if you wish a soft end."

He skims the book with the helms help. Suddenly, he feels as if he is somewhat confused, and realizes he is less intelligent. He feels hazy, and immediately sets the book down. He takes the ring and leaves the room. The rest of us decide to leave the last 3 chests alone.

Beryn opens the door in the room alone, and is hit with a feeble mind spell. His intelligence is now below that of even an animal, although he can recognize, follow, and aid his friends until he is healed. No one can notice yet.

The door opens to a hallway and further on we see double doors engraved with demons, and a smell, bitter, acidic, comes from the other side of the door. The door seems a warning.

Beryn merely pants.

The Cave Bear is sniffing at the air and looking unsettled by what he smells. "It seems a great evil lies beyond" says Fray.

Beryn Pants some more, and Fray notes he has learned the speech of beasts.

Amable comes up next to Beryn in front of the door, and motions for him to open the door. "On 3 he says, one, two, three....you going?" He listens, and hears nothing, and warns Beryn to stand back, but he merely looks at Amable. Amable ties a rope to the ring on the left door, and drags Beryn back a ways, and pulls on the rope.

Light floods out, and muffled voices go silent. In the distance seems to be a pool of lava with stone steps going over it in 4 directions to a central point, the point taken by a figure in black robes. He says, "KILL THEM! let none escape," and seems to be addressing others in the room.

"Brace yourselves" shouts Amable.

Unknown to us, the head cleric casts prayer, and they each cast protection from good on themselves. Four look like Acolytes, one looks older, more decorated, like a higher more advances cleric, giving commands. We can actually see his face, as well as what seems to be a high priest.

First to act, Bhapa lets fly, and misses. Dalton and the others await action, while Beryn swivels his head in confusion, before Huckleberry jumps on a bed to see, and casts a fireball. Since we have all retreated to the last room, Amable slams that door, not the double door, shut. As it slams shut, we note that all the acolytes in sight are turning to ash. Others are taking damage as well.

We hear a cawing like a giant rooster and heavy footsteps, then clawing at the door. Amable is trying to hold the door shut. Suddenly, the door breaks right down, and a vulture headed demonic being is revealed, with feathered wings.

Behind it a cleris looks through the door and casts a spell of hold person on Beryn, who gets a wild eyed look on his face as he is stuck in place, while grunting, and screaming wildly, and unintelligibly. Acolytes and clerics come pouring out of the darkness.

Bhapa steps back to get some room, and puts an arrow into the demon. Fray engages but can not do any damage, before the bear flings Beryn to the ground and attacks the demon. It swipes with its claws, grabbing it into a bear hug, and bites it in the face, ripping and rending all the way. Amable follows up with dire blow of his axe, and Huckleberry slams a magic missile into it. Fully enraged now, it launches into a full scale attack. It attacks with its lower claws while biting at the bear, its other four claws held in the bears hug. He barely clips the bears ear with his beak, though, then gashes it in the stomach.

Then the very unhappy priests start moving in, in numbers we could not have guessed at. They crowd into the doorway at the double doors, looking down the hall at us in the other room, their pet demon grasped in the bears grasp. Bhapa slams an arrow into the demons eye, leaving it easy pickings for Dalton to dispatch. Then he attempts to block the exit as the bear tosses the body of the demon at the acolytes rushing down the hall, pinning one on the floor, leaving room for Fray to cast Faery fire into the hallway.

Amable grabs Beryn and starts pulling him towards the exit. Huckleberry sends a Magic missile down the hall, killing the one that has been pinned, then moves to squeeze past Dalton.

Then the acolytes run through the faery fire and attack the bear with morning stars. He dances in rage as they can not land a blow. Many clerics come running down the hall.

"By the weed I inhaled in the other room" cries Bhapa, slaying an acolyte form the door leading from this room, as Dalton calls for withdrawal and misses a shot from his bow. Fray moves away missing with his sling as the bear swipes and bites another acolyte to death, before moving to the exiting hallway as well.

Amable drags Beryn down the hall, Huckleberry riding his back and recalling magic missile into a pearl.

Two acolytes go after the bear again, only this time, they cast cause light wounds, but one misses, and the bear rages out a loud roar in pain.

5 Clerics come in and 3 cast hold person on Fray, but he is able to resist. 2 cast same on Bhapa, one fails, but the other one takes hold.

In the background, someone shouts, perhaps the high priest, "Nadroj! Come, COME! Help us!"

Dalton runs up and throws Bhapa on the ground behind him, then moves to protect him, as Fray lifts him to carry him away. and the bear makes a fighting withdrawal. Amable drags Beryn out of the hallway into the room behind them as Huckleberry casts shield and Beryn starts to wiggle.

A cleric slams the bear with a mace. Three more come in and use cause light wounds on the bear, who rages in agony. as others fill the room. Nadroj is heard to answer the high priests call, and is ordered to "Kill them."

Dalton handily dispatches a cleric with his sword and Fray drags Bhapa about 10 feet down the hallway. Dalton close behind. The bear can deal no damage before retreating down the hall, and Beryn begins to froth at the mouth in rage. Risking a shot down the hallway with his crossbow, Amable sticks a bolt into a cleric. Huckleberry recalls another Magic Missile into his other pearl of power.

Beryn stands around wild eyed at the goings on.

The clerics cluster at the entrance to the tunnel. Two can manage to swing their maces at the bear who is blocking the way. One lands a horrible blow on it.

No sign of Nadroj as of yet. He is consulting with Zehn (High priest) in the lava room.

D Dalton helps Fray to pick up Bhapa and they begin to jog down the hallway. They get out of the tunnel and into the room. The bear grabs a cleric into a hug,m and gnaws his face, into his skull, and brain, slamming the lifeless body to the floor.

Huckleberry and Amable flee from the tunnel, and are far gone in moments, out of sight. Beryn sees two friends running away and follows closely.

The bear is left fending the clerics in the tunnel, who can only approach him one at a time. Zehn sends Nadroj after us. Nadroj, it turns out, is a spectre. He moves 80 feet into the room with the beds and chests.

Meanwhile, the bear takes an attack, and fends it off successfully. Meanwhile, thinking the bear expendable, D Dalton slams the door to the tunnel shut, and spikes it that way. Dragging Bhapa farther away, Fray commands the bear to fight more, who swipes the cleric in front of him again.

Dalton is screaming for us all to run. Amable, huck, and Beryn are still fleeing as the bear and the cleric swing wildly at each other.

Suddenly, in the room past the blocked off door, a spectral wizard is reaching towards us, having come through the stone itself.

Bhapa takes one look at the ghost coming through the wall and takes to his heels. D Dalton looks at Fray and says "We out of here, right?"

Fray commands the bear to attack again, who kills one cleric, then biting another, almost kills him as well. Then, he moves back, slinging at Nadroj, as D DAlton flees down the hall as well.

Huckleberry leaps of Amables shoulders, and turns invisible, while Beryn follows Amable in flight.

Nadroj is squared off with Fray. He casts hold person. Fray falls stricken. Nadroj moves in the direction of those of us who have fled. The clerics can't hit the bear.

In the dark with Dalton, Bhapa stops to light a torch, although he can make out a glimmer from Beryns sword showing the way they have gone. Dalton continues to just run like hell, risking tripping in the dark, but deftly maneuvers after Amable. They all enter a level we have been at before. Fray is still held, and the bear hugs the last damaged cleric, ripping his head right off.

Beryn, Dalton and Huckleberry are working their way to the surface. Bhapa is hesitating, as Nadroj decides to go back to Fray and removes 2 levels from him.

A cleric misses using cause light wounds. The bear knows he is cornered, rips that cleric to shreds, before getting hit by another cleric. He pulls that into another bear hug almost killing him, then dispatches him before moving to another. That one is half dead but casts a spell. The bear is not quite dead yet. He kills the second to last cleric, then the last hits him hard enough to send him into a blood rage before death, so he easily kills the last cleric, before charging into the room with the main priest.

The High priest knows he has no spells to really harm a bear, so he swings away with his heavy mace. In his rage, the bear can not be hit. The bear mauls Zehn who panics and makes a fighting withdrawal down the stairs. The bear slashes him with his claws, and Zehn, desperate, panics and bolts. Being faster, the bear drags him down from behind and with cries of rage, disembowels him , and lets the body tumble into the lava.

Totally drained, Fray becomes a spectre of Nadroj himself.

As his blood rage wears off, the bear lays down, and with his dying throes, falls into the lava after Zehn.

Death count 9th level cleric
Six 5th level clerics
12 second level clerics,
1 Vroc Demon.

Left alive, Nadroj and Yarf the spectres.

Torn by wanting to help Fray and wanting to save his skin, Bhapa has much thought in front of him.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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That was pretty epic. The bear functioning on reserve hit points having taken down a lot of the clerics and taking down the boss, after being locked in with them, that was pretty amazing. And Fray buying us all the extra rounds we needed to get to the sunlight. He didn't even know us, probably didn't do it for us, just being badass.

We could have taken down the spectre wizard in theory, but I am certain fewer of us would have made it out.

Anyway, this much is clear; we are now on Orcus's shortlist.
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Re: Rappan Athuk

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I kept forgetting to ask who got Zor's magic sword. I don't have a magic sword, or any weapon that is magical.

That was the most epic character death I have seen in a long time.
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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Tekkou Urist
Lawful Good

Level: 5
XP: 37,101 / 67,002

XP Calcs:
- 5: 20,001 + 12,001 + 1,500 = 33,502
- 6: 40,001 + 24,001 + 3,000 = 67,002

HP: 31 / 31
HD Type: d8/+3

=== Stats ===

AC: 16
- +3 class, +1 attribute, +2 equipment
BtH: +5
- +4 class, +1 attribute
Damage: 1d8+2
- 1d8 class base, +2 class bonus

Move: 40 feet

STR: 11
DEX: 15 (+1) (prime)
CON: 13 (+1) (prime)
INT: 11
WIS: 12
CHA: 11

=== Background ===

Languages: Common, Dwarven

Animosity (Elves): -2

Deepvision 120 feet

Determine Depth and Direction

Enmity (Goblins/Orcs): +1 to hit, -4 reactions

Defensive Expertise (Giants/Ogres): +4 AC

Resistant to Arcane Magic: +3

Resistant to Fear: +2

Resistant to Poisons (CON): +2

Stonecraft (WIS): +2 to search for stone secrets passively, +4 to search for stone secrets actively

=== Abilities / Spells ===

Back Attack: must be hidden and moving silently, +4 for double damage

Cant: Rogue language

Climb (DEX)

Decipher Script (INT)

Hide (DEX)

Listen (WIS)

Move Silently (DEX)

Open Lock (DEX)

Pick Pocket (DEX)

Traps (INT)

Sneak Attack: target must not be suspicious, +2 to hit for +4 damage

Fast Movement

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Iron Body: +2 versus a variety of effects

Stun Attack: Once per level per day, stun for 1d4 rounds

Deflect Missiles: Once per round

Iron Fists: +2

Slow Fall

=== Equipment ===

Gold: 100.00

Stone of Alarm

Potion of Remove Blindness/Deafness x 2
Potion of Remove Curse x 2
Potion of Remove Disease x 2
Potion of Restoration

Bracers of Armor +1
Ring of Protection +1
Ring of Animal Friendship
Ring of Jumping
Ring of Swimming

=== Will ===

Everything goes to the wizard first, then to any other rogues.
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Re: Rappan Athuk

Post by Scitzz »

April 12th 8AM

Outside the dungeon of graves.

Temperature: Moderate
High: 46°F (7°C)Low: 29°F (-2°C)Relative: Normal
Wind Force: Moderate Wind Speed: 18 mph (28 kph)Moderate Wind: A steady wind with a 50% chance of extinguishing candles, torches, and similar unprotected flames.

Bhapa "Dude, why didn't you guys come help me fight for that druid guy? I have a scarab of protection?"

As we climb out into the cold early morning, the wind blows through making a deathly, hollow sound. Looking at the rise, we see three figures looking down at us. One is shorter than the other two, perhaps a dwarf.

Ultimus, cleric of Shinare. Silver shiny plate mail with a griffin on the chest. A shield and helm(with wings on it) with mace

Ozwood Darakius, a Man in white grayish robes, about 30 years old and avg looking.

Tekkou Urist the dwarf monk/rogue. A Dwarf in a black suit, he always walks in a precise manner and has shifty eyes.

The three have come from Endhome, where they met up and have traveled here with some encounters on the way. They know each other somewhat, and feel like a coherent group.

Ozwood notes that the rumour is wrong, some do get out, as our group emerges from the ground and the hidden tunnel in it. As a group we are breathing heavily and looking furtively about us as the new group approaches us.

One recognizes Beryn's plight, and sells him a potion to heal him for 1500 GP. Ultimus, Cleric of Shinare. Amable kicks in 1400 for it, as he has no use for gold. He lets us know that he has more he is willing to sell if we need them.

Shinare appeared to him as a child and he has built a relationship with her. Many thought he was crazed until he began to be able to do magical work, causing him to be exiled from his community, since none had heard of his goddess before.

Of course, Bhapa inquires if they have heard news of his father, the reply is negative though.

Not knowing the fate of Fray and his bear, we decide to go back down the hole after healing up the Double Dee, in hopes of finding our friend still alive. We make our way back to the last room Fray was seen alive. On the floor, we see the dead body of Fray himself.

"Dude, this sucks, he died down here for us." cries Bhapa as Amable stifles his sniffles. He is overwrought with guilt for leaving him behind. Wallowing in guilt, Huckleberry kicks sand.

The rest of us however begin to loot his body. Dalton dons his armor, and Ultimus claims his sling, but we demand gold for it from him.

Although Ozwood skipped that part of class in Cleric school in favor of procreation, Ultimus recalls information he knows about Spectres. He relays to us that Fray may now also be a spectre if the other drained him to death, basically a Spawn of the original. This can happens in moments. He would be enslaved to his maker, and possess none of his abilities that he had in life.

So, we go to the door we spiked shut and remove the spike. Heading down the hallway and through the room of bed, Beryn opens the room Zehn died in. Inside we are confronted by the spectre of Fray and Nadroj. Immediately, Dalton sticks one with an arrow. Following him the Dwarven Monk does a sliding kick, but misses. Huck slams one with a magic missile before Bhapa hits Nadroj with an arrow.

Yarf attacks Tekkou. The ghostly figure lurches at him, but he dodges the touch easily. Nadroj casts darkness. Immediately, an area about 40 feet around at the entrance to the room goes completely dark.

OZ Responds by casting Sanctuary on himself. Ultimus edges toward the door as he brandishes his ring of continual flame to counter the darkness. We can see somewhat into the room, but not all. Beryn pulls out his coin with continual flame cast on it, and drops it on the floor, lighting more of the darkness. Tekkou is barely visible but the spectres are still hidden. So he moves back into the light about 20 feet.

Suddenly, we are hit with a spell of confusion. Of course, we do not realize this just yet. Only Ultimus is unaffected. Who is immediately attacked by Yarf. Bhapa tries to locate something he thinks he dropped while Dalton tries to begin cooking lunch. Yarf touches Ultimus and he is drained of two levels. Yarf suddenly looks healthier while Ultimus stumbles, visibly harmed. Oz looks for his lost shoe, Amable is stuck still, and Huckleberry is trying to tie his shoe. Beryn starts picking his nose vigorously.

Ultimus attempts to turn the Spectre Yarf, but the evil temple interferes with its aura of evil. This profane place is too evil for him. As he begins to move away, the spectre touches him again and he is drained even more. Dalton stops what he is doing and stands still. Tekkou just wanders away, as if he is lost. Ultimus begins to flee.

Huckleberry, shaking his head, seems to come out of the daze, steps back a few feet and slams a magic missile into Yarf, who is visibly shaken. Bhapa also stops in his tracks and stands unnaturally still. Beryn somehow manages to stumble out of the way of Yarfs attack, and his eyes suddenly narrow with rage. Nadroj proceeds to cast a magic missile at Beryn. He takes a step back, grunting in pain. The missile seems to come out of nowhere. Amable just wanders off as well. Oz follows him.

Beryn, suddenly feeling a total rage against he who has harmed him, slamming him with his scimitar. Dalton starts looking for a lost necklace he had as a child. Huckleberry begins to wander off himself. Bhapa remains still.

Yarf again reaches for Beryn, draining him down. Nadroj moves in, out of the darkness, revealing himself. He drains Beryn as well. Beryn attacks Yarf, but is unable to do any damage to him. Shaking his confusion some, Dalton looses an arrow at Yarf, hitting him. Bhapa is still unmoving. Nadroj, reaching out, drains the life from Beryn. His body falls limp to the ground. Then both move towards Bhapa.

Dalton stops and looks down, begins straightening his pants, while Bhapa starts to juggle his harmonica from hand to hand.

From Beryns corpse, there rises another Spectre!

Yarf and Nadroj close in on Bhapa and attack. Nadroj manages to land his, but he is protected by his scarab of protection. Dalton starts searching for the gold the wench at the last inn stole from him in his sleep.

Having just been attacked, Bhapa shakes off the dust in his brains, and squints at Nadroj, slamming his sword into the foul spectre. Then he dances away from two attacks, before his scarab is forced to absorb the attack by Yarf, whose attempt to drain him does nothing to him. Bhapa slams his sword into Nadroj again. His scarab then absorbs 3 attacks from the spectres completely surrounding him.

Ultimus continues to flee, as the rest of the group begins to shake off the effects of the spell. Dalton starts to move back, as does Tekkou, who shouts "Bhapa, I am coming for you!" Huckleberry runs back as well "Bhapa, I'm sorry!" At the same time, Bhapa impales Nadroj again, screaming his name. Bhapa's scarab absorbs three more drains, then Amable begins running back. Oz gets within striking distance. Ultimus stops panicking and moves closer to us. Dalton moves within bow range, and misses a shot at Nadroj. Takkou moves shoulder to shoulder with Bhapa, but misses his swings at Nadroj, while Huckleberry continues to run our way.

For the third time, Bhapa scream Nadroj, but misses a his attacks, so Nadroj casts mirror image on himself. suddenly, 2 more of him seem to appear. Yark attacks Tekkou, but he dodges. The spectre of Beryn drains another protection from the scarab of Bhapa. Amable swings and hits an image of Nadroj, which shimmers, and disappears, while Oz finally comes within range. Dalton hits the actual Nadroj with an arrow. Tekkou continues to swing wildly at Nadroj.

Huckleberry is finally closing in, and fires off 3 magic missiles at the the images of Nadroj, dispelling the image, and killin Nadroj at the same time.

"For my friend" cries Bhapa and slices the spectre of Beryn. Bhapas scarab collects another hit, while Yarf drains the dwarven monk. Amable's crossbow bolt misses, and Oz fails to turn the spectres. Ultimus stays in the room over from us. While Dalton aims for and hits Yarf. Tekkou punches Yarf. Huckleberry grabs 2 flasks of holy water from the belt of Dalton, runs closer to the action in the hall, and lobs one into the hall by the spectres , while Bhapa makes a fighting withdrawal. Tekkou is hit by one of the spectres. Nyreb, who heals some from the hit. Amable targets but misses with his crossbow again. Oz moves up towards Bhapa in the doorway, and throws a potion of cure serious wounds at Yarf, injuring it badly, before Dalton fires another arrow, to no avail, as Tekkou moves behind Bhapa, slapping him in the head as he does.

Huckleberry, moving closer again, throws the other bottle of holy water, hitting both, doing some damage.

Bhapa, shouting, "Ow dude," shoots at Yarf and misses, only at the egging of his friends. Both Spectres land their drains, and the scarab disintegrates to dust protecting Bhapa, as Amable destroys Yarf, and those who lost power to them feel it rush back. Oz throws another cure serious wounds at the spectre of Beryn, but trying to get over the heads of those in front of him, he misses.

Ultimus, finding his spine, runs back into the room with the party.

Dalton fires another missing arrow. Punching over Bhapas head, Tekkou lands a solid blow before moving away. Huckleberry grabs another flask from the belt of Dalton and flings it at the spectre. He groans in pain, with a scottish drawl. Bhapa makes a fighting withdrawal, as Oz is attacked, and drained, before Amable finally connects with a crossbow bolt, and Oz retaliates with a splash of his potion, somehow missing. Ultimus finally gets close enough to do something, as Dalton grazes it with an arrow, but Tekkou can not connect with his attacks. Huckleberry, chucking a final flask of holy water, destroys it.

We find 195 GP on the acolytes, 36 flasks of oil, 12 lanterns, 12 flints and steel, 12 morning stars, mail shirts, med shields.

In the temple, we see a statue of Orcus, that we proceed to topple, and then roll into the lava. We find two doors, one secret. No traps seems to be there. Several magic things seem to be on the other side.

Bravely opening the door he checked for traps, Tekkou enters the room beyond. There are four crypts, and magic glows in the shapes of swords in them, just before three spectres rise from three of the crypts. They look as if they were paladins in life. They try to attack immediately. Tekkou, screaming "RUNNNNNNNN," takes off for the exit. Huckleberry grabs onto the back of Amable, and we all begin to run. We make our way to the surface knowing there are three paladin spectres. It is only about 8:30 AM.

Beryn loot

+2 Sword
+ Helm of Comprehend Languages
+ Dwarven Breast Plate
+ +1 Bearded Axe
+1 Amulet of Natural Armor

Coin of continual flame.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

Post by yetihermit »

One thing in Beryn's loot was forgotten: his potion of giant strength

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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I want to clarify why I was being so hard on a couple of the party during our last session.

I am now playing a fighter, versus the Magic using Bard I played previously. So I am assuming my character comes from a military type back groud. Due to that, he knoows the importance of performing as a team versus a bunch of individuals. So my new characters perspective is, we are much stronger as a team than we are as individuals. Something you guys have gravitated towards on your own as it is. You all, already perform much more as a cohesive team than you did, back when I first started playing regularly.

So where my new character is going with this, is to get us those final few steps to playing as one unit rather than as individuals. Playing as a cohesive group, rather than disparate individuals, is what will really make us a very nearly unbeatable, even in these very nasty dungeons and forests we travel in.

Even as pure game mechancis this is a very true thing. When we operate as one cohesive group, we very effectively act as a much higher HD creature with many attack forms per round.

So with this in mind, my character was very hard on a couple of characters tonight. This is because I am having him look at being a very cohesive group as the most critical factor to us not dying, individually, or as a TPK.

So while I am fine with our individual members treating others however they wish, when it comes to each other, we are the best kind of friends and family. We are there for each other, regardless of risk to life and limb. We fully co operate, we fully share, we don't charge each other exorbitant fees, when we have a very good chance of finishing the fight, we take it, instead of backing off and letting someone else take a hit they probably would have never had to take if the enemy had been struck down as soon as the opportunity was there to do so.

So that is where I was coming from with how and why I had my character being hard/unpleasant. Its time for us to go those last few steps to being a very cohesive group, because that is what he sees as maximizing our, as well as his own, survival.

So I hope this explains the why and where fore, so no one will feel offended, etc... I am just thinking of my character as being very military minded, and so I am pushing the group identity over the individual identity.
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Rappan Athuk

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What is more important: your comrade’s life or the gold adding weight to your belt? As Amable readily handed to the cleric his gold pieces he had an epiphany totally grokking what Ernie used to say back at the village, "The best way you can find out if you can trust someone is to trust them." The man who loves gold more than life looks like this. So it goes. Yet, the cleric did apologize after the battle. Perhaps he is only a pup and without much worldly experience. Time will tell. Opportunities to see if he can be trusted will present themselves.

Amable considers offering a village tattoo to Bhapa. The man wavered. All warriors do eventually and any who says otherwise lies. But he held the line and brought victory. Amable now thinks of Bhapa as "Holds the Line."

EDIT: once again, thx for a great writeup.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

Post by Scitzz »

So, OOC.

Yeah, the best strategy overall was for Bhapa to remain in the doorway and take a swing. But this isn't chess, right? I have a character I would expect to act a certain way.

So, as a pretty cohesive group, less than an hour ago, we had left Fray and the bear to die, taking to our heels as fast as they would carry us, leaving the closest dude and his pet to the ghosts(spectre.) At that time, there was just one, but him coming through the wall was enough to unnerve Bhapa. He was the only one of the group to tarry and even think about going back for Fray, and this makes him feel bad later.

Bhapa is a stoner Bard, who has led a semi charmed kind of life, so far mostly unscathed, used to milling in the middle of the group, and peppering the enemy with his arrows. Which was where he was at the beginning of the encounter. Suddenly, he is in the very front of the group, toe to toe with THREE of these things that we KNOW killed Fray, that we KNOW killed Beryn, and he watched as Beryn's shade rose from his body and is attacking now. Sure, he helps dispatch Nadroj, but as he said at the top of the session, he has a scarab of protection, and sure enough, it is keeping him safe. For a time, he is angered but that is in part due to his confusion(spell) and can only react by attacking. He only has a round or two without being confused but he is still protected. He begins making his way back down the hall towards the safety of the group. A group that had all wandered off (remind you of an hour ago?) and were returning for the moment, but very well might go running off again.

Then the Scarab disintegrates. The party has left the one at the head of the group in their dust before. There were more of these things then before. While we as players know the one is almost dead, Bhapa doesn't have that information. Last one is in the doorway, and a front line guy IS right there, punching at this dude over Bhapa's head. A dwarf, punching over my head, which means he must be jumping in the air.

Ummm, TTG! Time To GO!

So of COURSE he reverts to his normal routine, gets out of the way for the front liners to fight, returns to the group and prepares to shoot arrows, but fortunately, the thing is dead, but Bhapa wasn't in a position to be the one left to die either. In my mind, totally in character.

So while your guy is military, mine is pretty far from such.

Then there is Ultimus, LOL. He is gonna be fun to deal with. Self centered little booger, he gonna learn to give up them potions a little easier! How much we gonna charge him for that sling?

Said In Character?

"Dude, man, yell all you want. Seems to me, we should have stepped back from those dudes in that room and filled them with arrows, we know we can move faster than them. But what do I know? I tell you what I know. I know I have seen these shrooms growing in the shade before. They make me feel soooo good! Imma make a little tea and let this love struck friend of ours give me a tattoo. Isn't he just the sweetest dude you ever met? I hope we find his girl and my dad hanging out down there having a glass of wine."

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Re: Rappan Athuk

Post by Scitzz »

Treebore, you weren't there when we fought the demons in the mouth of Doom. Episode 16. Bhapas dad(Also a CN half elf who liked to use a bow) had finally recovered from retching uncontrollably. The group had settled on a winning strategy of waiting for them to teleport in one by one from the next room over with the closed door, but NOOO, Mahrtiir just HAD to yank that door open to rush back in at them! (unrecorded was Arobash venting his frustration about that.) Chaotic, man. Undisciplined, prone to doing things on a whim. He began by being the kind who looked out to protect his own self interests, but grew into someone who realized he had to consider the rest of his group as of himself. That is, protecting the groups self interest was the most important thing to keep him alive. Mahrtiir screamed that at Urman after he had recently joined the group, and almost gotten himself killed by Gnolls. The group meant more to him than anything else in his life.

So far, Bhapa hasn't had that chance to grow, and hasn't seen the party as being the type that will make him grow in that direction. So don't be surprised if he acts to cover his butt every so often :D

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Re: Rappan Athuk

Post by Penny-Whistle »

Scitzz wrote:Treebore, you weren't there when we fought the demons in the mouth of Doom. Episode 16. Bhapas dad(Also a CN half elf who liked to use a bow) had finally recovered from retching uncontrollably. The group had settled on a winning strategy of waiting for them to teleport in one by one from the next room over with the closed door, but NOOO, Mahrtiir just HAD to yank that door open to rush back in at them! (unrecorded was Arobash venting his frustration about that.) Chaotic, man. Undisciplined, prone to doing things on a whim. He began by being the kind who looked out to protect his own self interests, but grew into someone who realized he had to consider the rest of his group as of himself. That is, protecting the groups self interest was the most important thing to keep him alive. Mahrtiir screamed that at Urman after he had recently joined the group, and almost gotten himself killed by Gnolls. The group meant more to him than anything else in his life.

So far, Bhapa hasn't had that chance to grow, and hasn't seen the party as being the type that will make him grow in that direction. So don't be surprised if he acts to cover his butt every so often :D
We were more cohesive and tactical when Arobash was leading generally speaking but as individuals we had a whole lot less say as well. Finding the balance can be tricky.

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Re: Rappan Athuk

Post by Scitzz »

Oh, yeah, I KNEW I would be poking him with a stick when I yanked that door open, but it was in character, ya know? Like, we all have this idea of how our character would play, and that isn't always gonna fit in with what might be the SMARTEST thing to do.

Shoot, if any of our characters were all that smart, they would vacate the dungeon, and this part of the world immediately!

But yeah, I figure Double Dee would certainly berate Bhapa, and Bhapa would certainly hit that doob and be all "Whatevs."

He might learn from DD though. Who knows?

Edit. Bhapa is certainly a lot more fun to play than Franklin Fort was. In real life, I would most likely smack him :P

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Re: Rappan Athuk

Post by Scitzz »


Back on the surface, there are two other mausoleums. Doors are standard locked iron doors. They are closed.

Huckleberry retrieves the key he knows of in the drawer below the statue of the dwarven warrior. Amable and Tekkou both smell and listen at the door and hear a multitude of rats. Huckleberry employs his empathy and knows they plan to eat soon.

Bravely, or perhaps...Anyway, Amable decides to open the door by unlocking it and pulling it open by use of rope. As he pulls it open, a swarm of rats surges out towards us. Huckleberry tries to impart a feeling that there is better food than us. There are many we just killed, the corpses are just down the hall. The rats begin to slow, as one large rat in the middle questions about food. Huckleberry projects the thought, sharp sword or good food? Amable tosses them boars meat. One starts to eat, but the large one stops it. He demands more food. Bhapa pulls out a block of cheese, he breaks it in half, and says "Half for you, and half for me?" He tosses the block, and the rats are appeased. Huckleberry discovers they recently moved in. He goes in. They have done a lot to fix up the place. Rat droppings everywhere. Bones, and pieces of carcass. A lovely place.

We attempt to open the same mausoleum to the west in the same manner. Smelling and listening, a smell of pungent death is easily noticed, almost as if it is moving. Door opens, a large number of ghouls begin to pour out. Sharp claws, and fierce gazes with sharp teeth, they seem very agitated. Looks like about 11 ghouls and 3 ghasts.Neither cleric are able to turn the Ghasts.

Being very quick, the ghasts move first. They move close enough to attack. They stink. Badly. Very VERY badly. It is the kind of stench that doubles some of the party over with retching. Ultimus, and Oz are the ones affected.

Oz fails to turn the ghouls as well. Amable makes a fighting withdrawal, trying to put some distance between himself and the stench. Ultimus tries to turn the ghouls, and the gods remain stingy in their favors, as only 4 turn and run into a corner of their mausoleum. Bhapa although unaffected, still retreats from the smell, and slams an arrow into a ghast attacking Oz, because he thinks Oz is one froody dude.

Good old Double D shakes his head in amazement at our foolishness, but shoots another ghast with great affect, then moves to set himself up for another shot. Tekkou steps in and attacks the ghast Bhapa shot, cleaving deep into his chest, leaving it grievously injured.

The ghouls decide to come out and join the party. Instinctively, and easily, they fan out. Huckleberry flat out runs towards the rats and tells them the ghouls make good eating.

The three ghasts come after Oz. They have claws and a bite that paralyze. He is bitten twice. He is unable to shrug it off, and falls stricken by paralysis. Amable moves even farther away, and levels his crossbow, and despite his retching, spears the nearest ghoul.

Ultimus makes a fighting withdrawal, coming close to Bhapa. Nopt wishing to be so close to such a mercenary beast, stumbling further away, he fires a wild shot that misses.

Meanwhile, Dalton takes a mighty swing at the closest ghoul, and it falls limply, and obviously lifeless to the ground. Tekkou destroys the ghast Bhapa missed.

Hungrily, the ghouls completely ignore those in the distance, and close in on the closest food. The cleric laying stricken on the ground. Two ghouls are close enough to try to eat. They begin to feast as Dalton is attacked. His armor saves him, but Tekkou is also assailed by three ghouls, who only avoids being flanked by having his back to Oz. Of all three ghouls, the last one bites and claws him at the same time. While the damage done is minor, he succumbs to the bite, and falls stricken to the ground.

Huckleberry reaches into his grey bag, and pulls out a weasel. "Quick grab the cheese, and run that way" pointing at the ghouls. He agrees and manages to grab the cheese. The rats look up, and the weasel darts away. The large rat calls for his minions to follow, and Huckleberry understands that he telling his guards to catch that thief! Our cheese! A constant bickering and fighting. The weasel is amused.

The remaining two ghasts are ravenous still, and Oz is in bad shape, laying still as they chow. Tekkou is facing a similar fate, as he is also being devoured, helpless to even try to save himself. Amable continues to move away, hitting a ghoul with a bolt again. Bhapa moves toward Amable and misses another shot while Dalton hacks away trying to help his companions, almost killing another ghoul, and curses under his breath since it still stands.

Ghouls are still eating Oz, as he limply breathes his last, and expires. His heart, his liver gone, they lose their appetite, and start looking for others. Oz has had a short run indeed.

One of the ghouls unsatisfied with the corpse of Oz, attacks Dalton, but Dalton is unassailable,

Poor Tekkou, he joins Oz in the afterlife. The ghouls look at those in the distance. They do not eat to keep moving, they are compelled by a darkness inside. So they move towards Amable and Bhapa. Huckleberry commands the weasel to run towards the closest group of ghouls, and the rats follow. Then he screams "come with me if you want to live," and casts rope trick into the air. A rope seems to climb the air and just....disappear.

Ultimus is attacked and clawed by a Ghast, but shrugs off the paralysis that killed the others. Dalton is safe for the moment but almost surrounded, with tombstones at his back. Amable sprints towards the rope trick, while Ultimus breaks and runs, yelling for Dalton to join him. The Ghast reaches out with a claw, scratching it across his arm in an extremely lucky attack. Fortune and Shinare (his goddess) are with him.

Sick of running all the time, Bhapa only moves back 15 feet, and shoots at the Ghast behind Dalton, who is screaming "NOW you don't run?" However, Bhapa puts his arrow right in the skull of the Ghast, who is not yet dead, but obviously harmed.

The ghouls near the rats start thinking of them as food, but Dalton is flanked by 3 ghouls still. He is clawed twice by two of them, and should have succumbed to paralyzation. His ring of "Freedom of Movement" protects him as Huckleberry climbs into the rope trick. The rats scatter as one Ghast charges towards Bhapa, who will not go up the rope trick while Double Dee might survive. Dalton takes advantage of the situation and bolts for the rope trick.

Amable climbs the rope trick, followed by Ultimus.

Bhapa is sick of those that run, and swings wildly at the ghast confronting him, but his swings all miss.

More ghouls rush to silly Bhapa, starting to surround him. Bhapa fends off the claws and the bite of a ghast, then he also breaks and runs for his life. He is clawed twice by ghouls, and he falls stricken to the ground, before he dies. He will never know if his father lived or died.

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