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Re: Blog and Website list

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There's some great stuff here. Thanks for putting this together.

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Re: Blog and Website list

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No problem. I need to update it and possibly revise it. I haven't been on here in a looooong time.
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Re: Blog and Website list

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I infest the following location, from which I cheerfully blight the Multiverse as "Lord Mhor".

On occasion, I scare people with how fast gaming and Kickstarter advisories can hit industry folks between the eyes. Then I Playtest things. Greetings!

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Re: Blog and Website list

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Would it be alright if I mirror this page of links to C&C Society Sites on our forum?
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Re: Blog and Website list

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My an obligation of appreciation is all together for including my campaign world Josh.... truly I haven't gotten to my old tripod speak to some time and have lost my passage to revive. Should endeavor and review, yet the material is all the most present Ilshara stuff

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