Flat Plastic Miniatures

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Flat Plastic Miniatures

Post by Sir Ironside »

Can't afford regular mini's? Don't really like the look of paper miniatures? Have a problem with the durability of paper miniatures?

There has got to be a different option.

There is... Flat Plastic Miniatures!

If played with miniatures this might actually be an option I'd most likely want.
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Re: Flat Plastic Miniatures

Post by Desrimal »

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Re: Flat Plastic Miniatures

Post by Go0gleplex »

Yeah. I saw those a bit ago. Definitely a cool idea. If I had the xtra $$ I'd probably invest. :D
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Re: Flat Plastic Miniatures

Post by moriarty777 »

At first, I thought 'AWESOME'... but stopped short of pledging.

I have so many miniatures already and don't have an issue of pulling out the ones I need beforehand when going out to run a game. True... I still have a few hundred that still need painting but they'll get done eventually. ;)

I think it's a great concept though.


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Re: Flat Plastic Miniatures

Post by Julian Grimm »

Nice. I will be watching and waiting for them to hit the market.
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