Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

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Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Treebore »

Since the other thread is kind of a jumbled mess, figured we should start with the proverbial clean new slate. Please repost your characters here. I will be adding my house rules to this post so everything we need will be in this thread. I will also be looking to repost any information of relevance from the old thread to this one.

Regional Map of the Wilderlands, where most, if not all, of your adventuring will take place. Its a 2.7 MB DL.
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

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The City State of the Invincible Overlord!

Conventional; AL N; TL 9; 100,000 gp limit;

Assets 250,000,000 gp; Population 80,000 (Able bodied 20,000); Mixed (human 72% [mostly Alryan, Tharbrian, Skandik and Altanian, and many of mixed ancestry; there are humans from a wide range of nationalities in the city at any time], dwarf 16%, halfling 5%, elf 3%, others 4%);

Resources: Market.

Authority Figure: His Most Terrible Majesty, the Invincible Overlord.

Important Characters: Balarnega, male human LE Wiz (Grand Vizier); Captain Rikter, male human LN Ftr (Captain of the Royal Cavalry); Langwellan the Blue, male

Tharbrian NG Wiz (Lord of the Wizards Keep); Paramswarn the Red, male Alryan NE Sor (Lord of the Southern Keep, rumored to be an uncle of the Overlord); Tergo Di Bragit, male human N Ftr (Commander of the Regular Army, one of the Overlords Vasthosts).

Located on a bluff on the western edge of Dearthwood on the Estuary of Roglaroon, the City State of the Invincible Overlord was founded in 3075 BCCCC on the ruins of what is believed to be the ancient capital of the long lost Dragon Empire of the Orichalans. The City State is one of the greatest cities of the north. Its importance is exceeded only by Viridstan, the city of spices and seat of the Falling Empire, far to the west. Atrabilorin, the famous dwarf warlord, established the city after the fall of the Dragon Lords and was known as the Invincible Overlord. Though known as Ryans Ruin by sages, Rhamsandron by wizards, and Normoot by Altanians the city came to be known as the City State of the Invincible Overlord and its former name under the Dragon Empire was forgotten. The title Invincible Overlord had been held by every ruler of the City State since its creation Because the city was initially founded by a dwarven hero the city became home to a large expatriate population of dwarves and is allied to the dwarven city of Thunderhold to the north. Many years ago, Lucius the Great a Tharbrian warlord took advantage of a civil war that embroiled one of Atrabilorins successors and he and his allied clans swept eastwards and conquered the City State. Since Luciuss reign several hundred years ago, the City State has come to dominate the region from the eastern border of the Viridian Empire at the Plateau of Bendigroth to the Winedark Sea. Today, the only city that the City State pays tribute too is Viridstan itself.

The City State is situated at the intersection of the ancient Rorystone Road that runs north to Thunderhold and the Old South Road that runs south through the Pazidan Peninsula through Black Baron Pass, over the Bellystone Ford on the River Mageven and on to the elven city of Onhir. Most trade, however, is done by ship, as the Estuary of Roglaroon allows large drafted ships to sail inland as far as the City State. For this reason, the City State supports the important village of Byrny and the newly-refounded city of Modron which is strategically located on the Estuary of Roglaroon, aiding in the Overlords campaign to oust the Pirates of Hagrost that prey on the City States tradeships from their secret hideout on the River Hagrost.

Copyrighted by Judges Guild and Necromancer Games, from the Wilderlands boxed set.
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Treebore »

This is just some info on the GODS AND DEITIES

OF THE WILDERLANDS that Treebore asked me to post.

From the just rule of Mitra to the coiling evil of Set; from the River Goddess Modron who walks the streets of her town to the evil sea god of Viridistan, Armadad Bog; from the strange and monotheistic Mycretians to the barbarian god Odin, deities and their followers play a key role in the Wilderlands. This chapter details many of the deities of the setting as well as several new domains and powers affiliated with several of those deities.

There are many deities in the Wilderlands, so many, in fact, that they cannot all be detailed here. The following listing of gods is not comprehensive or exhaustive but reflects many of the important faiths within the Wilderlands.

The Wilderlands is an open setting. Feel free to add gods from any source or product.

Though many are not detailed here, gods from most traditional pantheons are present in the Wilderlands.
Refer to the Third Edition version of Deities and Demigods by Wizards of the Coast and to earlier versions of the same book for details. A free download is available at detailing the other gods not described below. Sages believe the multiplicity of deities is due to the
Wilderlands intersecting with so many other planes of existence and alternate Primes. Some gods, prominent on other worlds, are of lesser power in the Wilderlands and conversely some lesser deities of a pantheon, such as Manannan, are of great importance in the Wilderlands.

The Babylonian gods Anu, Anshar, Dahak, Drauga, Ishtar, Marduk, Nergal and Ramman are commonly worshiped, mostly in Tarantis or in the Ghinnor Successor States of Lenap and Tlan.

The Celtic
deities Dagda, Arawn, Brigit, Diancecht, Dunatis, Goibhnie, Lugh, Math, Morrigan, Nuada, Oghma and Silvanus are commonly worshiped by Tharbrians. The Celtic god Manannan is worshiped in the City State and is detailed below.

Even the Central American deities Quetzalcoatl, Camazotz, Huhueteotl, Tlaloc and others are worshiped, though rarely.

The Chinese deities Shang-Ti (worshiped as Shang Ta in Viridistan), Chao Kung Ming, Chih Sung-Tzu, Huan Ti, Kuan Yin, No Cha and others are worshipped in the Wilderlands, mostly in or around Viridistan.

The Egyptian deities of the Pharaonic Pantheon, including the gods Ra, Anhur, Anubis, Bast, Horus, Isis, Nephthys, Osiris, Ptah, Seker and Shu as detailed in Deities and Demigods and other volumes, are worshiped in the Desert

Lands and other regions of the Wilderlands. Several Egyptian deities are widely worshiped. Thoth and Set, both of which are detailed below.

The Finnish mythos, including the gods Ahto, Ilmatar, Louhi, Mielikki, Surma, Tuoni and Ukko are worshiped, but they have few temples and are generally only worshiped individually.

The Greek mythos are widespread in the Wilderlands, including the gods Zeus, Aphrodite, Appolo, Ares, Artemis, Athena (who is very prominent in the Wilderlands and is worshiped in several incarnations), Demeter, Hades, Hecate (also prominent in the Wilderlands), Haphaestus, Hera and Poseidon. These gods, while prominent throughout the Wilderlands, are more common in parts of Altanis and the many islands throughout the Wilderlands than in the largest city states.

The Indian mythos, including the gods Indra (known as Kara), Agni, Kali, Karttikeya, Lakshmi, Ratri, Rudra, Surya, Tvashtri, Ushas, Varana, Vishnu and Yama, are uncommon and are normally worshipped only by members of the far-off Kingdom of Karak, where these gods are dominant.

The Japanese deities are strangely absent from the Wilderlands, though they are more common in several adjoining Alternate Primes.

The Norse gods, including all those detailed in Deities and Demigods such as Odin, Aegir, Balder, Bragi, Fenris Wolf, Frey, Freya, Frigga, Heimdall, Hel (who, like Hecate, is of greater importance in the Wilderlands than is normal in her pantheon), Loki, Magni, Sif, Surtur, Thor (very popular in the Wilderlands), Thrym, Tyr, Uller and Vidar, are very prevalent in the Wilderlands and are heavily worshiped by all races, but in particular by Skandiks and Tharbrians.

The gods of the Sumerian mythos, such as Enlil, Enki, Inanna, Ki, Nanna-Sin, Nin-Hursag and Utu, are worshiped primarily in the southern lands such as the Ament Tundra and Ghinor.

Most of the denizens of the Wilderlands are polytheistic, believing in many gods and spirits, with a few notable exceptions such as the Mycretians who follow the god Mycr (monotheistic) and the worshipers of the foreign gods of Pegana (a pantheon of multiple gods that allows for no other gods). Because of the sparse population of the Wilderlands there are few truly large and organized religions, except perhaps for Armadad Bog whose worship has spread due to the influence of Viridistan. Even Mitra, a lawful good god who is widely worshiped, does not have an overarching organization of his clergy over more than one
region of the Wilderlands. Thus, worshipers of the various godsonce away from their temple hierarchieshave great leeway in enforcing the will of the deities.

Copyrighted by Judges Guild and Necromancer Games, from the Wilderlands players guide
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Treebore »

Additional things you can read to help you get the feel of, and better understand, the Wilderlands:

Gods: ... ds_pre.pdf

Languages: ... es_pre.pdf

Cities and the Tech Level rules: ... es_pre.pdf
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

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Well our "War" started tonight with our heroes defending the Western/Southern Docks of Saltmarsh. Our heroes were in command of troops they personally recruited from the country side. They had 20 Squads of Infantry, which were specialized in their pole arm. They had 5 squads of Bowman, using Long Bows, They had 8, or was it 9, units of Cavalry, plus our 5 heroes. They also had 4 Light Catapults with Iron Shot ammo, 2 placed on a nearby tower and two down the street behind their units.

The Sahuagin attacked around midnight, numbering 50 units plus a Dragon Turtle. One unit was a "special", a squad of Shaman.

First clue was when the heroes and their units heard a lot of splashing of water and noticed, as if appearing out of no where, the Sahuagin were lining their pier and docks.

They also noticed this large rock like formation coming up out of the water where the dock from transitioned from worked stone to natural earth. They soon realized it was a Dragon Turtle (8 HD young one)!

The heroic Wizard cast a Pyrotechnics Spell and a large Brazier burning closest to the Sahuagin, which flashed a brilliant white light that blinded nearly the whole Sahuagin Army for 3 rounds!
The catapults launch, to devastating effect! Wiping out 2 units of the enemy!

The Knight/Cavalier (We are using mostly AD&D 3 rules and classes, with some exceptions) immediately had his mounted units charge forward, wiping out one unit and inflicting heavy damage on a couple of others. Then the Bowmen unleashed their missiles from the nearby roof tops, inflicting a lot of damage on their blinded enemies.

The Knight then charges forward and lays waste to a lightly wounded unit, slaughtering them to the last!

Then the Elven Archer fires his bow, to little effect, as the majority of the blinded army pivots 180 degrees and jumps back into the safety of the waters they had just jumped out of moments before.

This left only about 75 Sahuagin (15 Units) still up and ready to fight. They charged forward, but were unable to actually attack.

The infantry then came forward, some all the way out onto the dock, the rest still back on the street between buildings.

At this time the Dragon Turtle, who had moved itself mostly out of the water and part way onto the pier and some crates, now breathes its breathe weapon upon the hapless leading units of infantry, killing them all to the last with its searing hot steam! (6 units wiped out!)

This causes the units of infantry behind them to lose faith and withdraw in fear of their lives, their commander yelling at them to hold their lines to no effect (Failed morale checks and command checks)
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

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For a reason I cannot recall, I felt a need to have you guys reread my house rules and specifically repost a portion of them, so to be safe, I am doing so here again, and asking you to be sure to reread and refresh your memories on my house rules for our next game session.

C&C House Rules (last updated April 14th, 2015)


Create characters however you wish within the 3-18 range, then racial modifiers. If you want a kind of random method then use either 10+2d4 or 4d6, reroll 1's and 2's until all dice are a minimum of 3, take best 3, arrange stats as desired.

I believe in high stat characters. If you don't I suggest you do for my games. Low stat characters will be very obviously less capable in comparison to high stat characters. So if you want to use low stats, go ahead, but don't complain about it later.

Hit Points: Max Hp's at first level. d4 HD reroll 1's, d6 and d8 reroll all 1's and 2's, d10 and d12 reroll 1-3's. You can also ask me about "take the CK's roll" before you roll for your HP.

Equipment: Max starting gold. Write everything on your character sheet. You don't write it down, you don't have it. Even when I remember you having it. So DON"T FORGET! You may want to use the starting bundles listed at/near the end of this document.

DUAL/MULTI-CLASSING RULES: As per 6th printing PH. Except you do NOT add the XP in the table on page 188. Just add the two classes XP together, thats it.


They get to use their BtH to make combat related SIEGE checks, plus their specialization bonuses when using that weapon. All other classes use just their BtH.

Fighters can also learn to master (specialize) a new weapon every 3 levels. So at 4th, 7th, 10th, and so on they can master a new weapon. They only get the +1 to hit and damage. These additional weapons never increase to +2 like your first weapon does. Unless you use one of your additional "mastery's" to do so. So if you want to be +2 with the bow, you can use your 4th and 7th level mastery to do so. To be clear, the 7th level bonus can only be used to up your fist chosen weapon to +2, or you keep it at +1 and chose a different weapon to have a +1. You do not increase your first weapon to +2 and pick an additional weapon to +1, you do not get both.

Combat Dominance is now "Mass Combat Dominance". They get multiple attacks per round whenever the Fighter is taking on 3 or more opponents at one time. Regardless of HD. 1 attack per opponent, this replaces any other attacks.

Edit: Beginning of nocking two arrows rules:

1d20+12 to knock two arrows
then two attacks at -6
1d20+9 to knock two arrows
then two attacks at -9
Check 1d20+12 for extra attack
1d20+6 to knock two arrows
then two attacks at -12


When using their Intimidate Class ability, opponents do NOT get a CHA save. If the Barbarian makes a successful SIEGE check versus their opponents, with the CL being the highest HD of the opponents before them, then they are all intimidated.

Clerics can do SIEGE checks similar to Wizards.
Clerics can spontaneously convert spells to damage healing spells (IE restore HP's)
Clerics get to add their level to damage healing spells, which increases the amount healed up to the maximum. For example Cure Light cast by a 5th level Cleric rolls 1d8+5 up to a maximum of 8, not 13.

TURN UNDEAD: On a successful check, where not all are affected due to the die roll, an attempt can be made every round until they are turned, or the WIS check actually fails.

Get to choose an enemy at 6th level and every other level thereafter. IT must be pretty specific, such as Ogres, Frost Giants, Vampires, Worshippers of the "Forest Burners", etc... This allows you to add your bonus to all SIEGE checks against them, including attack maneuvers, AND add your level to the Damage if they didn't qualify for your marauder before. CK approval, of course.

They can go one of two paths, animal or elemental. Either path gains the ability to become a Treant at 9th level. At 6th level you choose which path you will follow. Animal can choose animal forms to chang into. Elementalists choose one fo the 4 elementals, earth, air, fire, and water. One form at 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th level, and you get the Treant form too. So by 9th level a Druid will be able to assume each elemental form and a Treant form, or 4 animal forms and a treant form.

Your HD and HP will be the same in your animal and elemental form. In animal/elemental form your BtH will equal your HD, and you gain the movement and special defenses of the animal/elemental form you have. Your damage and attacks are the same as the Animal/Elemental form as well.

Animal choices are fixed, but can be changed via a 3 day ritual cleansing and re-dedication to a new "totem".

At 12th level you can assume each chosen form 2/day. It becomes 3/day at 18th.

When they gain the Smite Evil ability they can use it once per day per level. OR they can choose to have "religious enemy" under the same rules as the Ranger's "enemy". Then choose a new one every two levels, like the Ranger does. They can only do one or the other, not both Smite and Religious Enemy. To clarify "enemy" choice, as a Paladin I allow it to also add +2 to Damage, and you can track them as well. However to explain why you can Track them and nothing else we will call it a divine power that acts like a very specific "Locate Object/Person" spell that lasts while there is a physical trail that could be followed by a Ranger.

HORSEMANSHIP (DEXTERITY): Paladins are trained on and are familiar with all types of horses, from mounts used for riding to heavy war horses. Without the need for an attribute check, Paladins can saddle, mount, ride and dismount; perform simple leaps and obstacle maneuvers (no more than 3 feet in height and move around small items such as barrels); control the mount in combat; guide a mount with the knees; and stay in the saddle when a mount rears or bolts. When viewing a horse or a group of mounts, Paladins can determine the strengths and weaknesses of each horse, and can generally pick out the strongest, fastest or all-around best horse.

With a successful check, and by foregoing any attack or other action, Paladins may direct their mounts to perform the following actions while mounted: cover, deflect, fall softly, leap and charge.
Deflect: This entails the mount being moved between the opponent and the or positioned to offer maximum cover for the Paladin, while at the same time allowing the mount to avoid blows. This maneuver gives a +4 bonus to the Paladin’s armor class and a +2 bonus to the mount’s armor class.
Cover: A Paladin can drop and hang alongside a mount, using it as three-fourth’s cover.
This grants a +6 bonus to the Paladin’s armor class from those on the opposite side of the horse. The Paladin cannot attack or be holding anything while using this ability.
Fall Softly: A Paladin can attempt to take no damage after falling from a mount, by rolling to the side or leaping off, including when the mount itself falls. A character takes 1d6 points of falling damage on any failed attribute check.
Leap: The Paladin may direct a mount to leap obstacles as part of its movement. The obstacles jumped can be no taller than 2/3rds. the height of the horse.

Assassins and Thieves:

Your BtH progresses as lvl - 3, so your BtH is 0 at first through third level, but increases by one every level thereafter.
Assassins can make a SIEGE check to do their death attack in one round. The check is TN 12 +2+ level/HD of the target.
Poison Harvesting: Is a CL 3 for every Type/rank of the poison to be harvested. So CL 3 for Type 1, maxing out at CL 18 for type 6. These will be the default CL's for successfully distilling them as well. Failed rolls mean you accidentally poison yourself and must make the appropriate saves. Recipe's still give the +10 bonus, but such recipe's can only be made by Assassins or Priests of a god with poisons in their purview. The CL for making such a recipe is 10+2x Poison type/rank, so will range from CL 12 to 22.

Thieves can make Type 1 to type 3 poisons as the Assassin, after that they can still make Type 4 and stronger poisons, but no longer add their level, but can use recipes to aid them. Thieves do need to make DEX checks to apply poisons to weapons, etc...


CHA modifier is always a +1, plus any additional modifier given by high CHA. High CHA also allows an additional use per day for each bonus point.

SIEGE checks can be used to alter spells being cast. A SIEGE check can be made to change the energy type of a spell. For example, to change a fireball to a electric ball, ice ball, etc... you make a TN 12 check + your level to beat a CL = to the level of the spell. So to change the fireball to ice would be a CL 3, so beat TN 15.

Similar checks can be done to maximize damage, CL spell level +3

To double range, CL spell level +3

To increase number of targets effected, CL spell level +3 per additional target (example spell, Charm Person to effect two people instead of one)

Failure, in all cases, loses you the spell. Roll a natural 1 and pray for survival if it causes damage.

A new class ability for ALL spell casters, except Paladins.

Divine/Arcane blasts. These are a pure energy attack that any spell caster can use every other round as long as they do not cast any spells on the round in between. Yes, this means all day long. This is because that round is a recharge/gather the power round. This attack requires a "To hit" roll versus the targets AC, but the casters BtH for purposes of this attack is equal to their level and its modified by their DEX. Damage is 1d4 per level of the caster and requires a "item" as the component for this ability. It costs 20 GP per dice of damage. Typically a cleric uses their Holy Symbol and Arcane Casters most frequently make a wand.

As usual, I do allow a SIEGE check to cast this every round, it will be CON based, and failed checks will cost a temporary loss of one CON point to simulate the exhaustive nature of wasting the energy as well as gathering it so quickly. The CL will equal the amount of dice you want to do for damage, and the base TN will always be 12, since this is now a "Class Ability" for all spell casters.

Lost CON is regained at 1 point per hour of rest, or from a Lesser Restoration.

For Bran's games: Wizards are "sorcerers, and can use Illusionist spells as well, and they "know" all spells automatically, and are limited to casting the "spells per day". Yeah, its broken as hell, but he is still young.

Potion Making Rules:

You can make one "batch" in a weeks time. There are two limiting factors for each batch. First, you can never make more than 10 doses per batch. The other limiting factor is how many times you can cast the given spell you are turning into a potion in a single day. So if you can cast only 4 Fly spells in a given day, you can only make 4 doses at one time. Cost is 25% of book cost to buy per dose. For spells not covered in the books, determine it with the following formula, spell level x 100 gp + 200 gp.


For Scrolls, if you can cast it, and its in your spell book, you can make a scroll, at a cost of 50 GP/spell level up to third, then at a cost of 100 GP per level there after. Since I presume the scroll spell is much like the spell in anyones spell book, the scroll is cast at the level of the user, and a SIEGE check only needs to be made if the spell is beyond the users level to cast, and then it operates at the minimum level required to cast the spell. Unless, of course, the user is a higher level. Then a SIEGE check wouldn't need to be made anyways. Writing the scroll takes the same amount of time for a spell of that level to be put into your spell book.

Scrolls are generally sold at 3 times the cost of making, so 150 GP/level 1 to 3, and 300 GP per level at 4th and above. Prices may vary based upon sellers perceptions at the time of sale, as is true of any such transaction with any item.

Are a rune based wizard. Plus everything class related is based off of their Wisdom, not intelligence.

Why? Because rune magic is literally based on word fragments of the "Words of Creation". So rune magic, and the fragments of the words of power used, are the ultimate source of all powers, divine and arcane. So they are treated as Divine, but might be able to use arcane items. Arcane item use is explained later.

Advantages: You only need to have your rune in hand to cast the spell and be able to speak the word of power associated with that spell. So all spells are verbal and material only, with the only material being the spell specific rune stone.

So Runemarks can be tied up, but as long as they have the runestone in their hands, and can speak, they can cast the spell. If they do a successful SIEGE check CL=spell level +4 they can cast the spell by will alone. The runestone is still required to be in hand. So even gagged they can still cast a spell if the SIEGE check is successful. Wizards can do this, but to do it bound and gagged would be a CL=spell level +8 to do so.

Rune stones are made out of expensive materials, but are re-useable. Rune stones cost 25 GP for first level, 35 GP for second level, 50 GP for third level, and 100 GP for levels 4 to 6, then 50 GP per level for levels 7 to 9 (350 GP to 450 GP per spell), with certain price exceptions for spells like Wish, etc... Those costs will be double of what is in the PH, but the rune stone is not consumed.

Biggest drawback: Unlike a mage losing a spell book, if you lose your runestones you can't cast another spell until you make new rune stones for the spells you know/have memorized.

Plus Runemark's cannot use Wizard or Illusionist magic items easily. They must make a SIEGE check versus TN 12 + level the item is made at to use it successfully. If they fail the SIEGE check they can never use that particular item until later. If they succeed they can use that particular item, or item power, from then on. Scrolls can never be used in this manner. Potions can be freely used like any other class. Fail the SIEGE check and they can never use that particular item, or item power, until they make another level to get another SIEGE check to try and figure it out.

Rune magic items:

Runemarks cannot cast arcane or divine classed scrolls, nor do they make scrolls. Runesticks are made in place of scrolls, but for all intents and purposes works just like a scroll. Costs of a runestick are twice that of normal scrolls, but otherwise is the same in terms of time to make them.
They use rods, staves, and wands (very similiar looking to runesticks), but they are all rune based, so called Rune Rods, Rune Staves, and Rune Wands. They can also make potions, but the container is used to empower the fluid inside, so rune potion containers are typically bigger than normal potion vials because of this.

Runemark Skills: Runemarks are very good at engraving and carving, as well as identifying metals and gemstones, since they are so crucial to the basics of making runestones and rune items. All checks, when related to runecasting and making rune items, are WIS based. Otherwise it will be related to DEX, or whatever stat the CK considers relevant.

SIEGE Checks:

As you probably guessed, I allow SIEGE checks to be used for a lot of things other than skills. They can be used by fighters to try and get extra attacks, to get an extra attack when you take an opponent down, to transfer points from your BtH to your damage roll, if you think of it, ask me if you can do it. If you have played 3E many of their feats are good ideas for SIEGE checks.

IMPORTANT: If you successfully use a SIEGE check frequently enough to perform a specific kind of action I will eventually, when I decide to do so, award it as a "signature move". This will mean that as long as your opponent is no more than 3 levels higher than you, or lower, you will not need to perform a SIEGE check to do the "signature move". You can have as many "signature moves" as I decide to award you with.

***I also allow all class abilities to be treated as if you have the relevant attribute as a Prime.


If you want anything beyond what your chosen class give you do a back ground write up explaining how you were raised and trained. As long as you can make it a sensible and realistic back ground I don't care if you have 20 skills or languages. Consider 20 the limit, though.

When I decide a skill/language related roll is needed I will do it as if you have the relevant attribute as Prime, even if it is not, just like I treat Class Skills.

I will not accept skills that are too broadly defined, though. For example, Gymnastics is too broad. You must specify tumbling, balance beam, jumping, the horse, the rings, etc...

As for what a class automatically knows, lets use Wizard as an example. I will be willing to assume they "know" everything about spells, spell casting, spell creation, and creating scrolls, potions, and items. I will not assume they know about magical creatures, the planes of existence, etc...

Similar assumptions will be made for the other spell casting classes. You want them to know about monsters, the planes, etc... then do a back ground write up.

Now a fighter example. I will assume they know how best to fight as an individual and maintain their weapons and armor and how to ride their horse and give basic care to their horse and riding gear. If you want them to know how to make armor, weapons, leather goods, medically treat themselves or others, to be perceptive, etc... you must write up a background history.

For clarity, also list your skills you think your write up gives you. So after you finish your write up then list skills like this:

Weapon crafting
mountain climbing
skinning animals

EVERYONE HAS THE FOLLOWING, meaning they can add their level to the following checks:

Common ability checks automatically improve as characters advance in level,
Common abilities include:
Strength: Feats of strength, jump, swim
Intelligence: Appraise, estimate, recall information
Wisdom: sense motive, direction sense
Dexterity: Balance, climb (simple things, like trees)
Constitution: Stamina, fortitude
Charisma: Bluff, haggle, intimidate, persuasion

*This is not "all inclusive", and I reserve the right as CK to make situational exceptions.

SPOT/Search/Perception/Notice Checks:

Only Barbarian, Rangers, Thieves and Assassins can add their level to a Spot check, everyone else can treat it as 12 or 18, but do not add level.


You get one luck point +1 per level. So two at level one.

Luck points are used to:

Get a re-roll on an attack roll, save, or SIEGE check. Only 1 re-roll allowed.

To turn a death attack to near death. If an attack outright kills your PC you can permanently burn a luck point to put your character at death's door instead. That means at -6 HP. So Grievously wounded but not dead, and not bleeding out.

You don't refresh your Luck points until your goal/mission is accomplished. This is defined as whatever over all goal your party is working towards. Such as recovering an item, escorting this person/caravan from point A to point Z, finding the daughter of the merchant, etc... NOT when short term goals are accomplished.

Lost/permanently burned luck points are regained anytime I witness you roll 3 Nat 20's to hit, make a save, or SIEGE check in one game session. So make sure I keep track of them, and make sure I witness your rolls. Otherwise its up to me to trust/believe you. I may just deny the validation simply to encourage/motivate you to make sure I witness your rolls.

Online games must use the online dice roller to get this benefit.

Death, the effect of:

When you die, the CK is the god. I determine if you suffer any penalties, per the spell write up. If I deem you died “well”, you will suffer no penalties. If I deem you died badly, you suffer the penalties. So die well and you will have nothing to fear.


This rule is to be used when your character, or group, are about to die. IE to prevent TPK's and character death. Its a long shot, but I have seen it save a character and group from a TPK often enough to recommend remembering this when the party or your character is going down. Base 5% chance, Holy characters (Paladins, Clerics, Druid, etc...) add 1% per level. Generous contributions to holy institutions or causes can earn bonus percentage points. Only to the next God Call. They are lost regardless of success or failure."

Specific Rules changes:

Spell Casting: In an attempt to have as much clarity as possible, this is the way I have spell casting work. All spell casting begins on "10", in the initiative order. This is when you decide what you are casting for the round, or beginning this round. So 10 is when you start, and the actual number rolled for initiative is when it will come into effect. Which will be during the current round with spells of CT 1, and a subsequent round for spells longer than CT 1, even if its 10 minutes later, as long as no disruption occurs in the mean time.

So if your casting a CT 1 spell, you declare your spell on 10, and if you roll a 10 for initiative, your able to cast the spell with lightning speed for whatever reason as well as have its effect come into being on 10. Normally you just start on 10, and declare what the spell is your casting. Then on your initiative roll, the spell goes into effect. This is when you designate the target or target area, then range etc... is verified, and the effect occurs.

SR note, all creatures with an SR will have their score bumped by 1, to account for the anomaly caused by an SR of 1 on a D20. This means ratings of 21 or higher will be immune to magic, unless spells are found or researched specifically for lowering SR.

You can half move and still cast a spell in the same round for CT 1 spells, BUT moving only occurs AFTER your done casting the spell on your initiative turn. So if you go on a 1 in the round (the end of the round), you get no movement. You cannot move when casting spells taking a full round or longer to cast.

Crits and Fumbles:

Criticals: A natural, unmodified roll of 20 on the 20 sided dice is considered a "critical hit". If it is with a non-missile weapon this means you get a free extra attack roll. If it is a missile type weapon it means you multiply your damage by 2.
When rolled on a save versus spell it means no damage is taken if it is a damage type spell. It means you saved versus any spell if the TN was too high for you even to succeed otherwise.

Fumbles: Are when a natural unmodified roll of a "1" is rolled. These cannot be rerolled with luck points. Results of such a roll are usually bad. Such as a save versus a spell is failed. If so you automatically take double damage. Look at it as the Spell caster rolled a crit on you.

For weapon attacks, it means you lose your attack for that round at the very least. I'll have you roll a DEX save and depending on your roll I'll determine some kind of detrimental result, or nothing more at all.

If your weapon is a feathered edge weapon you may cut off one of your limbs.

Movement: I allow 30 foot moves (or whatever your normal move is) in combination with attacks. Not 15 foot. So a charge covers 60 feet, but still allows +2 to hit and -2 to AC.

In combat you are essentially placing a "band aid". On a successful WIS based check, that only Paladins, Clerics, Druids, Rangers and Assassins can make, the recipient is only stabilized. So no bleeding out is possible unless more injury is caused. Outside of combat you must rest a full 24 hours to regain 1 HP +/- Con modifier. If you are under non magical care of a "healer", such as the aforementioned classes, or an NPC Herbalist/Healer, you regain an additional 1d4 with a successful daily check, CL= to 1 for every increment of 10 HP the injured is missing. Always a minimum of CL 1. They get an automatic +5 if they are fully equipped with a range of mosses, herbs, bandages, and such. On a Nat 20 the recipient gets back 5 HP that day. If you have a negative Con modifier this means you must rest one extra full day per point of the modifier before you can even start to regain hit points. Once you have rested those additional days your modifier is treated as "0" from then on.

The patient, if they have a Con modifier of "0" or higher, can also make a Con check to recover additional Stamina every day. The CL is as above for the Healers, including the +5 if good food and drink are available. A successful check results in a regain of 1d4+ Con modifier, but a Nat 20 has no benefit. A maximum of 1/4, or 20%, rounded down, of the characters maximum HP total can be regained this way. If you have a negative Con modifier you must rely completely on the healer.

I should also note that I define Hit Points as per the 1E DMG and PH. HP are not all just physical damage as C&C defines it. The vast majority of HP are a combination of Luck and stamina, and the loss of HP is mostly the abstract loss of that luck and Stamina due to stress and the dodging of blows and spells. So even when a Magic Missile hits you, its not necessarily hitting you, but presenting enough of a danger to cause you to lose that much of your HP. If it is ever important, your actual, physical, hit points are those you roll for first level + Con bonus +1 per level there after. After first level your Con modifier represents additional, or less, Stamina.


Dismissal and Repulsion are on the Wizard spell list at the same level.

All items are the minimal caster level required to cast the most powerful spell on the item. Still a minimum of 9th level if a wizard item, or 12th level minimum for Clerical items. The rule of needing 3 levels for every + bonus of weapons, armor, etc... still stands. So +5 items will require 15th level.

Any spell that adds a magical bonus "To Hit" or "To Attack Rolls" make those attacks "magical" for purposes of over coming immunity to non magical attacks.

Only potions change the casting time of a spell, all other items follow all spell parameters as if being cast normally. With the exception of spell components/semantics. Verbal commands are required for all stave's, wands, and rods.

Custom designed items can change these things, but it will cost considerably more. At least 30% more.

Item Usage: Scrolls, Wands, Stave's, and Rods are only usable by spell-casters. A spell-caster is anyone able to cast spells, which includes Paladins, since they can cast Cure Disease, and later on the 12th level powers. However, Divine is restricted to Divine, and Arcane is limited to Arcane. So a Wizard cannot use one of these devices divine powers, however if the item has both Arcane and Divine spells on it they can still use the Arcane powers. An item can be made to allow access to both, but that would be a customized item.

Armor stacking. Fighter type stuff stacks, so shields and Armor. Mage stuff type stacks, so bracers, Staff of the Magi, rings, and cloaks stack. Fighter stuff never stacks with mage stuff. Now stuff that gives some kind of other bonus, such as Luck, Natural Armor, or Divine in the same manner as Prayer or Protection from Evil, does stack with all the others. Rings and Cloak bonus' to AC will stack with non-magical Armors. Once magical armors are used, their magic dominates and negates Rings and Cloaks.

Bonus of similar items do not stack. So rings or cloaks do not stack with themselves. IE a Ring +2 does not stack with a ring +3, only the +3 counts.


Each bonus (to hit or damage, they are counted separately) costs 250 GP. Same goes for making bows STR adjusted. Weapons and armor are limited to only a +1. So a sword with +1 to hit and damage will cost an additional 500 GP, and add two weeks to construction times when solicited in game. Bows are limited to +3 STR adjustments, and to have +3 to Dam would cost 750 additional gold above base. However bows can still be "expert", so you can pay 500 go to get an "expert" +1 to hit and damage. You can then add STR modifiers to damage only for 250 gp per bonus point. To reiterate, each +1 adds a week to construction times. So a +3 bow would take 6 additional weeks to make.


To mostly clarify polymorph effects, but some rule specifics are in here.

You can only polymorph into creatures twice own size and weight. Which means Creatures descriptions which put them as being taller OR heavier than twice the casters cannot be polymorphed into.

Example: So if you are 6 foot tall and 170 LBS you can Poly into a Ogre or Troll, but not giants or horses. They exceed the height and/or weight limit.

When Polymorphed (self, or other, by the caster) the caster can manipulate the STR of the form, even a "buffed up" version of yourself.

CL=2xSTR increase

Example: Your STR is 13 and you want the new form to be an 18.
Failure: STR stays 13
Crit Fail: STR drops by 5 to an 8
Crit Success: +2 to STR score, so an 18 becomes 20.

Items Worn:

Small things like rings, earrings, bracers, shoes/small boots, necklaces, etc... "meld into" the new form. Unless the new form is still "humanoid", even if size is changed, so are the items changed. IE your clothes. Armor, etc... change size with you, as long as you remain “humanoid” (human shaped). If they meld they become inactive if they are magical. If they do not meld because you assume a humanoid form, then they still work. Plus they can still be recognized.

Larger things, like pants, knee high boots, armor, helmets, shirts, large necklaces, etc... fall off. This is because your body will ooze right out of them, since they cannot be absorbed.

So stuff dropped like this will have to be picked up by the caster in their new from, or some ally will have to pick them up, etc....


I personally think that Teleporting from anywhere you wish, to anywhere you wish is more powerful then teleporting from locations you have to prepare with a circle/pillars/etc...

So I am changing up the order in which you receive the spells, and altering them a little bit. At 5th level you get Teleport Circle, its duration is “instantaneous”, not 1 turn per level. Its CT is a full round, meaning it always goes off on a initiative of “1”. Which means you, and whomever is going with you, needs to be within the circle when you finish casting.

Teleport is now a 7th level spell, but is otherwise the same.

There is still an 8th level Teleport Circle, and it is as written other than still taking a full round to cast. IE it goes off at “1” on the round in which it is cast.

Teleport W/O Error is now a 9th level spell.

Teleport Circle spells teleport 250 pounds per caster level of creatures and equipment.

No circle means they teleport 1 person/creature/2 caster levels and all those creatures are wearing and holding, or 100 pounds of equipment/objects. Combinations are not possible.

There is a 9th level Teleport Circle that has a casting time of 8 hours and a permanent duration when cast and has a material component cost of 10,000 GP. The area of effect is determined by the size of the component(s) used to create the spell. The weight limit per caster level can be multiplied ([250]x2, x4, etc...) by adding 1000 GP in components per multiple (x2=2000 GP, x4=4000 GP, and so on.)

So to have it teleport 1000 pounds per level that is a x4 multiplier so the material component cost is 14,000 GP.

The material can be whatever the caster wants (standing stones, a circle of solid silver 30 foot in
diameter, a doorway, archway, pool of mercury, etc...)

Spell Memorization/Praying (Arcane and Divine):

If you do NOT wish to change spells you only need to meet the resting requirements and spend a total of 15 minutes focusing/clearing your mind. If you wish to change spells, then you spend 15 minutes per spell praying or memorizing it.


To establish a Grapple, as per the 4th printing of the PH. HOWEVER, since this is a weapon free attack, attackers provoke an attack of opportunity, UNLESS they are a Monk. Monks are considered armed. If the AoO succeeds it also ruins the attempted Grapple. Again, Monks do not provoke an AoO.

When grappled a target can make either a STR or DEX save, whichever is better, to break free of the grapple. While Grappled they can either struggle to break or slip free, or they can draw a dagger, wand, or use some kind of magic item that needs only a command word to be spoken. They are only +5 to be hit at this point, and any DEX or Shield AC is negated.

To be made prone/helpless the attacker must make an additional STR check to throw and pin you to the ground, size/STR modifiers apply, as well as any other modifiers that seem sensible. Plus they must be of similar size or bigger, or only be able to pin arms, negating any attack ability of the target, except for a Monks feet. Once successful, both the attacker and defender are +10 to be hit. Unless a Monk is involved.

Monks can fight while Grappled, unless they are successfully pinned to the ground, then they can only attack who or whatever has them in the grapple and opponents gain no more than +5 to hit them when they are Grappled. Remember, Monks get an additional +2 to all attacks while in a Grapple.

A dagger can be used to attack, but at a -2 to all attacks, and only to attack the creature grappling the wielder. Wands can be similarly used, and they do not have to attack their grappler, but can attack other targets within their line of sight.

Two Handed Fighting:

If you want to be a two weapon Fighter take DEX as Prime. This drops the penalties by 1, to -2 for primary hand and -5 for the off hand. Dex bonus' offset these penalties, so an 18 DEX would change these to +1/-2. If DEX isn't prime then the penalties remain 3/6, but the DEX bonus still offsets these before a roll is made. So if you have a +2 DEX bonus the penalties are -1 and -4, then you roll your attacks as normal. Typically BtH + STR bonus' + magic.


When hit by a creature that energy drains you get a save. The save is CON based, CL is equal to HD of the creature. If you fail the save then you lose a level and HP loss is equal to your HD average plus your CON bonus, if any So if you are a fighter you lose 5+CON bonus in hit points.

Still, all is not lost. It takes creatures about 24 hours to fully digest your life energy in my games. So if you kill the creature, or creatures, who stole your life force within 24 hours of them doing so your life force will be released and will find its way back to your body. You must be within 10 feet of the creature when it is destroyed for this to happen automatically. For every 10 feet beyond 10 feet there is a cumulative -2 penalty to your CHA (or CON, whichever the CK decides is most appropriate and beneficial to the player) save for your life force to find and return to you.

So if you are 30 feet away when the creature is destroyed you must make a save at -4 to get your life force back. 10 feet or less no save is required.

Rules for learning to control contracted Lycanthropy:

Every month, for 3 nights, the night of the Full Moon and the night before and after, the urge to change becomes so strong that saves are needed. The rest of the nights, saves are only needed if you come under stress at night time, enter a fight, have a heated argument, or have ANYTHING happen that causes your emotions to flare up strongly, even positive ones of love, etc...

Whenever saves are required, it is a test of mind over body, so is a Charisma save. The only things you can add to your saves are your level and CHA bonus, so ONLY magics that increase either of those will help you with the saving roll. Outside of that only something that gives a Luck bonus will help.

Unfortunately, the power of the Lycanthropy is directly related to how powerful you are, IE your class levels. So the CL to resist the change is equal to your class level. Your actual level, not your level if you some how get it magically increased for purposes of making this save.

On the 3 nights of the Full Moon, you will have to make two saves to not change. The first will be as soon as the Moon becomes visible after the Sun goes down. The second will be around the middle of the night, typically between Midnight and 1 AM, because that is when the urge to change is at its height.

This ordeal will also be very painful. Your fighting the change will literally cause your bones to break and heal, so you will suffer 1d6 of damage for 1 of each of your 3 levels in your class. So a 9th level character will suffer 3d6 Damage whenever they roll the save, and make it. Failing the save just means you change, and spend the rest of the night as the beast.

Mastering your form:

To gain initial Mastery, this just gives you the ability to assume what is referred to as the "Hybrid" form, so you still appear monstrous, people will automatically assume your a threat, etc... However, YOU will have control over what your actions are for the rest of the night. You gain this level of control once you make 9 successful rolls to resist changing on nights of the Full Moon only. So this mastery can be gained in as little as 3 months, if you were to make every single save every night. Typically, this level of control takes 6 to 8 months. Full Control, where you decide to change or not change, occurs once you have made 40 successful saves only on the nights of the Full Moon, AND you can choose to change at will, even during the day. This level of Mastery typically takes around 18 to 24 months. You can only change once per day, between 8 hour rests. The only exception to this is at night, and if you give up control to the curse, and then you can only change to the full beast form, and have no control.

After you have gained Full Mastery, and 3 full years have passed, you will have learned to change at will 2/day, at 6 years this becomes 3/day, and at 10 years, you can change as many times as you wish and will have finally fully Mastered your Lycanthropy. If you wish to be cured after you have achieved intial Mastery, you will only be curable by Wish level magic, or by being Reincarnated. At the 10 year mark, you can only be cured by a Wish, the curse will follow you via Reincarnation.

Lycanthropy can only be passed as you became infected with it, via bites or claw attacks. It spreads as a Disease. Only true Weres can birth offspring that can also change, and Lycans and Weres, typically, HATE each other at an instinctual level. In fact, they have to make a CHA save identical to fighting a change to not attack each other. CL is the class level of the one making the roll. The only way a Lycan will not change with a failed roll is if they are under 10 years of Mastery and have used their daily limits. Weres and 10+ year Lycan Masters will always change on a failed roll. They can learn to fight this instictual hatred much like a Lycan learns their intitial level of Mastery, but it takes 10 successful attempts to control themselves. So it is rare to see a Lycan and Were meet and not immediately try to tear each other apart.

Equipment bundles

Pack 1, Delvers bundle

Backpack 2g
Bedroll 1s
Belt pouch large 1g
Blanket, winter 5s
Canteen ½ gallon 2g
Flint and steel 1g
Hammer small 1g
Lantern hooded 7g
Oil 6 flasks 6g
Pitons / spikes 10 1g
Rope 50’ hemp 1g
Sack large 2 1s
Torch 5 5c
Whetstone/weapon kit 1g

Total 25 gold

Pack 2, mage kit

Case, scroll or map 2 2g
Chalk dozen pieces 12c
Flask 6 18c
Ink 3oz 24g
Paper 10 sheets 10g
Quill 3 3s
Wax, sealing 3 3g
Tongs 6s
Vial 6 (1oz) 6s

Total 4o gold

Pack 3, cleric kit

Candle 5 sticks 5c
Holy symbol wood 1g
Incense sticks 6 6g
Prayer beads 2g
Wolves bane 2g

Total 10 gold

Pack 4, rogue gear

Belt pouch small 2 1g
Case scroll or map 1g
Chalk 3 pieces 3c
Chisel 1g
Cord 50’ 5g
Crowbar 2g
Dust bag of 3 -
File metal 1g
Pitons/spikes 10 1g
Rogues tools 30g
Sack small 1s
String 50’ 4s
Vial 4 4s

Total 40 gold

Pack 5, provisions cheap

Water skin 1g
Rations 2 weeks 6g

Total 7 gold

Pack 6, provisions good

Water skin 1g
Cheese block 2 4s
Rations 2 weeks 6g
Beer ration, daily 7g
Tea 1month supply 1s
Wine, fine 2 bottles 20g
Pipe, and 2 weeks pipe weed 6g

Total 40 gp

GOLDEN RULE: No one is allowed to kill anyone elses PC. Ever. Only the CK is allowed to kill PC's. I used to think I didn't have to say such a thing, but its been made clear to me lately that some people think killing each others PC is cool. In my games it is not, it is forbidden. You want to kill PC's, take up the CK mantle.
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

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Behir are usefu for a number of things. The horns of a behir can be used to brew the ink necessary to inscribe a lightning bolt scroll, and the sharp talons can likewise be used by a cleric to make the ink for a neutralize poison scroll. The heart of the behir is one of the more common ingredients for ink for a protection from poison scroll. The scales are valued for their hardness and color, and are worth up to 500 gp to an armorer who can use them to fashion a highly ornate set of scale mail armor. This Behir would cost half to enchant to +2 in protection and cost half to put electrical and poison related enchantments upon it.

Eating the heart was wisely passed on. Eating it, and living, would have bestowed a permanent save bonus of +2 versus electrical based attacks and poison attacks from all sources, demon, dragon, plants, other creatures, and even magical.

Order of the Stars Guild (Wizards)
Dues: Annual Dues are 10 GP per level, paid on annual anniversary of joining.

Novice: First to 4th level, Titles: Novice of the Stars, Novice of the Twin Stars, Novice of the Tristar, Novice of the Quadrant. Levels one through 4 respectively.

Get use of libraries to cut research time on new spells by 25%, so 5 days per level. Access to libraries can also allow you a +20 to all knowledge checks per day of research for common types of questions, +20 per week for uncommon/complex questions, and +20 per month for rare and very complex/esoteric questions. (CK's call)

You also are given a room and 2 meals a day any time you stay at a Order residence. Simple foods, like water, bread, and a bit of cheese, maybe a piece of fruit, etc...

You can also assemble your new spellbooks at half cost. Spellbooks normally cost 500 GP per 100 pages, +100 GP per spell level, one level per page. So with the guild those costs are cut in half to 250 GP+50GP per page/level.

Plus, whenever you attain a new rank the Order will make two new spells available to you, of your choosing.

You may also use the Order as your "bank". They will keep however much of your wealth that is non magical safe for you. The cost will be 1% of the highest total you have over the course of the year. The year will run from anniversary to anniversary of the date you first started banking money with the order. Why bank with the Order? Because they are likely the safest "banks" in all of the land, and you can withdraw funds from the nearest chapterhouse. Magical communication may be required to confirm you have deposited funds equal to what you asked for, so it may take an hour or two to have the funds actually given.

Low interest loans are also possible.

Perhaps the most important guild service is helping you replace lost spellbooks. As long as you have it on record with a particular Order Library, the librarian will allow you to copy any common spell you are on record for having in your spell book. Unique or rare spells will only be recoverable if you left a useable copy with that particular Chapter House, or they have it from other means, and you are known to have also had it. Plus you get to replace the books at half cost. If you are broke the order will allow you to replace books on the basis of a loan. Typically you have one year to repay the loan, which is the full price of replacing the spellbooks, not half.

Failure to pay will result in expulsion from the order until three times the defaulted loan is paid, and five years worth of dues, all up front.

Mage Ranks: 5th to 8th Level, Titles: Nova of the First Star, Nova of the Bi-star, Nova, Full Nova


You can use the libraries to research Potion formulae and to make scrolls for 50 GP per level less than normal, or by half, whichever is higher. You may also start to research the making of magic items in preparation for becoming powerful enough to cast Permanency. You also can use the Order labs for making potions, cutting your costs in half, as long as you don't break anything. The cost of raw materials is still your responsibility. Plus the cost of anything you break/ruin. So typically potions you make are 25% of listed book price.

You may buy Potions and scrolls from the Order at 20% off of their "normal" prices when you don't have the time to make them yourself.

Food is now of good quality. Fresh meats, good ale, and special treats like coffee, cinnamon, and chocolates. Your bed is now made with the finest linens and feathers, and you have an attendent to clean your room, make your bed, and to bring you your food. Usually an apprentice.

Costs: Your dues are now 20 GP per level per year (So 100 to 160 GP). Plus the donation of one potion and one scroll, per year.

Mage ranks: 9+, Nova Prime (9th Level), Gold Nova (11/12th Level), Molten Nova (13/14th level), Super Nova (15/16th level), Black Star Nova (17+)


You can use the Order labs to manufacture items of magic. However, your first item made at each Rank is to be given to the order to sell or use as they see fit. You decide what it is to be, but requests may be made of you. The cost of these items are to be covered by you. Use of the orders labs and libraries just saves you the thousands of gold pieces needed to build such facilities. Plus it allows you to make all items at half of the "normal" prices (IE book value in the M&T). You can buy any arcane item you wish at 75% of book price if the order has the item available. 1 to 50% chance, depending on many factors, such as level of spells in the item, caster level of the item, etc... (CK decides probability and rolls, if chance not rolled must wait a year or so for a new chance to be available. CK is always free to say it is available, irregardless).

Plus there is a 80% chance the Order has any special materials you may need to make any given item, such as solar feathers, gorgons breath and blood, Faerie wings, etc... Especially if the requesting member has donated such materials in the past. Such items will be provided at very low cost.

Members of these ranks can buy Potions and scrolls at 30% below "book".

Food is now of top quality, finest meats, finest fruits and vegetables, finest pastries and sweets, fine ales, wines, liquors, and hard drinks, all prepared by top chefs and the best distilleries in the lands.

Plus you have your own private apartments on the Orders Grounds, which are usually just a bedroom and a common room, where you eat, entertain company in private, perform secret/private research. These private quarters are only at one specific location, not at every order. However, when travelling, you will have a room made available to you, and the food will still be of the finest qualities.
If you wish to maintain such private quarters you may do so at a cost of 200 GP per location, per year.

You beds will be made with fine silks, and of colors of your choosing, you may still have someone to clean your room and be a general servant if you wish it. IF you have a spouse they may live in these quarters as well.

General Information about the Order of the Stars.

Its current "Master of the Order" lives in New Aenoch in the capitol city, Ascalon. He is also currently the Arch Mage of New Aenochia in service to the Empress. His level is whatever the CK desires, but in this writing is assumed to be 18 to 20th level. He is a half elf of elven heritage, however he does have three full Primes, not two. He definitely possess' a Staff of the Magi and wears Robes of the Archmagi, his alignment is Lawful Neutral, but definitely favors good over evil.
His titles and name is Black Star Nova Ektor Milren, the Green Mage, Archmage of New Aenoch.

There are Orders located in the cities of: Vilshofen, Ihlsa, Affersholm, with the stronghold of the Lunar Knights hidden in the Aenochian Forest (Members of the Order know how to get here), among the Gnomes living in Grundliche Hohle, and anywhere else in Airhde the CK wishes to reveal. Typically in capitol cities of every land and peoples that are not evil, as well as major sea port and trade cities.

Expected general conduct of members of the order:

In general Wizards are expected to keep their membership in the order secret, even from other members below you in rank, but above the levels of Novice. Novice Rank members will know mostly of only other Novice's and only Librarians of Order Houses they have visited, and whomever they were trained by as apprentices. They may know of others by sight, but unlikely to know them by name. Only the Master of the Order (in formal capacities called the Master of the Stars) definitely knows all members of the Order, or at least has such information recorded somewhere. It is likely a few other Black Star Nova's, Super Nova's, and maybe even Molten Nova's know most, if not all, of the members of the order. They are likely only those trusted by the current Master of the Stars, or were trusted by a former Master of the Stars. Librarians would also know a fair number of order members just due to their jobs.

Order members are allowed to hold many belief's, but are not allowed to support evil, or to perform evil acts, unless necessary to achieve a greater good, such as saving more lives than would be lost, protecting the order, etc...

Members will be called upon to explain such actions when known. Members who are found to have "forgotten" to report such acts will be closely scrutinized, including stripping themselves naked and allowing themselves to be subjected to any kind of divination. Refusal to do so will result in expulsion from the order, and likely result in being hunted down and slain. Being found to be evil will likely result in death as well.

You are also expected to use spells responsibly. Being found to have fireballed innocent bystanders, burning down buildings, villages, towns, cities, forests, etc... will definitely get you in trouble.

You are also expected to fight and eradicate evil whenever possible, especially when it involves evil minded Wizards and other spellcasters. This is not expected of you if they are obviously more powerful than you. You are expected to make the Order aware of such persons and creatures as soon as your able.

You are also expected to collect supplies for the Order. Whenever you kill, or are able to capture, magical beasts, such as Gorgons, Medusa, Dragons, Faerie, or find uncommon or rare flora and fauna, or metals and minerals, you are to collect as much as possible and bring it to the order to be stored and used by Order members.

You are also encouraged to donate items of magic, or at least offer to sell it to the Order first.

You are also expected to perform services for the Order when requested, such as finding needed special materials, negotiating a trade supply agreement for the Order, or whatever else comes up that a senior member requests your help in doing.

Order of the Lunar Knights

The Order is very simplistic.

Its established around the goal of defending the world, their lands, and their people. Primarily from the forces of organized Evil. The members can be from almost any class, Knights, Paladins, Fighters, Rangers, Wizards, Monks, Bards, and Clerics. They are almost exclusively Elven, but other races have been members in the past. The primary requirement for joining is a commitment to protect and fight against the forces of Evil. Race and class is very secondary to that. Evil is definitely not acceptable.

Members of the order are not only expected to accomplish the over all goal, they are also expected to help the order have financial resources to support the members and their over all goal. They are also expected to answer any call to arms issued by the order, unless doing so would leave the lives of those unable to protect themselves at risk.

So members are expected to strive to pay at least 100 GP to the order coffers per year. If a order member becomes, or is, rich, they are expected to financially support the order as much as they can. That definition is left up to the conscience of the individual member. A minimum of 10% is an excellent starting point.

What the order offers in support:

AS for most orders, it offers a sanctuary to all members and their allies.

It offers a way to rally great numbers of like minded allies when such is needed against a discovered threat.

It offers a network of friends and alliances with groups and individuals who are not members of the order, but share overlapping goals. These alliances and friendships give members a network to obtain rare items, magic items, high quality items, training, knowledge, and any other resources. One obvious such benefit is a source for trained Griffons. Another is to get items enchanted with specified spells by high level enchanters. Discount prices may or may not be available.

It offers an extended family of friendships to help a member of the order to live a good life, while they make many sacrifices so others may live a safe life.

Leadership of the order is very loose. Essentially positions of leadership are filled by those willing and able to fill them. They use simple military ranks to make these distinctions. A common member is simply called a “soldier”. You then have a Sargent, who will lead “squads” which can number up to 20 men. You then have First Sargents, who can command up to 3 full squads. The next highest rank is Leftenant, who commands up to 5 full squads.
Then you have a Captain, who can command up to 10 full squads and/or is responsible for the safety and security of specific lands belonging to the order. Leftenants can also be called on to fulfill such responsibilities if there are not enough Captains.

Then there are Commanders who are in charge of Brigades, made up of up to 30 full squads (600 men) and are often responsible for the oversite and co ordinated operation and defense of Order lands in a specified area or region containing 2 or more properties of the Order. You then have Generals who are in command of any number of Brigades, depending on the needs determined by the nature of the military opponent or opponents being engaged. Typically it will be a minimum of two Brigades, but can be just one, or even 20 Brigades. Generals in time of peace are in over all command of the Orders business' and properties in a given Kingdom, or larger regions if there is no unifying government, such as areas filled with many City-States.

Then there is the Commander General. He or she is the over all commander of the Order, and co ordinates and commands all the troops in times of warfare, and does the same for all of the Orders properties and businesses when and where there is peace.

Order of the Phoenix

An order for Knightly warriors.

You join the Order via sponsorhship or invitation and approval of the council, or are born into it.

First level: Knight of Ash
3rd level: Knight of Fire
5th Level: Knight of the Blue Flame
8th Level: Knight of the White Flame
10th Level: Knight of the Invisible Flame
Knights in charge of Chapter Houses: Captain of the Vigilant Flame of "City name"
Overall Commander of Chapter houses in a given Kingdom/City State/etc...: Fire Lord of "insert name"

Overall leader of the Order of the Phoenix: The Eternal Flame

Privledges of the Knights:

As is common of most Knightly orders each Chapter House or Landed Knight of the order will always provide housing and food for up to a month, both for the Knight and his mount. To stay longer the Knight must perform some type of helpful service, daily, to the order. Either working as an apprentice in the Smithy, training mounts, etc...

The Chapter Houses, and homes of richer landed members, offer libraries from which to research and learn Coats of Arms and Heraldry of many lands, especially those in which members of the Order live. There is also a list of Chapter Houses and landed members homes, so that a Knight can plan out ahead a time his itinerary, as well as send messages ahead as courteous "warnings" that a guest is coming.

These libraries also contain treatise' on engineering, armor and weapon making, leadership, tactics, even how to combat magic on the battlefield, etc...

Spending a month studying any one topic in these libraries can allow the character to have that Knowledge skill. GM call, as usual. Crafting can be learned to, but will require more time, and actually constructing items under a Master. Refer to armor and weapon crafting below for a basic guideline.

Other benefits, every Chapter House and home of a Landed noble has, its own Blacksmithing Shop, allowing for crafting of weapons and armor for the Knight and his mount. This allows Knights of the Order to make themselves armor and weapons, if they know how, for half of the listed book price, including, if they are skilled enough to do so, expertly made items. The expert portion will only double the price, but the length of time will be the same, which is one additonal week for each plus to be put on a weapon (+1 to hit and damage would be two extra weeks). For Expert Armor it will require and extra month of crafting, Crafting Full Plate armor typically takes 3 months of dedicated time, so expert would require 4 months. Plate Mail takes a month, so expert would take two months. Full Chain takes 6 weeks when done by one laborer, two laborers would cut it to 3 weeks, 3 laborers to two weeks. Expert would add a month, period, due to the meticulous care and attention to detail needed for EVERY link of chain. In fact, if it is done by only one laborer Expert chain will take 3 months. Similiar for a Chain Shirt, but its base is time is two weeks.

In fact all times assume one highly skilled person doing all labor, times can be adjusted due to additionally highly skilled craftsmen or Journey Man Apprentices.

IF a Knight does not have the ability, or the time, to make their own weapons and armor, they may buy it from the Chapter houses at 20% off typical base prices, then use the Expert modifier (x3 base cost) when purchasing expert items.

Enameling or etching coats of arms, holy symbols, and other designs can up the price considerably, up to tripling its base cost. Use of silver and gold plating or inlay will increase things even more. Setting of gemstones will increase prices even more. (GM logic time!)

Most Knights of the Order of the Phoenix who were born to the order, meaning their mother or father was/is a member of the Order, would have been trained/apprenticed in these smithies learning to do many of these smithing processes and techniques. General knowledge will have been taught to them by the time they were 16. Most Knights are Knighted and indoctrinated as full members of the order at age 18, when born to the order.

Knights who never learned to do this work can apprentice themselves at any time to learn them. However it will take a 3 year intensive course to learn everything. 1 year to learn all armors, 1 year to learn all knightly weapons, and one year to learn enameling, gem setting, etching, and inlay.

To be able to do expert and high quality artisan work a Knight must be very wise, or have a high artistic skill, depending on system rules. Otherwise they are only capable of highly serviceable and "nice" looking work. No expert quality, or high end art work (meaning in lay, enameling, etching, etc...)

Also realize that true masters of expert work also make their own steel, and their own molds with which to caste the steel, which is a large part of why it takes so much longer. To make truly expert weapons and armor you have to know how well they were caste in the first place.

The order often has business "partnerships", in particular with high end clothes makers, jewelers, goldsmiths, silversmiths, saddle makers, etc... Typically these partnerships allow Order members to get 10 to 30% discounts off of the final price of items and custom made work. Other partnerhsips with other businesses may also exist, but you must inquire with the local Chapter House to find out what, or look for businesses displaying the Order of the Phoenix's Coat of Arms.

The biggest benefit to a Knight of the Order is when they do a Call to Arms. Their call is always responded to as fast as possible. This means that 20 will answer the call every 2 weeks, even more if the gods are with you (IE the GM allows it).

Another benefit of the order, which can be a huge one, is for politically active Knights. Members will always back each other, even across national boundaries, as long as they are not to counter purposes of the political activities of other members. Even when they are up to plans counter to one another they will work out how to minimize the effects between them.

Expected behaviour of Knights:

They will fulfill the Virtues and Code of Conduct as laid out in the rule book. With stronger emphasis on Honor, Largesse, and Loyalty. A knight still would never want to be found out to have done anything counter to any of the codes. Expulsion is almost assured in such cases. Atonement and being reinstituted into the order are theoretically possible, but has never been done.
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Aramis »

Name: Bingo Proudfoot (Arkouna)

Player Name: Aramis

Race:Halfling (stout) Alignment: NG

Class: Druid/Wizard Level:8/8

Experience Points: /

Gender: Male Age: 28 Size: S

Height: 3' 6" Weight: 55 lbs Deity: Earth Mother

Hair: Auburn Eyes: Blue Homeland: Dearthwood

Languages: Common, Halfling, Druidic, Avian, Ursine

STR: 14 +1 + Paralysis and Constriction
DEX: 16 +2 + Breath Weapon and Traps
CON: 14 +1 + Disease,Energy Drain, and Poison
INT: 20 +4 + Arcane Magic and Illusion
WIS: 18 +3 + Divine Magic, Confusion, Gaze Attack, Petrification, Polymorph
CHA: 13 +1 + Death Attack, Charm, and Fear

Luck Points:

Saves: +3 arcane magic
+3 Poison

+2 Resist Elements

+2 ALL Ring Prot
+1 ALL Shield spell

AC: 25/27/29
Armour Worn: Bracers+shield spell+dex+ring(+barkskin)(+prot evil)


Speed: 20/40 on bear


Arcane Blast +8 8d4



Sling Bullet

Magic Items:

ring of spell storing 10 spell levels

ring of invisibility

ring +2 AC and Saves

spear +2

bracers +5

ring earth elemental control
meld into stone(unlimited)
soften earth/stone (unlimited)
stone shape (2/day)
pass wall (2/week)
Wall of Stone (1/day)

stone commanding earth elemental

rope entanglement

Wings of flying

2 bags of holding

ioun air

Wands etc.

Wand CLW 50

x staff of conjuration Mon Sum 1,2,3,4, or 5 ---- x-destroyed

Staff of Evocation (11th) 50 V -
Magic Missile (1)
Shatter (1)
Fireball (1)
Ice Storm (2)
Wall of Force (2)
Chain Lightning (3)

wand polymorph V

x staff of healing VV -- x destroyed

wand MM 5d4+5 50 charges ----

Racial Traits:

+3 perception
+3 find traps
+3 poison
+3 arcane magic
+3 Stealth
Darvision (Stout)
+1 Slings, Spears


Knowledge (Nature)
Knowledge (Arcana)
Knowledge (History)
Profession (Healer)
Profession (Herbalist)
Profession (Animal Handler-Avian)
Language (druid secret language)
Language (Avian)
Language (Ursine)

Common Abilities
Ability Score

Feats of strength, jump, swim Strength
Appraise, estimate, recall information Intelligence
Perception(+3), sense motive, direction sense Wisdom
Balance, climb, stealth(+3) Dexterity
Stamina, fortitude Constitution
Bluff, haggle, intimidate, persuasion Charisma


Bear Saddle and saddle bags
Back Pack
100 foot of Rope
Pitons (10)
Flint and Steel
Sharpening Stone
10 days rations
Holy Symbol
40 sling bullets
ink and pen
fishing gear
Bags of chalk x5 (poor man's see invisibility)
Bags of caltrops x3
small mirror
2 belt pouches
4 spears
soft boots
hard boots
sealing wax

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Rigon »

Name: Daithan Ravenlocks
Race: Elf
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class/Level: Ranger 11
Languages: Common, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Orc, Giant
Physicals: male, 5 ft 6 in tall, 120 lbs, raven black hair, and forest green eyes, 103 yrs old, follower of Thor & Odin

STR: 17 (+2)
DEXp: 22 (+5)(+2 to skills)
CON: 18 (+3)
INT: 12 (+0)
WISp: 16 (+2)
CHA: 13 (+1)
(+10 to sleep/charm)
(+3 to all saves)
HP: 112
AC: 23 (Dex, +3 Mail Hauberk)
BtH: +10 Init: +2
Atts/Rnd: 1+1 (melee); 2 (range)
Speed: 40 ft
Size: Medium Luck: 7/6
Ext. Att: 22 (melee)

+3 Sylvan Comp Shortbow (+21/1d8+6/70 ft; 80 +1 to hit/dmg arrows)
+3 Sylvan Broadsword (+15/2d4+5)
(Sylvan weapons in wooded areas +1d6; if dropped to 0 hp, free extra attack)
+2 Flametongue (+14/1d8+4+1d6 fire)
+2 Dagger (+14/1d4+4)

Magic Items:
+3 Buckler
Ion Stone: Deep Red Sphere (+2 Dex)
Leather Gloves of Endure Elements
Bracers of Archery (+1 to hit/+2 damage)
Ring of Shooting Stars
Ring of Free-action
Cloak of Resistance +3
Necklace of Adaptation
Boots of Speed (Haste for 30 rounds)
Hat of Disguise (casts Alter Self)
Lens of Detection (+2 to track)
Feather Token (Swanboat)
Dust of Disappearance (1 dose; 2d6 rs)
Ring of Water Walking

Racial Traits:
Enhanced Senses (+2 Listen)
Spell Resistance (+10 to sleep/charm)
Spot Hidden Doors (Wis; +2 if looking)
Twilight Vision
Weapon Training: Comp Shortbow (+1 to hit)
+2 to all Dex Skill Checks

Class Abilities:
Combat Marauder (+lvl to damage vs humanoids/giants)
Conceal (Dex)
Delay/Neutralize Poison (Wis)
Favored Enemy: Hill Giants/Chromatic Dragons/Slavelords (+2 to hit/AC/skills)
Move Silently (Dex +2)
Scale (Dex)
Survival (Wis)
Traps (Wis +2)
Track (Wis)

Misc. Equipment
Quiver, Score
-100 ft silk rope
-Fishing gear
-20 Pitons
Sm Belt Pouch
-Flint & Steel
6 vials of holy water
6 flasks of oil
6 bundles of wolvesbane
small steel mirror
9 neutralize poison kit

GP: 10732
SP: 6
CP: 2

Turned Slave Lords keep into a temple to Thor!
Castles & Crusades: What 3rd Edition AD&D should have been.
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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Treebore »

Kayolans new PC, joining us on 10/15/2012

Name: Zaskelor Skandurl
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Gnome (Age: Height: Weight: lbs.)
Class: Fighter
Level: 9
HP: 68 (10, 4, 5, 4, 4, 4, 6, 9, 4)
AC: 25

Str* 13
Dex* 15 (18)
Con 16
Int 13
Wis 13
Cha 14

Languages: Common, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Goblin, Kobold

Special Abilities:
double specialized in shortsword
specialized in composite short bow
mass combat dominance
animal empathy
combat expertise (goblins, kobolds)
enhanced hearing
spells: dancing lights, ghost sound and prestidigitation (once per day)

+3 short sword
+3 composite short bow
32 expert arrows +1/+1

+3 medium shield
+3 chain of etherealness

bandages (4 wounds)
s small belt pouches
winter blanket
canteen (.5 gallon)
metal file 1
small steel mirror
rations 7 days
quiver, score
silk rope 50'
3 small sacks
sewing kit
tinder box (10 fires)
flint & steel
wolvesbane x4
1 bottle of fine wine

Magic Items:
cloak of resistance +3
amulet of natural armor +3
ring of freedom of movement
gloves of dexterity +3
porion of heal x3
potion of neutralize poison
potion of water breathing

Money & Treasure:
10 pp, 9 sp, 8 cp
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by 64bitrobot »

Needed a little bit of cleaning up, but this seems about right.

Successful Combat Manuvers:
Extra Attacks: 25 | 20
Cleaves: 25 | 7

Sir Gavriel Markham
Lawful Neutral

Level: 9
2 (7?)Luck (3 perm)

STR*: 19 (+3) [21] [+4]
DEX : 17 (+2)
CON*: 19 (+3)
INT : 14 (+1)
WIS : 15 (+1)
CHA*: 18 (+3)

HP: 89/89
AC: 25 |10+1Dex+10Armor+4Shield| (20 Chain Shirt |10+2Dex+4Armor+4 Shield|)
Touch: 15 |10+1Dex+1Armor+3Shield|
-Grapple AC: 24/27/30?(BaB+Str+Dex...?)
BtH: +9

Armor: Expert +2 Full Plate
Shield: Small Steel Shield +3

Broadsword Frostbrand Attack: 1d20+19 (4Str+3Spec+9BtH+3Magic)
Damage: 2d4+10 (4Str+3Spec+3Magic)

Attacks Per Round: 5/2 |3/2 Normal + 1 Earned|
Attack Rate With Broadsword: 5/2 |3/2 Normal + 1 Earned|

Weapon Spec: Broadsword

Valor: +2 to saves agisnt charm, confusion, and fear.

Money: 24,343.16 gp

+3 Frostbrand (Missing)
+3 Broadsword
+3 Small Steel Shield
Expert Full Plate (Being Enchanted to +2)
Ring of Free Action
Cloak of Resistance +2
+2 Full Plate
Ioun Stone (Str +2)
Regeneration Stone (Heal 1 HP per minute) - Ioun Stone
Chain Shirt
Expert Large Steel Shield
Branded Mail
Large Steel Shield
Light Lance

2 Large belt
Flint and steel
8 Torches
50 ft Hempen Rope
Grappling Hook
Bag of Holding (500 Pounder) (This means I keep Track of the Loot)
Potion of Fire Giants Strength x1 (22 Str (+7?)) (10 minutes)
--Raise Dead Scroll

Heavy War Horse (Good one)
Heavy War Horse
War Dog
Knowledge (Etiquette)
Profession (Animal Handler: Horses)

Craft (Shipwright)
Craft (Carpentry)
Knowledge (Millitary Tatics)

Knowledge (History)

Perform (Oratory) (-6)

Dog | Trevor
HP 8/8 AC 15
Bite 1d4
Move 40

Heavy Warhorse (Good)
HP 26/26 AC 17
2 Hooves 1d6+3
1 Bit 1d4+2
Surefooted, Well Trained, Studded Leather Barding
Move 100

(1) Fighter, 6th level
(3) Fighter, 5th level
(1) Fighter, 3rd level
(8) Fighter, 1st level
(2) Knights, 1st level
(58) Men-At-Arms

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by nwelte1 »

Name: Kalis
Class: Ranger/Thief 8/8
AC: 24
HP: 60

BtH: 7

Str: 18 / 3
Dex: 23 / 5
Con: 13 / 11
Int: 13 / 1
Wis: 14 / 1
Cha: 18 / 3

Extra Attack: 10
Cleave: 2

Luck Points: 6

Magic Items:
+2 Chainmail
+2 Flaming Sword
+2 Broad Sword
+3 Comp. Long Bow
+3 Gloves of Dexterity
Ring of Invisibility
Ring of Freedom of Movement
+3 Cloak of Resistance
+5 Elven Chain Mithral
Boots of Spider Climb
2 heal
3 cure crit

Ranger Abilities: Combat Marauder +8 damage, Conceal (Dex), Delay/Neutralize (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Scale (Dex), Traps (Dex), Survival (Wis), Track (Wis), Favored Enemy (Chromatic Dragons, Vampires)

Rogue Abilities: Back Attack, Cant, Climb (Dex), Decipher Script (Int), Hide (Dex), Listen (Wis), Move Silent (Dex), Open Lock (Dex), Pick Pocket (Dex), Traps (Int), Sneak Attack

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by ArrowHawk »

Demko D'Azka

Chaotic Good
Diety: Thor
Level: 9/9

*STR: 22
DEX: 15
*CON: 17
INT: 14
*WIS: 17
CHA: 12

HP: 90

AC: 21 (10+1Dex+8Armor+2Shield)
+5 Warhammer Attack: 1d20+22 (5Str+2Spec+10Bth)
Devine Blast: 1d20+11

Money: 95870 Gold, 12 Sil, 29 Cop

+5 Warhammer
Expert Warhammer
Light Hammer
Devine Blast

+1 Full Plate (+8)
+1 Large Steel Shield (+2)
Wooden Holy Symbol of Hammer

Magic Items:
Ring of Faerie(Gain Elven Racial Abilities)
+3 Ring of Resistance
+3 Amulet of Health
Stone of Charm(Immune to Charm)
Necklace of Adaptation(Shell of Air)
Helmet of Underwater Action

1 - Oil of Etherealness(17Min)
1 - Scroll of Silence
1- Scroll of Continual Light
1 - Scroll of raise dead
1 - Potion of Cure Light
1 - Potion of Cure Moderate

Heavy Warhorse

AC 17
HP 26
Move 50 ft
Attacks 2 Hooves(1d6+3), 1 Bite(1d4+2)
Saves, P
Special: Sure Footed

Belt Pouch Sml
Knife sheath
Water Skin
Rations for 2 weeks
Salted Hering(100)
Fish Hook
Flint and Steel
Silk Rope 50'
Torch x5
Cleric kit
Soft boots

Combat Prowess
Multiple Attack
Weapon Specialization (Warhammer +2 Attk, Dmg) (Longsword +1 Attk, Dmg)
Combat Dominance

Knowledge(Locale: Dearthwood)
Craft(Weapon Smith)
swim, survival

Turn Undead 4 x day

5 - 0 level

5 - 1st level

1 - Sanctuary
1 - Sound Burst
1 - Shield Of Faith
1 - Remove Fear x2
1 -

5 - 2nd level

2 - Silence
2 - Remove Paralysis
2 - Darkness
2 - Spiritual Hammer

3 - 3rd level

3 - Remove Blindness/Deafness
3 - Remove Curse
3 - Remove Disease

2 - 4th level

4 - Restoration
4 - Freedom of Movement

1 - 5th level

5 -

Luck Points - 7


Elf/Elementalist Druid
Chaotic Neutral
Level: 10

STR 14(+1)
*DEX 19(+3)
CON 11(0)
INT 12(0)
*WIS 16(+2)
CHAR 11(0)

HP: 59
AC: 20 (+3 Cuir Bouille(+7), +3 DEX)


+2 Comp. Longbow +11 Hit, 1d8+3 Dmg
+2 Longsword +8 Hit, 1d8+3 Dmg
Divine Blast +13 Hit, 10d4 Dmg

Magic Items

Boots of Haste (Haste spell 30 rounds/day)
Necklace of Adaptation

Belt Pouch Sml
Knife sheath
Water Skin
Rations for 2 weeks
Salted Hering(100)
Fish Hook
Flint and Steel
Silk Rope 50'
Torch x5
Cleric kit
Soft boots


Nature Lore
Resist Elements
Woodland Stride
Totem Shape
Enhanced Senses
Enhanced Vision
Twilight Vision
Move Silently
Spell Resistance
Spot Hidden Doors
Weapon Training Long Bow


Level 0(5)

Level 1(4)

Level 2(4)

Level 3(3)

Level 4(3)

Level 5(2)

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Treebore »

Still need characters and their gear posted. This information is critical for me going into the Slavelords modules. So the sooner the better.

Edit: if you need to get info off of your token, if you ever "saved" it like you should have, you can open your Maptools without connecting to a server and open any token you have ever saved to your folders.

Edit 2: I expect this series of adventures to take you single class characters to 11th, possibly 12th. You dual classed characters might make 10/10. Your in the XP range now where some single Class PC's will go up two levels for the dual classed every "one". We'll see how the math actually works out.

Edit 3: Combat Maneuver Cheat Sheet by Lord Dynel:

Special Combat Maneuvers and Actions Cheat Sheet
· Called Shot: Attacker takes a -8 to this attack. If successful, it is an automatic Critical Hit. Helm AC is
added to attacks to the head. Declare at initiative.
· Charge: Move up to jogging speed (x2 standard) in a straight line, then attack. Attacker gain a +2 to hit,
but suffers a -4 to AC. Lances do double damage. Must be declared at initiative.
· Close Supporting Fire: When shooting an arrow/bolt into melee, a roll of a 2-3 indicates a possible hit to
an ally (a 1 is still a fumble). A second roll is made against the AC of the unintended target to determine if
the attack hits.
· Dodge: +2 AC, up to 3 attacks per round. Declare anytime as long as character has not already acted.
Character cannot attack, cast, move, or use abilities/items.
·* Disengage: (Hasty) Move up to maximum running distance, with a -2 AC and foes get a free attack or
(Fighting) move ½ movement or less and suffer no penalties. No other actions possible. Declare anytime.
· Disarm: (Fighter, Ranger, Assassin, Cleric, and Paladin only): Attack AC of 18 plus HD or level of defender
(plus their Dexterity modifier, if applicable). Declare at initiative.
· Evade: +4 AC to one opponent facing character. Declare anytime, as long as character has not acted, and
no other actions possible.
· Flank Attack: An attack from left or right side of defender. +1 to hit the defender.
· Offensive Focus: Declare at initiative. Gain a +3 to hit, but suffer a -6 to AC.
· Parry: No initiative, no other actions for the round. Character gets +4 against all attacks.
· Push: -2 to attack, but if successful defender must make a Strength check. If check fails, defender is
pushed back 1-10 feet.
· Reach: The wielder of a pole arm vs. a foe with a shorter weapon may attack first, on the first turn only,
regardless of actual initiative result.
· Receiving Charge: (Spear or pointed pole-arm) Defender can set weapon’s end into the ground to
prepare for a charge/mounted attack. Must be declared at initiative. This attack happens just before the
charge attack (see Reach) and if the attack is a critical, the charge is negated. This set attack consumes
the defender’s attack for the round.
· Rear Attack: An attack from a rear position. +2 to hit defender. (Rouge and Assassin have this bonus
already figured into their class abilities).
· Shield Blow: May attempt to stun foe, if nothing else is attempted in round. Attack at-6 to hit, but if
successful, the foe makes a Constitution save or be stunned for 1d2 rounds.
· Shield Wall: Four or more defenders can lock shields to giving them a +4 to their AC, and they receive a +2
on all Strength checks against any creature pushing them or attempting to break the wall.
· Two-Weapon Fighting: Must designate which weapon is primary and which weapon is secondary. Make
two attacks in one round, but primary weapon suffers a -3 attack penalty, and secondary suffers a -6
(modified by Dexterity). Monk may use before 6th level, but above penalties apply, and secondary hand
does 1d2 damage. Also, if a monk fights with one hand and one weapon, these penalties apply.
· Grapple: Attacker rolls d20 + Strength mod. + BtH vs. defender’s AC of 12 or 18 (if Strength is Prime) and
both Strength and Dexterity mods. of the defender plus any size difference – defender gets +2 to AC for
every size category larger, or -2 for every size category smaller, than the grappler. If successful, defender
is held and cannot act (prone and defenseless), except to break the grapple (then he makes his own
Grapple check).
· Pummeling: Attacker rolls d20 + Strength mod. + BtH. If successful, deals 1-2 points of subdual damage.
· Overbearing: Attacker rolls a d20 + Strength modifier (not BtH, unless with CK’s approval) vs. defender’s
Grappling AC, + BtH. If successful, the defender is knocked prone for the round and takes 1-2 points of
subdual damage. Attacker suffers a -2 to their AC, since they are more exposed than usual.
· Touch Attack: An attack made to simply touch an opponent, most often used for spell attacks. Attack roll
against a standard AC of 10, adjusted by Dexterity (and possibly magical items and effects). Monster AC are usually AC 10.

Maneuvers in Italics must be declared when initiative is rolled.

* My House rule/clarification:

If no one is there to hold back the enemy than Disengage is simply impossible. If two or more allies are there, the N/PC are not followed. This also assumes the allies are placed in a position in between the possible attackers and the one doing the withdraw. So whether or not Disengage is even possible is entirely situational, not automatic. If I think it warrants following, such as it is critical for the enemy to not allow anyone to get away, then they will follow, but an AoO is allowed from everyone within reach, etc... Normally they will just engage the opponents not running.
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Treebore »


Create an account and I will send you the needed link via SKYPE when game time starts:
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by nwelte1 »

Not going to make it again. My niece is visiting before leaving for Duke. Better be a good host.

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Treebore »

nwelte1 wrote:Not going to make it again. My niece is visiting before leaving for Duke. Better be a good host.

We switched over to Roll 20 from Maptools tonight. Please get your updated character posted so I can get as much of the work done for you as I can.
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Treebore »

Rhu, thanks for making me think about it, found my 5th printing e-mail link in my SPAM folder, DLing it now!
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Rigon »

I might not play Monday night. It will depend on when I get home from the mountains. Just assume I am out, unless I show up.

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Treebore »

Hopefully this comes out in time for me to use during your "Slavelord Adventures", sounds like it would fit perfectly:

TLG 8507 Town of Kalas
Product Type/Format & Price: 8.5 x 11 softcover, 60 pages; $12.99
Ordering Info: TLG 8507, ISBN 978-1-936822-43-0

Sitting on the banks of the Ganda river estuary, the town of Kalas has a population of some 8,000 souls. The Town sees a great deal of business pass in through its gates; river barges coming down from the lakes, seagoing merchant vessels and privateers, as well as caravans coming in from the Ust-Aan steppes. The town serves as a trading centre, a rest stop, and as a place to refit vessels, caravans and parties of adventurers.

In Kalas dusky islanders, and ebony visitors from the Dark Continent mingle with steppe men, pale blonde barbarians from the north, and the swarthy, warm-eyed locals. Grass elves, their skins painted brown and green – grey elves from the forest, even sea elves from the shore bargain in the bazaar with Ebony dwarves from the desert, pale Dwarves from the north, leaf gnomes, marsh Halflings and the dark skinned Halfling wanderers from far distant veldts.

Kalas is THE location for an adventuring party. Walking in from little villages off the river, or arriving by ship or caravan, the characters can begin to hunt about and purchase equipment, find a place to stay and have fun crawling the bars. Every location and every character here have been created with the potential for adventures!

This is a sandbox adventure setting. Written by Paul Kidd the Town of Kalas is a wonderfully contained town setting easy to port to any game. It includes all the details on the town, with maps, as well as everything you need to on the major NPCs. The Town of Kalas is filled with hosts of adventure hooks good for long range campaigns or short one night adventures.
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Treebore »

Planning on running the game tomorrow, despite US holiday.
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Rhuvein »

Hi Tree.

Sorry I missed the game. Was at work and they asked me to stay into the evening. My wife was in Indiana, so I couldn't ask her to post online.

Wifi is coming, so in the future I'll be able to post from work.

Hope it was a great session.


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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Treebore »

There was no combat, no loot, but you guys did advance past Dame Gold's week long party, hob nobbing with powerful social elites, including running into the High Priestess of the Church of Thor, Jade, even having joint religious services with her as the second highest ranking Priest that was there. Your group then accepted a mission from Dame Gold that has a 40 day time limit. You were heading back to your ship when a little boy, who is a servant at Dame Golds, rode a horse to death trying to catch up to you. He told you how shortly after you left Dame Golds estate were was attacked from the sea, and people were either killed or dragged out to the ships, and the place was burning.

You raced back to Dame Golds, finding the place fully engulfed in flames with only the dead left behind. You found a dead raider and saw that he had a tattoo on his right forearm of a fish in orange and blue colors as well as a journal he carried, that gave you enough information to head to a sea side town a couple of hundred miles away, called Elredd. This is because the journal indicates that is where everyone kidnapped will be taken to be sold into slavery. So the session ended with your groups arrival in Elredd.
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Treebore »

Game MIGHT be cancelled. My cross country semi driving Uncle is coming into town tomorrow, to visit on his way to Sacramento. So depending on when he gets in, etc... I may not get home in time to run the game.
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by nwelte1 »

Most likely not going to make the game tonight. I have a board meeting to attend and trial tomorrow. Slay some evil bastards for me.

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Treebore »

OK, game is definitely cancelled. My Uncle won't be into town until late afternoon.
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Treebore »

Less than 4 hours to go, and gaming looks good!
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Rigon »

Not gonna make it tonight. Sorry.

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Treebore »

Great fight guys! Wouldn't have been such a close thing if Daithan wasn't back guarding the ship, but a great nail biter! Malcom, you did pretty much save the day, though, thanks to that Staff of Resurrections Heal ability. May have been a TPK instead of only Gavriel dying.

Of course I never had that Monk Stun, so now I have to wonder if that could have turned this into a TPK.
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Re: Monday Wilderlands, The Slavelords.

Post by Aramis »

Recap for Rigon and Rhuvein:

The party sailed into town, in search of the slavers/pirates. We decided to get a hold of the harbourmaster's log, and sent in our crack recon team of Nwelte and Arrowhawk.

So, after they were ambushed ( ;) ), the rest of us charged in and a battle royale ensued. Things got a wee bit dicey as the majority of the party was soon taking inopportune "dirt naps", but I think the real low was when the grizzled NPC female monk decided to have her way with Nwelte mid-battle and put him into various amorous grapples straight out of the Kama Sutra.

We managed to get the upper hand at the end (helped by a well timed thermo nuclear detonation at the three foot level) and the vanquished lusty lady monk, the only foe left standing, offered her surrender. The following scene then ensued:

Monk: I am not being paid enough for this. I surrender

Aramis: You fought nobly, lady, we acc-

Nwelte: Aaaargh! Die [naughty word]! No one french kisses me and lives.

Nwelte attempts an attack, misses, and is promptly put into a breast mashing head lock by the monk. Nwelte feebly attempts to flee as the monk head-noogies him down to single digit HPs. The other PCs look on in stunned amazement

Nwelte: Uhh...little help

Nwelte, now down to but 1 hp, manages to break free and stumbles away from the monk. Then, remembering the poisoned sword that another foe humorously fumbled 20 feet away from himself on an AOO free attack, Nwelte gleefully picks it up and triumphantly turns back to the monk with a grin on his faces as he... collapses unconscious from the poisoned hilt of the sword.

Arrowhawk and Rhuvein look at each other and slowly shake their heads, reaching for the medic bag


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