New Minis Sept 2011

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New Minis Sept 2011

Post by mgtremaine »

I did not paint at all during the summer, but I did get 5 C&C games in for my group which was good. So last week I picked up the brushes and started some new figures.

First this Balrog is a old Grenadier figure I found in the "box-o-stuff".
balrog.jpg (84.05 KiB) Viewed 5285 times
Second is a Reaper figure obviously. It is painted as a PC in the party [Elf Ranger - Gadera] the player is turning 11 this month so hopefully she'll like her Birthday present.
gadera.jpg (35.9 KiB) Viewed 5285 times

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Re: New Minis Sept 2011

Post by Omote »

Nice work mike! I love that balrog figure. :D

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Re: New Minis Sept 2011

Post by Sir Ironside »

mgtremaine wrote:First this Balrog is a old Grenadier figure I found in the "box-o-stuff".
That looks nothing like my cat.

Seriously, good work. Miniature painting (Not so much playing) was something that I had thought was pretty cool. Unfortunately I really don't have the patience to do such a beautiful job.
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