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Update from the Squire

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Finally a little news!

So it's been awhile since your faitful squire has had time to update the Society site - my apologies - that has been done today at last -

1st off - registrations for the Society have been accumulating in my inbox since January, and today at last those will be updated and added to the rolls and to the email database. An email should go out soon with the same updates I am doing here and to confirm all the new registrations to the Society.

Next, Kim Hartsfield is joining in helping to run a few aspects of the Society - specifically helping coordinate delivery of the Harbinger's Varient box demo set to members running events in local regions. If you are a member, and wish to inquire about this demo box set, email him at:

Kim (AGNkim on the boards btw) is also looking to help organize online games and is looking for CKs - has a thread open here on the TLG boards for this:
http://www.freeyabb.com/phpbb/viewtopic ... llordgames

Next: The C&C Society has set up a tournament this summer at GenCon. These events will be at 1:00 on Friday and Saturday, 2 tables each. The GenCon registration for these is at:
https://www.genconreg.com/events/search ... mit=Search

Now, TLG has announced, like many small publishers, that they will not have a booth at GenCon - but some of the Trolls will be present there. Eric Piper will be there running one of the tables. I had a long soul-search over this, because it is expensive, but noting that all the tickets on one of the days appear to be already taken I have decided I will be attending Fri. & Sat. to run the other table of the tourneys. The module will be written by Eric and his brother for this event, though we will likely have it slightly different in terms of how we determine "winners" etc. this year - there does need to be some form of honor or prize but I know the one thing we want to keep is the feeling that it's more of a "game" for fun than an ultra-competative thing.

Lastly - Eric has also been as busy as I (if not more so), but I believe discussions have led to the idea of compiling a single fan-driven Domesday Book each summer (once a year), and he is still mulling the idea of a Society newsletter. Stay tuned to the boards for more info at:
http://www.freeyabb.com/phpbb/viewforum ... llordgames

So that's where we stand!

Stay tuned and as always,

Alea Iacta Est!
John "Sir Seskis" Wright

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