GenCon tournament

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GenCon tournament

Post by seskis281 »

I have submitted to GenCon this morning the times and dates for the 2nd Annual GenCon C&C Society tournament, 4 tables over 2 days, each a self-contained tournament module (TBD). Barring changes or problems from GenCon's end, they will be:

Friday at 1:00, 2 Tables (Eric Piper and I running)

Saturday at 1:00, 2 Tables (Piper and I running)

5 Hour blocks

We're keeping the single table, non-progressive format - making sure it feels like a "game" rather than a tourney (as many said they liked last year), though we will revisit and revise how we "score" the games - I am thinking of "check-box" scoring for specific character classes, with the CK doing a ranking, and each player at end of the game getting to give their rankings on other players as well.

More to come
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Post by Rigon »

Well, since I won't be a GenCon this year (that I know of), I want to wish everyone a great and rewarding time. I know Piper's game was a blast last year. So, good luck to all the players.

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Post by Omote »

Perhaps this year I will not sign up for both games accidentally. All of these tournament events are the same tournament module, correct?

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Post by Piperdog »

Thats right, O. But do sign up, my friend! Good times will be had by all! Are you running a C&C event this year? I am really wanting to get in on a C&C game. I am one of those guys that loves to run a game, but equally likes to play. They are very different experiences, and I enjoy being on both sides of the screen!
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