TLG Ambassador Program

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TLG Ambassador Program

Post by Piperdog »

If you are interested in running a game at one of the upcoming Cons or a Demo Game at your local gamestore, please PM me with your board name, your REAL NAME, mailing address, phone number, and a very brief rundown of your experience with rpgs, C&C in particular. Also, please say in a couple of sentences why you would make a good ambassador for TLG and also what your immediate plans are (ie what Con or gamestore you want to run a game at and when). Steve is talking about providing product for our game and freebies for players and gameshops, so it will take some planning ahead of time.

Steve wanted to get going on this right away, and I don't know about you, but I am pretty excited about this. Once we know who wants to run what and where, we can start to map out a strategy for our attack plan....this is a Crusade afterall!
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Post by Treebore »

PM sent about Dark Con!
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Sounds good. I'm in the middle of organizing a game at my local store so I'll shoot you a PM to get started. Thanks for the update.
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I was wondering if my upcoming OTC game for C&C beginners counts. We will be running an open table for all interested two times a week at the school.
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Post by Frost »

I have a May 14 event coming up.
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