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In the Works for the Society

Post by Piperdog »

A couple more tidbits while I am thinking of them.
New Personal Heraldry for Members- As Seskis mentioned in previous posts, Steve is working on a system by where we, the members, can have our own heraldry device; this means we will have the ability to customize it and make it our own. It's still at the conceptual stage, but it sounds like we will have various choices on designs and color schemes, and some designs or perhaps, even the device itself, may be earned through Society involvement. It sounds pretty cool. Originally, Steve considered letting people design it from scratch themselves, but we have to be careful that someone can't put cryptic messages in their device, through symbols, colors, or whatever, that may project a hate message or depict involvement in less than savory endeavors. I know we have a great group of people, but you never know.
TLG Ambassador Program

For those who didn't catch it before, Steve is working on a TLG Ambassador program. No, we are not being sent to other countries to spread the diplomatic goodwill of TLG, but it does mean that there will be a program to make running events at cons and gamestores more official. As TLG and the Society grow, it is important that folks running games at demos and cons present a positive image for TLG. More than just screening for crazies (still very important though. lol), it will ensure that CK's are knowledgeable about the game, are friendly, and can conduct themselves in a family friendly fashion. We are discussing a basic online test to demonstrate game knowledge, and bouncing around the idea of a skype/video chat to get a feel for a persons ability to CK or to get to know them a bit. We have to be careful, because we don't want to be too restrictive or disuade folks from doing it, but we have to find some methods for quality control at the same time.

All in all, lots of cool stuff on the near horizon.

Stay tuned for more info from John "Sir Seskis" Wright when he returns from the battlefield.

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Post by Go0gleplex »

The only problem that I can see with the skype/video chat is...what if the person you're trying to interview has nothing set up (and cannot get anything set up) with which to do such a thing. And yeah...I'm in that category.
Looking forward to seeing how the heraldry thing works out.
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