Gary Con 9 pre-pre-event registration for KOTC GMs/Players

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Gary Con 9 pre-pre-event registration for KOTC GMs/Players

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Please PM me if you are going to GM a C&C or TLG event at Gary Con 9. Send me your name, event title and how long it runs and how many players and whether you need prizes or other special considerations (like needing more or less than a 4 hour slot, more than one table, etc. )

I'm in the process of creating a C&C room database website. Those who GM an event in the Gary Con 9 C&C room, will be given access to look at the C&C Room event schedule and the option to change any info about your event, what slots, how many sessions, or what scenario/ TLG Game you're running.

Special Note: It will also give KOTC GMs AND PLAYERS an option to pre-pre-reg for any events in the Gary Con 9 C&C room (so you won't have to worry about one of our events being full by the time you sign up for Gary Con. Once I know what KOTC members are playing in what C&C Room events, I'll lessen the number of seats for those tables on the Gary Con website to cover any seat reserved for a KOTC member (i.e. so you're guaranteed a seat despite the onslaught that is Gary Con event pre-registration. This is an added perk for KOTC members only! So if you plan to play in games at Gary Con 9 and haven't joined KOTC, sign up!

Brian Miller
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