Domesday VI Discussion

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Re: Domesday VI Discussion

Post by Relaxo »

Sin City is SO sweet for Amazing Adventures! nice
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Re: Domesday VI Discussion

Post by moriarty777 »

Sir Ironside wrote:Pretty nice, maybe I'll add something for the next one. (Seeing as how The Crusader is in a holding pattern.)

I know you can't think of everything to offer as inspiration, but Sin City (Both comic and movie) would've been a good example of high level pulp characters.

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Good call for Sin City... it really didn't occur to me till you mentioned it. Now I need to watch / read Sin City once more!


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Re: Domesday VI Discussion

Post by DeadReborn »

Great job all around guys! Now if I can just stop impregnating my wife, I might actually find the time to submit some stuff for one of these. :)
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