My disappearance

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Julian Grimm
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My disappearance

Post by Julian Grimm »

Sorry for the abrupt disappearance. My internet went down and we couldn't afford getting it back on until today. Did I miss anything?
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Re: My disappearance

Post by Breakdaddy »

The interweb did not change drastically whilst you were away ;)
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Re: My disappearance

Post by CKDad »

No big news I can recall, though I was on vacation for a week and am still catching up. Steve has mentioned (via Troll's Tusk and elsewhere) that what seems like a lack of activity lately is really just them being heads' down busy getting things squared away and ready for Gen Con release, and that the pipeline is full.

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Re: My disappearance

Post by Rhuvein »

CKDad wrote:Oh, and that he's MAPPING FRIGGIN' AUFSTRAG AS WE SPEAK. :)
Whoa . . this is AWESOME EXCELLENT!!! :ugeek:
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Re: My disappearance

Post by MormonYoYoMan »

Other than the limited edition of The Complete Castle Zygag, Including Dungeons and Township which sold for $5 for the boxed set (two boxes) for a 24-hour period and sold out, I don't think you missed a thing, Julian.
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