Domesday Book: Will You Print It?

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After downloading the latest Domesday Book, I...

will print it.
will not print it.
Total votes: 14

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Domesday Book: Will You Print It?

Post by alcyone »

moriarty777 wrote: As for a front / back cover is concerned, I haven't given it much thought to be honest -- Let me think about it. I do have a question for everyone who grabbed (or will grab) a copy of the new Domesday: how many of you will print it?
That sounds like a poll question.
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Re: Domesday Book: Will You Print It?

Post by moriarty777 »

Thanks for posting the poll!


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Re: Domesday Book: Will You Print It?

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Since getting my Nook Tablet, I've hardly printed a thing!
*jeep! & God Bless!
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