Society Noble Orders

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Society Noble Orders

Post by cuchulainkevin »

One of the the things that I would like to see implemented is a system of acknowledgement for those members who have particpated in the Societies growth. What I was thinking is producing, as an addendum to the Society Rolls, a system of knightly and noble orders to which the member would be enshrined after completing a task. Then we could maybe see about having Peter or another artist designing a heraldic piece to print out that can be added to the members convention tags.

Also, I would take it upon myself to update the member rolls to reflect these orders- they needn't be of the main member roll site, but adjacent to it (like the download section).

As I. see it, this would serve three pursposes:

1. reward those who participate
2. serve as a badge of honor for those members at conventions
3. point prospective new members to the Society to indroduce them or otherwise get them involved.

I was thinking earning this orders could be based on the following (not all-inclusive):
a. authoring document to the the C&C Society site- Order of the Scribe
b. editing a society publication- Order of the Scholarian
c. doing art for a society publication - Order of (ok drawing a blank here)
d. editing a Domesday edition - Order of the Herald
e. Running a C&C convention event- Order of the Castellan
f. participating in a C&C convention event as a player - Order of the Sword
g. volunteering to help set up, clean up, usher, get food at a C&C convention event - Order of the Knight Errant

and I'm sure ther are others. Another way to up the recognition factor at the cons would be to have some gear that could be worn at the cons, i.e. in the 70's the scifi cons had Dorsai Irregulars who all wore berets.

A C&C Society t-shirt and little pin/ badges of the orders on the convention tags would be cool.

What do the rest of you think.
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Re: Society Noble Orders

Post by Rhuvein »

Fantastic idea, Morty!!!

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Re: Society Noble Orders

Post by Go0gleplex »

The idea has...merit. ;)
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Re: Society Noble Orders

Post by Willy Rat »

I agree, it is a meritorious idea.

For item c. I suggest the "Order of the Limner", one who illustrates manuscripts.
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Re: Society Noble Orders

Post by Ancalagon »

Good thinking, cuchulainkevin.
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Re: Society Noble Orders

Post by Relaxo »

Very cool!

Limner works too!, Great suggestion
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Re: Society Noble Orders

Post by Julian Grimm »

I like the idea. Though for me, I would just like to have my Lord of Ravens title be official in some way.
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