John Carter of Mars ... Using C&C

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John Carter of Mars ... Using C&C

Post by anglefish »

Loved the teaser trailer.

A few times I've used C&C with great success to do Planetary Romance. My formula was CnC+Adamant's Mars + BadAxes's Slavelords of Cydonia + Fate Points = awesome fun!

Personally, I thought that regular D&D style play fit the genre perfectly with a few name changes. Dungeons = Ruins, Magic Items = Forgotten Tech, and Magic = Psionics. Add in the fact that guns are optional anyway and your set.

One time I even had a regualr C&C group teleported to "Mars." The Druid player was ready for a whole campaign. He was ready to bring water to Arrakis. :)

Slavelords of Cydonia ... f-cydonia Mars

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Re: John Carter of Mars ... Using C&C

Post by Relaxo »

I can't believe I've lived my whole life as a scifi geek and only heard of John Carter about 2 years ago... and then POOF! a movie?! Neat o!

I just discovered Soloman Kane too. LOVE THAT GUY.

it's enough to make me want Savage Worlds, LOL.

Big Plus side to the JC movies will be that the books will hit shelves again in pretty new printings, so that's something to look forward too.
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Re: John Carter of Mars ... Using C&C

Post by serleran »

I'd just whip something up based on Warriors of Mars but I realize not everyone has a copy of that work.

Or, if I was really interested in not doing it right, I would rip off something from the ill-fated Dune RPG.

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Re: John Carter of Mars ... Using C&C

Post by finarvyn »

I've played Warriors of Mars and love the whole Barsoom setting. I keep intending to put together a C&C Barsoom but never seem to get around to it. :(
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Re: John Carter of Mars ... Using C&C

Post by Traveller »

Doc on Dragonsfoot already did this for OD&D. Jason Vey (Grey Elf) formatted it into booklet form and has it available here. Do a little on-the-fly conversion and you're done.

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Re: John Carter of Mars ... Using C&C

Post by mediapig »

Actually, I'm working on a setting now that is heavily influenced by Barsoom (it's more fantasy than sword and planet, but I;m trying to feature very alien monsters, no orcs or goblins, savage Red Elves in a lost city, dying world kind of feel, etc.)

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