Castles & Crusades in Springfield, Missouri

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Castles & Crusades in Springfield, Missouri

Post by Wordwarrior »

I live in the city of Nixa, just outside of Springfield Missouri. I'm looking to start C&C campaign, either playing from my house or from my FLGS, Meta-Games Unlimited. I have a recruitment thread in the Meta-Games forums which has more details. You can, of course, skip over the old-school commentary, which I expect everyone here to already be familiar with...

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Re: Castles & Crusades in Springfield, Missouri

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Do'h, if only you were closer. I live in St. James, other side of Rolla. I am needing a gaming group here. Got a campaign (Wilderlands) all ready to go.

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Re: Castles & Crusades in Springfield, Missouri

Post by tylermo »

I'm in the Sikeston area(south of St. Louis). I'm too far away as well.

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Re: Castles & Crusades in Springfield, Missouri

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I'm in Grovespring/Niangua which is close to Springfield. Right now, with gas the way it is and the mileage on my truck Springfield is a bit of a jump for me though not impossible.
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